Unique Kokedama Ball Ideas for Hanging Garden Plants

Kokedama Ball Ideas – Can you guess where Kokedama is originated from ? from it’s name we can understand this planting style came from Japan. The word “Koke” means moss and “dama” means ball. This Japanese garden art is already centuries old and now it comebacks and become popular claimed as modern art of gardening.  As presented from the name, this planting style is basically the mode of planting with using the moss ball to support the living of the plant or flower. The use of moss as the planting medium allow planter to be mysteriously and flexibly put and plant the beautiful flower. The moss ball itself can be use not only for home decoration, but also easy-made gift for plant lovers.

Kokedama Ideas

Kokedama Ideas

In making this unique kokedama, you don’t need to become a super-skilled. The step is quiet simple and easy to be followed, even it can be outdoor activities for your kids and family. Just make sure you get the right items and equipment to work on it.

Basically, Kokedama is the way of taking the root of a plant and planting it in a mud ball, which is then coated with soft green moss in order to keep ts humidity. After planted, the kokedama would become nice decorative items which can be positioned in the surface or hanged in certain location. The hanging kokedama is usually called as string garden.

Kokedama Plant

kokedama plants

You can enjoy kokedama in many ways, whether inside your home or outside. You can hang the kokedama in the bathroom, kitchen, office space, or centerpiece of dining room. In outdoor space, you can hang on balcony, porch, or other shady areas.

Planta Kokedama

Planta Kokedama

Kokedama is also famous in its application for small-space gardening as it only take small amount of area in your home. It can be floating in mid air which doesn’t take any surface space. You need to spend money for buying the  pretty container because its already seems so pretty unique with the inexpensive twine or rope.

Kokedama Balls

kokedama DIY

The application of kokedama might be varied from medium-size of plant to small-size. Its all depends on what kind of plant and usage of the kokedama itself. Basically the method can be applied into different kind of plant variance, it’s best to use the ones that fit with your environment, for example if your place doesn’t have enough light, you can plant shade-tolerant plant like phothos vines or philodendron. if your place is sunny, choose light-tolerant plant like citrus, croton or ficus. Its all depends on your needs and situation.

Kokedama DIY

Kokedama DIY

As I told you before, this can be great activities for your kids and family to learn about planting and gardening because of its easiness and simplicity. And of course its so fun! that become nice activities to play with dirt in a good way.

Kokedama String Garden

kokedama string garden

Here some other ideas and instruction from other websites that you can use for making DIY kokedama. Only in simple 6 steps, you can make your own kokedama easily! lets try to do it by yourself!

Kokedama Orchid

string kokedama orchid

Orchid commonly grow on other objects which cling to bark or even stone. This characteristic of orchid makes this flower is perfect to be planted in kokedama. Kokedama itself will add more sense of beauty and unique of this plant as it can be hung anywhere without worrying about space used.

Kokedama Moss Ball

 Kokedama Moss Ball

Kokedama de Suculentas

kokedama de suculentas

Kokedama Tutorial How to Make

kokedama kitcare

Kokedama Soil

Kokedama Soil

Kokedama Garden

Kokedama Garden

Kokedama Plant Care & Watering

Kokedama Plant Care & Watering

Kokedama Cactus

Kokedama Cactus

Ivy Kokedama

Ivy Kokedama

Kokedama on Amazon

Check out some of the kokedama kit that can help you making your own kokedama, here is the link :

1. Kokedama Starting Kit

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2. Kokedama Planter

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3. Kokedama Soil (1kg)

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4. Moss Sheets

Find it here : https://amzn.to/2xc4IBs

5. Kokedama Complete Guidebook : Hanging Kokedama: Creating Potless Plants for the Home by Jacqui Small

Find it here: https://amzn.to/2x8FB2p


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