30+ Decorative Garden Fencing Ideas (How to Build Garden Fence)

Garden fencing ideas – A house with a garden is a dream for many people. However, there are things to consider when creating a garden. It is about a fence that draws the boundaries of the garden. It is a necessary element for privacy or safety reasons. Choosing the right fence for a house with a garden is not as easy as you might think.

The garden fence has a visual decorative effect depending on the material and design. Besides the use of fences as an addition to create a boundaries between the yard and the outside, it can be used to decorate the home garden.


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Types Of Garden Fencing Ideas

Types Of Garden Fencing

If you want to create an outdoor garden, let’s set up a low fence instead of a high wall. Sunlight and natural winds naturally come in from outside and do not block the view from out in the garden. Besides, there is no need to worry about infringing on others because it will secure a free space by clearly indicating the range of the private garden.

The fence, which stands out from the outside, is the first and last image of the garden. It decorates the beginning and the end of the garden design. Choosing the beautiful fence considering the style of the building and the garden style is necessary. Here are some of the types of Garden Fencing as the ideas:

– Decorative white plastic garden fence

keep animals out of garden
Photo by AVO Fence & Supply, Inc..

If you want to decorate a European style garden, this low white fence is on the recommendation list. In addition, match the green grass and the white wall to create a simple enclosure with a meringue feel. In the picture, the garden fence has a smooth curve for each compartment, giving a length difference to the white panel.

A white board fence with a scalloped top design is one of the fences that makes a lovely backdrop for the garden along the outside border of this backyard. The touch of a little colorful flower and herbs emphasize its delicate and straightforward charm.

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– Raised Bed Garden Fencing ideas

garden fencing to keep animals out
Photo by Earth Mama Landscape Design.

A vertically stacked design with an elongated wooden panel is giving a warm, healthy and cozy feel to the occupants. A traditional vegetable garden design that is easy to construct. It is built and filled with organic soil and leaf mold. This garden provides the occupant a spring through late fall vegetables such as: lettuces, tomatoes, beets, peas, eggplant, zucchini, asparagus, and a ton of basil and other herbs.

The form of the fence is overlapping with wires, hence the vegetable plant in a box made of wood, separated by the vegetable categories randomly. Let the design open at the top without a roof or another wooden panel to make it look vacant.

– Metal Garden Fencing

Photo by Phillips Garden.
home depot outdoor fencing

It is a warm and cozy garden in an industrial drought-tolerant hillside theme, framed close to the white high metal fence. The natural beauty addition to make it a more attractive garden with variety color on the grass. Furthermore, the cozy space enhances the dignity of the garden by separate the garden between two parts, above and below.

The selection of gravel colors that are grayish contrast the garden combination of decorative stones, moss and colorful grass. At the top of the second-floor garden, there is a cute touch of a little flower.

– Wire Garden Fencing Ideas

keep animals out of garden
Photo by Odd Job Landscaping.

A classic garden made of wood is built with the same shape as the convenient garden with attached shed. It introduces a wooden fence that naturally mixes with the garden as it is part of the landscape. Unlike the other raised bed garden, the garden arrangement and make the garden look neat.

Furthermore, this vegetable garden has its watering system that extends to keep critters out and raised beds for all vegetables. It is easier to give water to the plant, and then calculate in advance the flow of water to make sure there are no water-related problems in that space. It is essential to decorate the garden, especially grow other plants like a flower around it.

Vegetable plants is recommended for whoever likes to enjoy the garden along with consume the fruit.

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– Bamboo Garden Fencing

plastic garden fencing home depot
Photo by Sacred Space Garden Design Inc.

A nature inspiration for a mid-sized Asians full backyard stone landscape surrounded by a fence made of bamboo. Usually, this kind of design favored by Asian mostly Japanese and Korean people. A landscape design utilized the materials from nature with the idea of using bamboo to construct fence panels. They also fill the area with plants to create a natural atmosphere. The use of stone as an additional element as it is randomly arranged by slipping a small grass between them

Garden Fencing Picture Ideas

A house with a garden is a dream for many people. However, there are things to consider when creating a patio and the fence separately. Fence draws the boundaries of the garden as if it would create a right combination or not. It is also a necessary element for privacy or safety reasons for the house with a big garden.

Here are some garden fence ideas for your inspiration:

1. Sculpture Garden Fencing

metal garden fence
Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd.

A smooth-looking curvature fence captures the view of the wide-range garden as the brown color is stand out in the middle of the greens. The beautiful fence is a design product of Archer & Buchanan Architecture which is a full-service architectural design firm of sophisticated clients who value a collaborative design process.

Since 1996 the firm is always attention to detail and quality of the fence sculpture design and also collaborate with the many private homeowner, institution, and organization. COR-TEN eliminates the need for painting and maintains a rich view along with dark rust color to avoid the corroding as the time flies.

2. High Modern Wood Fence design

garden fences ideas
photo by contemporary landscape designs

The fence has a rough and natural feel as if it has a standard. The gardens occupy the open ground allowing the leafage to enter amid the fence. Furthermore, the hedges hole enables natural growth, both inside and out of the garden area.

