13+ Garden Bench Ideas (How to build a Bench & Picture Ideas)

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wooden bench ideas

Garden Bench Ideas – “If you have a garden with a bench, you have everything you need.” We all know that a bench is one of the additional furniture to make the garden more enjoyable to hang out and rest.

Although there are many other additional pieces of furniture to decorate the garden such as statues and sculpture, the bench still being the only one that is popular among garden lovers. The bench garden is a familiar and comfortable thing to support your healing space.

Especially when the cold winter is over and the spring is approaching people to go outside to enjoy the cherry blossom viewing, and people who go on a picnic at outdoor gardens.

The increasingly important to bench garden can be decorated with as many different themes and designs as the interior. Let’s take a look at a bench garden design that matches the atmosphere as it makes us feel relaxing to enjoy the outdoors.


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Tips to Build Garden Bench

Tips to Build Garden Bench

The bench that you put on front or backyard garden may have a casual or chic style, but there should be more ideas that could be inspired into where it eventually placed. There are at least some considerations should be a factor according to the placement of a bench in a landscape or garden. Here it is some of them:

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1. Look for Beautiful Scenery

garden bench ideas

Surrounding scenery consider as an inspiration to place the bench in the garden, generally, it doesn’t have to be a spectacular, miraculous of lavish view of the mountains or whitecaps. Although if it’s affordable to create a million-dollar scenery, go for it. What kind of concept would you like to stare upon from your bench? It could be a garden with a fascinating vignette like a pool or pond in the middle of rose bushes or flowers in bloom.

2. A Comfortable Spot of the Garden

bench building ideas

Adjust your type of bench with the location of your garden, does the weather is hot where you live? Could the bench in the shade to be a welcome repose? Or, maybe you live in a rainy climate, like the Pacific Northwest? A bench with a roof or canopy feature might be a perfect choice to provide much-needed shelter when an unexpected sprinkle or storm pass by.

3. Style and Furnishings

pictures of wooden benches

The benches arrangement don’t necessarily have to be perfect, but if your house has a diverse architectural style like a modern type of Mid-century or Victorian, then the bench design and materials should be taken as a consideration. The materials could be use something sleek, geometric and absent of complex sculpture with the details that probably match with a modern house, while a Victorian tend to have a highly ornamental iron bench design.

4. The Underfoot / Ground Materials

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Types of the ground or surface material under your bench can influence the way you place the bench. A terrace with flagstone pavers might be slightly rough and uneven, you can create a certain type of benches like those made of metal, unstable and rocky. A pathway, lawn or area with the materials that can give your outdoor surface an individual look or personal expression decomposed granite (DG) and will accommodate most friendly benches. Afterward, make sure you have space and the bench measurement in your mind before finding out that the bench is too big for your pavers.

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Types of Garden Bench Material

how to build a simple bench

It is difficult to realize changing the whole garden design to match every season. However, it is possible for you to produce a new atmosphere without difficulty by using a variety of small items/materials. The ideas to put the bench as an additional item in the garden is included in one set with the material itself. Overall, there are four material types for the bench garden as an inspiration:

Wood Garden Bench Ideas

homemade garden bench ideas

It is a witty design that feels fun in the shape of wood also symbolized a classic simple vibe. It is more enjoyable to sit on a bench that arranges with a face-to-face position. In a typical Western style, space seems to be arranged along with a little sunlight shining through the trees to gives a warm feeling. Here are some of the best types of wood for an outdoor bench:

  • A natural cedar or spruce: These materials come from nature as it is growing old to a silvery gray unless it is sealed or painted. Moreover, if the bench is given a treatment frequently, the materials would last for years outdoors.
  • Teak wood: It is a perfect choice as the tropical tree is a good material for an item of outdoor furniture. The reason why teak material is very pricey is that even when the material is exposed to the elements, the teak would last for at least 50 years. Furthermore, you may apply oil annually or biannually just to maintain the natural reddish-brown color.
  • Australian Jarrah: The Australian Jarrah is pretty similar to teak and it is very durable because usually, it will last for decades. The material has a very delicious and deep reddish tone as an addition for the warmth and style to the outdoor spaces.
  • Natural wood: As a natural regular wood, this material has come from a rough cut tree branches. The wood would make a pretty design but it doesn’t withstand much longer than other irregular material on the elements.

