20+ Painted Staircase Ideas & Pictures (DIY Paint a Staircase)

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Paint Staircase Ideas – Painting staircase can be so tricky, as its function to connect the room, you should think the way of working without reducing your accessibility. This work involves a little prep before you start. Make sure it clean or you remove the carpet or pad before starting up. Here are some ideas on how to to make your staircase looks better:


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How to Paint a Staircase (DIY Tips)

How to Paint a Staircase (DIY Tips)

Painting your stairs looks simple but quite tricky. If you are planning to do it by yourself, make sure you know the steps and have those tidiness skill. The stair is a key part of your home that you will use to connect your room, so you have to make sure it looks good enough.

When planning your work, its better to do it stages because of the amount of needed- time. You can paint every other side of the stair during your first stage so you can still able to walk up and down using the unpainted part. Here are some tips on how to paint your staircase:

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1. Decide the Colors

stairway paint color ideas

Before you start, you need to consider what color you want to paint your stairs. Make sure it is match with the whole situation of your house decoration. You can pick appropriate color based on color pallet of your decoration. In addition, don’t forget to purchase a slip-resistance paint so that your paint is not becoming slippery. Furthermore, buy some tape to help you paint neatly.

2. Cleaning the Surface

staircase wall painting ideas

Start by lightly sanding down your stairs to make a fresh and smooth surface for painting. Then, clean them down with a damp microfiber cloth to remove the sanding-dust. After that you can apply painter’s tape to the walls and railing around the stairs to cover them from accidentally brush strokes.

3. Start Painting!

painted stairs grey

Paint all the steps and then wait a few hours for them to dry that depends on the climate. After the paint is dry enough for you to step on it without smudging it, you can paint the remaining stair layer. To make sure you’re not stepping on the wet stairs, you can put some tape to give a sign.

The stairs material should be treated differently. If your stairs are made of wood, the large bristle is perfect to be used and make sure you paint in the direction of the wood grain. If your stairs are made of cement, you can use rollers to quickly cover the layer.

You can apply second coat to get a perfect finish depend on the stairs materials and type of paint. Just do it if you think you need to make it better. You can repeat the painting process until you get the best result just make sure you are not sanding it anymore-just apply more paint.

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Painted Staircase Picture Ideas

Painted Staircase Picture Ideas

Painting your stairs and turn them into centerpiece of your house to make it attractive. The function of connecting the access to the other floor make stairs significantly seen most of the time. That is why painting your stair to looks good can represent your decorative intention. Here are some paint staircase ideas you can use as reference in painting your stairs:

1. Bookworm Stairs

Cool Paint Staircase Ideas

Are you a huge fans of novels? This unique book-themed painting looks super attractive and match your personality. This DIY work require different stages of working process and painting layers. The works includes painting the background, steps and final details of the side book.

2. Motivational Words Paint Staircase Ideas

Painted Stairs Ideas Pictures

Need some motivation? This stairs can always remind you when losing your will power. The idea is quite interesting just like putting some decorative sticky wise notes in your wall. While stepping the ladder, people will do that carefully and see their steps and see those wise words.

3. Greeting Stairs

Painted Stairs Ideas Pictures

Just like previous stairs, this stair is also unique way to deliver messages. If you have store on second floor, this can be a good way to say hello and be warm to your customer. You can look for different kind of welcoming and greeting expression, it might come in different languages also.

4. Landscape Image of Painted Stairs

Images of Painted Stairs

Do you love nature? this stairs can be a good way to fill your nature spirit. The beauty of nature can be a nice way to escape from the hectic. You can paint it by yourself or just simply use wallpaper or vinyl to be applied in the stair wall.

5. Leaked Paint

Best Paint for Staircase

This paint stair concept can be applied in modern-retro style decorative concept. The leaked paint looks naturally stream down the bottom of the stairs. You can just split and let your paint goes down to the bottom.

6. Family-Friendly Stairs

Staircase Paint Colours

Find a way to welcome your guest? this can be a good solution.

7. Wallpaper Stairs

Staircase Wall Paint Ideas

Applying wallpaper into your stair is a good solution if you don’t have enough skill to paint the scenery by yourself. You can choose different kind of picture and simply cut it into the exact portion of the stairs wall, then you are ready to go!

8. Tree on the Stairs

Painted Staircase Spindles Pictures

This DIY painted tree doesn’t need complicated works. All you need is small brush and black paint. Make sure to make the draft line before start to paint all the tree to make neat result. 

9. Lego Stairs Color Ideas

Staircase Paint Colors

10. Stairs of Reminder

Carpet for Stairs

11. Modern Family Boho Style

Modern Family Staircase Paint Color

12. Wooden Stairs Paint

Stairs in the Middle of the Woods

13. Recessed Light Stairs Design

14. Transparent Glasses Stair Treads

15. Green Bay Stair Color

16. Black and Yellow Painted Stairs

17. Irregular Stair Treads

18. Multi Color Illuminated Stairs

19. Turquoise Painted Stairs

20. Monochrome Color

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