21+ Lovely Memorial Garden Ideas 2019 (Designs, Elements & Tips)

Memorial Garden Ideas – Memorial Garden area is one of the types of garden that gets a lot of attention nowadays. Honestly, if you have a beloved one to remember then you should consider building a memorial garden.

Some artistic taste of the gardener will be helped them established an unforgettable memorial garden. Still, it might be costly to build a memorial from scrape. On the other hand, the Memorial Garden can be less inefficient depend on the material that you choose.  

It is such an amazing chance for everyone who just lost someone special by designing a Memorial Garden.

There are some advantages in designing a Memorial Garden on your own. The first advantage that you could get is flexibility in the budget. Hence, with the litheness benefit, you can design your desired plants as your own reminder. On the contrary, the other advantage that you can get is more joyous and stress relieving the feeling.

This happened from the project of a Memorial Garden design that is easy to accomplish rather than any other type of the garden. Thus, from those advantages’ gardener can even sit and give prayers from the whole process of designing their beloved one Memorial Garden.

Here are some ideas you can find about memorial garden in this article:

  • What is Memorial Garden?
  • Tips on How to Make A Memorial Garden
  • Memorial Garden Design Ideas
  • Backyard Memorial garden
  • Small Memorial Garden
  • Memorial Garden Ideas for Pets
  • Memorial Garden Ideas for Baby
  • Memorial Garden Ideas for Mom
  • Outdoor Memorial Garden Ideas
  • Memorial Flower Garden Ideas
  • Memorial Garden Ideas for Dad
  • Memorial Rock Garden Ideas


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What is Memorial Garden?

memorial garden ideas

The exquisiteness of memorial gardens is that there are no ground guidelines when it comes to designing these small garden ideas. What makes it momentous is what it represents and how it lifts up your sense when you visit it. It can be as trivial as a solo shrub in your lawn or even an extended path of plants important to a pool.

Like any garden, it may be contingent on what type of area you have. However, don’t be discouraged if you have a little area like a flat because you can tranquil flower and grow lovely and eloquent things in an area like a gallery or even inside a room.

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Tips on How to Make A Memorial Garden

small garden ideas

Referring to, one of the most vital things to keep in mind when curing of a loss is to fight the urge to overturn your feelings. Always ready to let yourself move on through the rollers of sorrow as they come and go. Since this is a throbbing task, creating a memorial garden will assure you a peaceful feeling to refresh to when working through these rollers of emotion.

Even the very act of designing and maintaining your garden will help keep the mind focused on something beautiful. It initiates a sign while you deal with your anguish in a positive way. Once your backyard design ideas complete, you will always have a special place to remember all the good history.

Designing a Memorial Garden might require a small trick to decrease its price. One of the solutions is choosing unused materials for free garden design ideas. For instance, you can consider building the enclosure from some left-over stuff like a shirt or jacket. Also, it would be perfect if you already had repurposed old cloth that you can use as the memorial item. Thus, there is one effective way to save more budgets by using some tips to build a memorial garden.

Here are some tips that you should consider while creating a memorial garden for your loved ones.  

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1. Make it Private

backyard garden ideas

Because your memorial garden will be a peaceable area for you to departure to, you may want to use a place that’s peaceful and silence. Since the garden will be in the relief of your place and front yard. It will feel better knowing that you have a quiet place to visit instead of having to travel to a memorial stone. Find a perfect spot in your dwelling to go whenever you need to talk to your loved one.

2. Incorporate Water

vegetable garden ideas

The thorough of twinkling water is certainly relaxing so including a pool or a pond in your memorial garden will make the area even more relaxing. The water will also fascinate an assortment of animals which will deliver a bit of life and attractiveness to space. Because the garden will be the only private place that you need to visit for reflecting upon your loved one in peace. Adjusting this area as elevating as probably will help you feel happier.

3. Consider the light

landscaping ideas for front yard

Since sometimes there is plenty of type of flower in your memorial garden. You will want to pick a place with an upright quantity of sunlight so it does not perimeter what you can grow. The memorial garden should be a spot that can get you to feel comfortable while you remember your loved ones so sensation the warmness of sunshine will release some positivity into space.

4. Piece of memories

diy landscape design software

There are a lot of artistic ways to combine small stuff of who they were into the memorial garden. Not only will this make the garden more stunning, but it will mean more to you. Definitely, a piece from the pass can bring a closeness feeling to them while he/she are among things that they used to collect.

5. Seating

diy landscape design software

Throughout your visits, you or other companions of the garden may want to devote a lengthy amount of time there. Also, having a contented area to sit will help the pilgrim feel more pleasing. If you want to make that extra addition, engraving a stone stall is a perfect way to make your memorial garden more special. When placed among the tree or a flourishing flower, you will always find luxury in this calm ritual.