This fence utilizes a rustic feel by weaving a fence with a long tree that is close to its original shape. This garden, with its traversing pathway, fences along its path to ensure a distinction between the building and the garden path. It makes people in the building feel secure.

3. Patio Garden Fencing Concept

garden fence kits
Photo by Randle Siddeley.

A small elegant backyard patio kitchen in the open with the traditional wood fence and leafage combination as the surrounding. The garden fencing ideas is created as comfortable as possible for the occupants. Besides, the style of grass and walkway design are lovely to step on which is made by granite. The fence is a bit higher to make the leafage that hangs on the fence won’t touch the bottom.

4. Creative Rustic Garden Fencing

garden fences
Photo by Dennis Mayer – Photographer.

A beautiful garden that provides a pleasant outside environment for residents is, of course, such a garden with a space of flowers. The garden designs blend nature and people completely in a cozy atmosphere. In addition, the fence is built by leaves, and fresh herbs is an addition as the stress relievers along with the bench and the pathways that made of brick adds a natural feel that is suitable for hang out vibe.

Besides leaves and regular flowers, the fence shrouded in a beautiful white flower and a grass that neatly arranged below it. As a space to share the happiness of life, it plans the concept of “space to communicate with nature.” The natural beauty and modern beauty coexist as if touching of fence and garden. The natural landscape and the happiness of life permeate together to form a free and active garden space.

5. A little Townhouse in the Garden

patio fences and gates
Photo by Jenny Bloom Garden Design.

It is a typical garden image that emerges as a necessary resting place with the trend of the word ‘healing’, the pond which is laid side by side with the fresh trees and the beautifully blossoming lavender flowers in the widespread lawn. In addition, the fence naturally covered the entire terrace of the private house in order to adds calmness to relaxation in the warm sunshine and helps relax the tension.

6. Eco Rock Fencing idea

garden fencing to keep dogs out
Photo by McNICHOLS CO..

A garden where you can make a small walk in your garden, plant your favorite trees and flowers all over the place and make your home more loving. That’s the common garden image we think. However, a unique garden fence using rocks as the captivating decoration is one of the ultimate choices. The design comes up with a new garden idea that will inspire people who are interested in the garden and rocks.

Generally, rock gardens used as a decoration of pond or ground. But this Eco rock fence creates a unique atmosphere with rough stones in three different colors, some of the rock design is layering each rock start with the white on the top, orange in the middle, and grey on the bottom. The wire garden fence is making it look like luxurious attractions that are warm and rough.

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7. Small space of Garden Fencing Idea

For those who are accustomed to living in occupied urban dwellings, lawns laid out in front of the houses, trees arranged in a line, and flower beds may be a bit of a story. The garden in the picture presents a small space to enjoy at any time in the little house. Furthermore, the small garden fencing is unrestricted if it customizes within the area for you who can appreciate nature.

Notably, the artificial fence with woods concept to capture the moment and the garden acts a humidifier in the dry space. A small area of little garden fencing harmonizes with the surrounding plants that can stimulate the emotion of the people who familiar with the deep building forest

8. Decorative Soft Short Garden Fencing

decorative garden fencing
Photo by Mierop Design, APLD.

Before designing a garden, it is necessary to invent it carefully and take fencing as a consideration. If the occupant is someone who is creative to create the concept, the most attractive idea is that a short fence with flowers decoration. The idea is such as a garden where children can also enjoy as their mini playground. Afterward, you can plan your garden designs along the lines of a garden, flowers to attach or paint to coloring the fence.

9. Enclosed Vegetable Garden Concept

vegetable garden fence
Photo by Landsburg Landscape Nursery.

A sizeable rustic sun side yard to enjoy the summer in the house with a simple wire fence to protect the little vegetable garden. Although it is the same concept of wire and raised bed garden fencing, it has the unusual shape of the fence. Usually, the vegetable garden fencing always shapes indifferently to make it easier for the gardener to pick the vegetables.

Instead, it has a layer path in the middle that separate two parts of the vegetable plantation which lead to two different gates as well. The cozy and uncovered fencing is also good for the vegetables to grow in the summer heat. Furthermore, the flower field matches the positive vibe of the garden as it is stand out with the yellow color

10. Vertical Green Fencing

decorative metal fencing
Photo by Daedalus Design Build.

A trendy brick patio in vertical garden design is one of the top concepts to use for the garden fencing decoration. The lovely brown woods concept for the fencing is such an excellent combination to hang a plant as it is growing vertically. Also, vertical gardens are not narrow as the only directly vertical gardens fence, but also the garden of vertically fencing as another convenient space for the front door.

More Pictures:


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We all dream of a happy life with the most basic goal of life that is ‘happy life’ as sometimes influenced by the environment. A small to give a comfortable space and nature vibe is to create a beautiful garden fencing around you.

The coolly open garden is a place where relaxation and occasional parties could coexist with green plants. It is awe-inspiring that the boundary between the grass, the flower, and the fence is such a right combination. Afterward, the garden fences are neatly arranged to give the occupant more freedom to enjoy nature near them.

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