Metal Garden Bench Ideas

diy garden bench ideas

One of the most top choice for the outdoor bench materials is metal. Metal is similar to wood, you have to consider how well is the metallic outdoor bench would hold against the harsh weather. Another consideration is you also need to create the material design to match with the look of your outdoor space.

  • Extruded aluminum: This material type would make a lightweight bench, however it will not as strong as cast aluminum. Extruded aluminum for the non-corrosive type does not rust as the temperatures fall, instead, it actually becomes stronger.
  • Cast aluminium: For the cast aluminum material, it is heavier and has a complex, yet elegant design patterns. Cast aluminum also more expensive compared to extruded aluminum because of the die casting method to create the furniture. Die casting is usually the most popular method of casting, most die castings are made from non-ferrous metals, specifically zinc, aluminum, and tin-based alloys.
  • Ornate iron: The material is made elaborately as it curves on an ornate iron bench depicts the Victorian era’s theme. The benches are designed with a complicated pattern or shapes as the material is also heavy and making them resistant to the wind.
  • Retro metal: It considers as one of the low-prices material yet it makes a stylish bench for the garden as it looks more simple and classic. Retro metal is easy to design and the furniture creates a simple look for your garden, the material is built for the modern-type of a garden.

Plastic Garden Bench Ideas

how to build an outdoor bench

Other benches materials that worth to try is the one that made of plastic resin. Plastic benches are popular because it is lightweight, affordable, durable, and easy to maintain. They are also stylish because they could create in different colors. However, regarding the safety of our planet environment, plastic benches should also be eco-friendly. Here some of the material type of it:

  • Thermoplastic Coated Steel: This material provides the strength and durability of a strong steel skeleton with high-quality UV and weather resistant thermoplastic coating. The thermoplastic coated steel park bench consists of many ranges of styles and colors. The thermoplastic coating protects the steel for years to come, its maintenance and corrosive free. It made for the widest range of applications, these benches can be portable as well and permanent installs.
  • Recycled Plastic Park Benches: Recycled plastic park benches is a great investment for any outdoor furnishing because it suited for both indoors and outdoors. Recycled plastic is created with over 90% post-consumer plastic waste. In other words, plastic milk jugs and shampoo bottles can also make this super material. It outperforms wood in many ways and impervious to the harshest of weather conditions. The other advantage is that the benches will not rot, mold, or mildew. It does not require refinishing or re-painting because the color is included in the chemical structure. It is also resistant to damages such as graffiti and is easy to clean with just soap and water. Recycled park benches is a choice of long-lasting investment that reflects an environmentally conscious buyer.

Wicker Garden Bench Ideas

simple garden bench plans

Generally, wicker refers to a natural or synthetic vine or grass that is woven into a pattern. The result forming from the process of weaving or interlacing the materials which are aptly called as wickerwork. Wicker furniture is improved from weaving slender branches around wooden or metal frames to produce chairs, tables, and sofas among others. Wicker furniture is made from either natural or synthetic materials which are making it looks more natural and organic environmentally. Here are the types of wicker bench material:

  • Natural Wicker: Natural wicker is made from plant materials like Reed, Cane, Rattan, Seagrass, Bamboo, Willow. Natural wicker is perfectly fine for indoor use but it’s not suitable for the outdoors.
  • Synthetic Wicker: Usually synthetic means it is a fake material. Well, not in this case, organic wicker is considered as the original and authentic form and synthetic wicker is created for outdoor use because it is the best move to go with outdoor wicker furniture. For example, resin and vinyl wicker are made to look like natural wicker without aging like the natural one.
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Garden Bench Picture Ideas

wooden bench ideas

The bench garden is a familiar and comfortable thing to support your healing space that provides a more relaxing stay outdoor. The increasingly important garden can be decorated with as many different themes and designs as the interior. Let’s take a look at a garden design that suits your taste and personality:

1. Simple Garden Bench Plans

simple garden bench plans
Photo by North Leeds Garden Design.

Cute design of flower garden by putting wood benches in the center seems appealing. The underfoot create as around to fit the space of the bench and some candles as an additional decoration. The playful mood is also set up between the cushion color with tulips in orange and yellow followed by a bunch of green grass make it perfect to hang out outdoors with the family member.

