11+ Raised Bed Garden Ideas (Tips & Guide to Build)

Raised bed garden ideas – Raised bed garden area is one of the types of garden that gains a lot of interest nowadays. Truthfully, it is quite tricky to build a raised bed garden. Some artistic taste of the gardener will be helped them developed a fabulous raised bed garden.

Though, it might be costly to build it from scratch. On some level, the raised bed garden can be less wasteful depend on the material that you use.  It is such an amazing chance for every gardener who wants to elaborate their first garden by designing a raised bed.

There are some advantages in designing a raised bed garden on your own. The first advantage that you can get the flexibility in growing plants. Therefore, from the portability, you can put your desired plants anywhere you want. On the other hand, the other advantage that you can get is more productive and healthier plants.

This happened from the quality of the soil of a raised bed garden that is easy to control rather than the other type of the garden. Thus, from those advantages’ gardener can even sit and enjoy the whole process of designing their own raised bed garden.


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What is the Raised Bed Garden?

What is the Raised Bed Garden?

Raised bed gardening is a process to nurture specific kind of flowers, fruits, and vegetables in soil that is placed above the ground. Basically, it is structured based on some types of frame or enclosure made by stone, wood or even a reused material like old cabinets.

It is crucial for every gardener to plan the supply of the material that is needed to make a raised bed garden. Moreover, in the gardening process, the raised bed will need intensive maintenance. However, it is an unusual process to put plants in vessels on a patio. Alternatively, you can adjust a raised bed into the construction of the patio.

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How to Build a Raised Bed Garden? (Raised Bed Gardening Tips)

How to Build a Raised Bed Garden?

As we mentioned above, designing a raised bed vegetable garden might need a little trick to reduce its cost. One of the solutions is choosing reusable materials for the base patio. For instance, you can consider building the enclosure from some left metal material like sheet metal.

Also, it would be perfect if you already had repurposed old dressers that you can use as the soil frame. Thus, there is one effective way to save more budgets by using reusable stone as the planting area. This technique makes a great possibility for the further raised bed garden design in the future.

1. Select the location

raised garden bed ideas vegetables

The gardener should use their intuition in finding a planting area for their raised bed garden. It will be easier to spot a perfect location by measuring the size of their open space. Whether if they have larger or smaller ground space.

It is suggested that to find a place that already has a firm and flat ground. Furthermore, it will be a great decision to consider the direction of a sun ray towards the plants for the raised bed garden. Essentially, it is a matter of good planning and the right location to build a gorgeous raised bed garden in your own yard.

2. Choose the materials

inexpensive raised garden bed ideas

There are so many options for the types of materials for designing a raised bed garden. It is suggested that the gardener use the old and unused type of material. By using a repurposed type of material, the gardener can save so many spending.

All in all, the most preferred material for the raised bed garden are all kind of stone, wood, metal and also a walled concrete. Here are some explanations from all the materials that you can choose to create various type of creative raised garden bed ideas.

  • Stacked stone
raised garden bed plans pdf

There is one efficient way to find a stone that you like as the wall for your raised bed garden. Try to search in google for the rock’s suppliers at your region. In a way, it is better for you to determine the size of the stone before you order it. The suppliers will be able to provide various kind of stacked stone according to the rocks dimension that you want. Furthermore, choose a stone that has the same exact to your preference or to your budget.

  • Redwood

waist high raised garden bed plans

One of the benefits of using redwood than the other materials is at the price. You can get the redwood material from your old drawers. Up to a point, the redwood itself is a durable type of material that naturally resistant to the decays or insects. The redwood has a particular cellular structure that will never crack when exposed to any kind of weather. Overall, redwood is an ideal material as a wall for the raised garden bed due to their sturdiness characteristic.

  • Concrete

raised bed garden layout

If you compared the durability of previous materials above to the concrete, then there are no other more durable than this. The concrete has redundancy as a material that quickly engages the heat from the sun. Also, it can radiate the heat into the soil in the middle of the night. Generally speaking, the concrete will allow you to start making raised bed garden earlier each and every spring seasons. Moreover, there one more advantage of using concrete. It is the artistically part of the material that can form a raised wall with a curved shape. Therefore, it is easier for you to design any kind raised bed garden using this material.

  • Sheet Metal

raised bed vegetable gardening

The sheet metal is one of the unique material that been widely used to build metal raised garden beds. The sheet metal will not get easily rust due to the galvanization that covers the metal. Essentially, the galvanization that covers the sheet metal will be able to control the heat from the sun. The metal will remain at the same temperature level even though it is hot outside. The main value from sheet metal material is in their beauty. Certainly, this will bring pride for every gardener who wants to show their raised bed gardens across the world.  

3. Layout & Size

4x8 raised bed vegetable garden layout

In designing a raised bed garden, it is crucial to measure the size and layout of your beds first. Nevertheless, there are three key points in calculating the raised bed size and layout. The first point is to give wheelbarrow access by leaving at least a 17-inch trail between beds. Second, please do not design the beds wider than 5 feet in order for you to reach the center. The last but not least is to dig an ideal deepness of your bed around 12 to 24 inches. This way you will be able to determine the size and layout of the raised bed garden profoundly.

4. Building Process

raised bed garden layout pictures

The building process of the raised bed garden may vary due to the material that you choose for the wall. If you decide to pick wooden material, then you have to use planter wall blocks or galvanized screws to secure the corners and joints. On the other hand, if you rather choose concrete or stone beds then you have installed it with a mortar. However, there is one effective way to speed the designing process by using the galvanized stock tank that joint together in an instant.  

