Beautiful DIY Glass Terrarium Ideas (How to Make & Maintenance)

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Glass Terrarium Ideas – Indoor planting is always interesting for me, not only because of fun, but also the benefits. In addition, by having plant inside your home:

  • Improve your life quality by brighten and refresh your home,
  • Give you enough oxygen during the day
  • Supply moisture in the dried winter time.

What is Terrarium?

what is terrarium?

There are lot of way in doing indoor planting, one of the new trending way is making terrarium.

Terrarium itself is known as a sealed transparent globe or similar container for plants to grow or other life creature like reptiles or your insect pets.

Besides its usage, terrarium is also good in adding more accent of natural touch in your interior. You can put this small piece of terrarium in every place or room that you want because of its small-size and flexibility.

Basically, terrarium stimulates a dry habitat that consists of pebbles, soil and other natural elements. There are many suitable plants that can live in these habitat, so its gonna be so much fun things to do!

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How to Make a Terrarium (DIY Terrarium Steps)

DIY Terrarium Ideas

Terrarium doesn’t need complicated maintenance and care as it creating its own ecosystem. Here’s a handy guide to make your own terrarium:

  • Choosing the Right Bottle Container

You are free to use what kind of container for your terrarium. There are many available container in amazon that you might choose starting from plain bottle into hexagonal frame or more modern six sided glass terrarium.

Basically you have to use water tight and light-penetrating container to allow the livings inside. Consider to use recycle container around your kitchen, just remember its harder to plant bigger plant with small openings container.

  • Choosing Plants

Those are some suggestion of what kind of plant you can use inside your terrarium. Here are some criteria of plant that is good for terrarium:

  • Humidity. If you planning to make closed terrarium, pick humidity-tolerant plant such as mosses and ferns. If you want to plant cactus or succulent, use wide opening container and sandy soil mixtures.
  • Size and Growth Rate. Choose plants that is small and slow-growing. The bigger and faster-growth plant will need more pruning and at some point need to be removed.
  • Light. Choose plants that require low amount of light and it also depend on where you are going to put the container.
  • Assembling the Terrarium

Those are the layer of element to assembly the plant inside the terrarium. It’s quite simple to be done and of course you also need to think on the aesthetic side on how to make it looks good. Terrarium Kit is helpful if you find difficulties in finding the soil elements. You can add more extra elements and use unique container.

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Terrarium Care & Maintenance

Just like any other planting method, you have to take care and maintain the living inside your terrarium. You need to keep an eye on your plant and also the mini ecosystem inside the glass container. Here are some ideas on how to take care of your terrarium:

  • Watering. After assembling your terrarium, you have to start the water cycle inside the bottle by misting the plant and soil lightly. It’s very important not to overwater to prevent the fungal disease and rot. You can indicate the overwater by seeing the fog of condensation in the glass. If you make closed-terrarium, you don’t need to water them for likely around 1 year. But if you use open container, you have to water them more often depend on the soil humidity and plant condition.
  • Fertilizing. Fertilizer are typically not necessary in terrarium unless the plant looks dying and yellowing and water level is not a problem. Do not water too much fertilizer, it might cause your plant grow too big and too fast.
  • Light. Terrarium do best in indirect bright light. Do not place the terrarium in direct sun as heat will build up and might kill your plant.
  • Pruning/ Replacing. Most of terrarium will need pruning or replacing in some point. you can use small blade or pinch to prune the plant. Occasionally plant may overtake a terrarium or die, making replacement is necessary.

DIY Terrarium Steps (Pin it for Later!)

Glass Terrarium Ideas

Unique Glass Terrarium Ideas

Unique Terrarium Picture Ideas

After knowing how to make terrarium on your own. Still lack of ideas and design? Here are some unique compilation of glass terrarium ideas that might help you deciding what kind of terrarium you wan to make. Check it out!

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1. Hanging Terrarium

Hanging Terrarium

2. Moss Terrarium

moss terrarium

3. Mason Jar Terrarium

Mason Jar Terrarium

4. Cactus Terrarium

Cactus Terrarium

5. Self Sustaining Terrarium

Self Sustaining Terrarium

6. Carnivorous Plant Terrarium

Carnivorous Plant Terrarium

7. Terrarium Centerpiece

Terrarium Centerpiece

8. Terrarium Orchid

Terrarium Orchid

9. Terrarium Lightbulb

Terrarium Definition

Terrarium Containers

Terrarium Containers

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