2. Rustic Garden Bench

wooden bench ideas

The domination of red flowers that would take your eyes as you sit on the benches around an aesthetic design. In front of you provide a big decoration mixture with the combination of the brown garden bench. It would match the good weather as you enjoy a cup of tea with the family.

3. Modern Garden Sofa

bench making ideas
Photo by Jarret Interior Design.

It has a rounded wooden table in the center complete touch with a white shade. The garden sofa is designed to enjoy a cozy garden. The tall trees and plants surround the structure of the garden as the wind come from above. On the opposite corner, there is also a wooden table garden to provide more people to hang out there.

4. Outdoor Bench Ideas

outdoor bench design ideas
Photo by Farrow & Ball.

A retro vintage design sofa and wood table featuring a sense of nature at first glance as soon as you enter the garden. Of course, not all vintage is old. It has a design that reflects unchanging high quality by placing the shades and cushion for laying down and enjoy the fresh air. The tall grass covered the entire background of the bench garden would give you fresh air as you enjoy the garden.

5. Corner Wooden Bench

bench seat plans
Photo by Better Landscape.

It is a practical art that the center of the garden is the pot for the plants as it is separate two garden benches. The design of length garden benches secures the space for you to sit comfortably and as an object of artistic sense that captures the gaze at a glance. The well-balanced fresh grass that is well balanced with the cushion with a very clear contrast between fence and bench material.

6. Small Patio Garden

bench design ideas
Photo by Helen Williams Garden Design.

The bench design combines with the garden that is filled with an elegant classical flower and grass. The wooden bench, tables and chairs, and a little staircase are created ample space to hang out. The wooden flooring also blends with the furniture that turns the bench garden into a new angle and creates a more stylish space.

7. Simple Outdoor Bench

easy to build bench
Photo by Kate Eyre Garden Design

It is a wide-open field that gives a feminine vibe with the domination of white and yellow flowers. The large space where you can feel the scent of spring while enjoying the tea at the garden. Furthermore, the bench arranged on the corner of the garden along with the cushion which has similar color with the surrounding.

8. Shabby Chic Garden

easy to build bench plans
Photo by Bertrand Landscape Design.

The extraordinary design of garden bench which blends with the trees as it supports the shade-like bench. It has a simple design with the touch of white color as the bench position facing each other. The underfoot of the bench is made of brick to represent three-dimensional space.

9. Garden Bench with Table

wooden bench with back plans
Photo by John Davies Landscape.

simple, yet, unusual garden bench look stand out at the center of the garden. Underneath the marble-material designed as the underfoot and is able to sit on. The bench which a table look-a-like, surround by thick grass and tall trees at the back as it gives more natural to efficiently utilize the space. Furthermore, even without a small cushion or gazebo-like design, you can comfortably spend time together.  

10. Metal Garden Bench

diy outside bench ideas
Photo by houzz.com

The blue and black combination is to protect the garden bench materials from the sunlight. It is a Dutch-style garden using many colorful flowers to give you an extravagant feeling. The garden bench placed at the center of the crowded colorful flowers near the tall tree at the back to protect you as you enjoy the garden view.

11. Garden Bench Decorating Ideas

garden bench painting ideas
Photo by Bret Achtenhagen’s Seasonal Services.

It is a beautiful garden bench design fulfill with aesthetic stone to get you the ancient-like atmosphere. Apart from the underfoot area, a green and nature plants arranged to keep the fresh air while you enjoy sitting on old-fashioned wood design garden bench. The garden bench placed under a shady position as it protects you from the sunlight.

12. Modern Circular bench

pictures of outdoor wood benches
Photo by Kate Eyre Garden Design.

A modern concept of the garden bench at the backyard of your house with a large space provides a comfortable place to hang out with a big family. The garden bench attached at the corner of the garden beside the various trees and flowers that are used as a decoration as well as the decoration of a white pebble beside the grass.

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In fact, in a spacious or small garden, you may enjoy a little fun to put a garden bench or design it. It is a space for you to rest, hang out, and enjoy the garden as you securing some of the amounts of relaxation where you can enjoy the green nature while sitting on the garden bench and sips a cup of tea or coffee.

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