5. Fill with Soil & Planting process

best vegetables to grow in raised beds

The best formula to fill the raised bed garden with soil is by combining a small amount of composted manure, 1 topsoil and also one quantity of sand. Also, it is better to cast-off bagged soils for your raised bed. For the planting process, it is important for you to starts rotating your crops each season. Hence, always use soft dirt to ease your digging process and save your back from back pain.

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How to Water Raised Bed Garden?

raised bed vegetable gardening for beginners

An excellent method to water your raised vegetable garden is by sensing the soil. Make sure that you feel the texture of the soil rather moist like a cloth been mangled out. Though the vegetable soil cannot be to wet or too dry. Thus, it is better to find a perfect balance in watering your raised bed garden. One of the pro tips for a successful watering is to water in the early morning so the soil can preserve the water all day.

Raisen Bed Garden Ideas

Raised Bed Garden Ideas

It might be difficult for you to begin making your dream raised bed garden by yourself. Luckily for you, there are plenty of raised bed garden ideas that we have already been compiled. If you are a beginner and feel confused, it is better to replicate the exact match raised bed garden ideas. This way you can save your time to calculate the cost. Also, you can start building your future raised bed garden ideas immediately.

1. Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

raised bed garden layout
Photo by Casa Smith Designs, LLC.

This raised bed was designed using a Redwood material. Moreover, it is suggested to place a treatment for the wood using semi-transparent stain Cabots. This treatment can protect the wood from harsh climate also to bring balance for the wood color. Overall, the six-pointed over the raised bed garden is ideal to plant grapes or berries to chute over the edges.

2. Traditional Vegetable Garden

raised bed vegetable gardening
Photo by Earth Mama Landscape Design

This traditional vegetables raised bed were filled and designed with leaf mildew and carbon-based soil. The material for the beds is from the redwood which is perfect for the vegetable type of crops. Generally, a raised bed garden design provides the gardener with spring through late fall plants including a ton of herbs and fruits.

3. Raised Stone Garden Bed

raised flower bed ideas pictures
Photo by Shepherd Stoneworks.

The garden beds material was purchased from the stone suppliers in Seattle. The stone that garden beds used is from crushed sand rock and paver wall. Essentially, the raised stacked stone for this garden simply develops for the watering process. The watering into the rock beds was using traditional-style above base sprayer heads on risers.

4. Bradstone Madoc Wall Garden

raised bed garden layout pictures
Photo by Nicolock Paving Stones and Retaining Walls.

The stacked stone material of this raised bed garden was from the brad stone shaped Madoc. Bradstone is perfect material for the garden walls because it can easily absorb the heat from the sun. Also, Madoc walling seizures the exquisiteness of natural stacked brad stone in a simple to creates hedge wall. The trustworthy entrance of brad stone is attained by replicating the profiles of a number of rocks in an easy to grip custom shaped Madoc wall.

5. Farmscape temporary Raised bed

best vegetables to grow in raised beds
Photo by Farmscape

The material of the raised bed farmscraper is from metal sheet substance. The metal sheet was coated using galvanized steel which holds it for decades or more. Still, it will be wise if you drill some holes in the bottom of the metal sheet to improve the drainage process. The material can survive in a hot desert type of weather by controlling the heat from the sun. Therefore, the raised bed is better for herbs and vegetable garden.  

6. Cor Ten Raised Beds

raised bed gardening tips
Photo by Exteriorscapes llc.

The raised bed garden base is custom made by the Exteriorscapes designer. The material is one of a type of metal sheet called Cor-Ten. The stones used from charcoal grey stone that is crushed first. To some extent, the Cor-Ten material is really flexible to be shaped into any kind of design. Of course, it creates a wide possibility for the gardener to renovate their raised bed garden.

7. Pool Raised bed Garden

raised bed garden layout
Photo by SRM Architecture and Interiors.

This is an example of a home industrial concrete raised bed garden. This type of material fit perfectly to the wet environment due to the robust characteristic. In a way, the concrete raised bed substance will allow radiating the whole soil in the evening. This will upsurge the growth of any plants inside the pool raised bed garden.

8. Tulip Raised Garden

raised bed garden frame
Photo by Conte & Conte, LLC.

This stunning raised bed were designed into a vegetable garden in the summer. It is built by the Fairfield house designers that plant the tulip flowers for the spring seasons. The type of beds is a redwood material which can tolerate harsh climate like winters.  

9. Modern Patio Garden

vegetable garden beds
Photo by Landscape Design by James Brunton-Smith Limited.

The modern raised beds in this fabulous garden are designed from 215mm wide masonry concrete blocks. It was packed with slender solid concrete and condensed with the white paint color. On the whole, the interior appearances have been contained with a bituminous color. The whole building is raised on a shared bed.

10. Silver Planter

raised bed vegetable garden layout

The big silver eclectic raised bed was created from a metal sheet material. The garden hose cut down one side to wrap around the sharp edge of the culvert. The galvanize screws were used to attach the exterior of the raised bed. Though, if you don’t want to use any screws or nails you can simply split the hose to attach it. The nails that attach the sharp edges come in various kind of color.

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Raised Bed Garden Ideas are the most fruitful method to grows any type of plants. There are several materials that you can choose to build this type of garden. You can also, customize the design of your beds by choosing redwood or metal sheet material. However, it is suggested that the gardener determine the size and layout first before you design the raised bed. Definitely, the raised bed garden is a simple way to grow any type of plants that you want.

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