6. Add symbolic things

cheap and simple landscaping ideas

Consider placing figurative specifics into the garden. For instance, angels signify harmony and the heavenly spirit so placing a decoration is a lovely way to make the area more peaceful. Or if you would rather place a different kind of life to the garden. Such as including a birdfeeder to appeal birds like doves which represent unity and love.

7. Engraved Rock

simple landscaping ideas for front of house

Since the solid, sturdy superficial of stone will last for an unbelievably long period of time. Therefore, it is suggested to knowing that you will need to come to this space of your memorial garden in the future. This detail is ideal for people who live in a place that experiences snowy weather. Thus, it will simpler to see a special quote from your loved one’s name into the stone.

8. Flowers & Accessories

free landscaping software for beginners

Fabulous and splendid, a wild plant with some flower accessories are the perfect materials for memorial gardens. From the minute you plant them, they will signify the spark of love that you felt for the person who has conceded. In addition, these flowers entice butterflies which are not only attractive but also an emblematic of wholeness and confidence.

If you like the idea of rising these colorful blossoms, consider lodging pit paper memorial special treatment. Design with ecological resources, these harvests can be planted in a box or garden to honor the life of a loved one who has gone. Since the process of planting flowers takes time, which represents the remedial process even though pain is a voyage. All in all, the other side will be eternal and outstanding.

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Memorial Garden Design Ideas

Memorial Garden Design Ideas

Creating a memorial garden in honor of your loved one is an inspirational way to pay tribute to their life while giving you a calm place to remember your loved one. It is crucial for every gardener to plan the source of the material that is needed to make a Memorial Garden. Moreover, in the gardening process, the Memorial Garden will need concentrated preservation. However, it is an unusual process to put plants in vessels on do it yourself landscaping. Alternatively, you can adjust a Memorial Garden into the structure of the long-lasting garden.

1. Backyard Memorial garden

pro landscape design software
Photo by 3D Green Planet Architects.

Support for The Texas AIDS Memorial Garden in Houston constructed on an unrestricted railroad contour. The two-acre space started in 1986 is devoted to victims of 1980s to 1990’s AIDS prevalent. The support was manufacturing by Stone Castles in Houston. This one originated in Stone Castles reprocessing flower garden. Basically, all of the areas are assembled from secondhand tangible rocks and stalwarts.

2. Small Memorial Garden

pictures of memorial gardens
Photo by Wall Flower Studio.

Butterfly DIY landscaping on a budget for a Memorial Garden completed by the Community Support Haliburton. This small memorial garden idea is built in the Wall Flower Studio. Generally, the memorial garden is for honoring the traditional life worker in Toronto.

3. Memorial Garden Ideas for Pets

For you who just missing your beloved pets, this memorial garden idea is perfect for you. With pet memorial paper Mache, you can once again greet your lifetime family companion when you reflecting a time together in the garden.

4. Memorial Garden Ideas for Baby

If you are probing for a method to remember your baby after stillbirth or miscarriage, building a memorial garden can be a wonderful choice. Essentially, making the garden can be a logical method to effort over your loss. When your baby garden blossoms again in imminent years, you may find joy and comfort in it.

5. Memorial Garden Ideas for Mom

memorial garden ideas for dad
Photo by

The Headingly Chalet response will need decoration and a tiny card for beloved mother. Nevertheless, if folks request to transcribe a particular message they have to bond it to the tree. Alternatively, the family can add a tiny trinket or something of alike wildlife. Add an element on the tree in reminiscence of mother’s love.

6. Outdoor Memorial Garden Ideas

small memorial garden design

This plan was a prodigious honor, shimmering our deep admiration for the endless sacrifices that troops doing every day to defend the country. In a struggle to deliver a tranquil, curative area to worship heroes. Certainly, memorial garden aids as a relief and spot of reflection for our honored veterans and their relatives in the public.

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7. Memorial Flower Garden Ideas

memorial garden ideas for baby
Photo by Pinterest

Select flowers according to the soil and sun/shade requirements within your planting area. If you are unfamiliar with gardening, ask the local garden shop for suggestions. You may choose flowers based on names, colors, scents, or the personality of the loved one.

8. Memorial Garden for Dad

plant a memorial garden
Photo by

Pick the floras bestowing to the shade/sun and soil necessities within your garden space. If you are unaware of agricultural, ask the nearest garden store for recommendations. You possibly will select flowers based on scents, hobbies, names, or the character of the long lost one.

9. Rock Garden Ideas

memorial garden ideas for son
Photo by karmic stone.

Historic Doylestown Cemetery-Artisan rock for Memorial Gardens is an excellent plan for DIY landscaping ideas for front yard. Overall, the purpose of this garden is to remind you of the history of a special event. For instance, the day when the Christchurch tragedy happened or for other memorial days.

10. Engraved Rock

garden memorial ornaments
Photo by

Rock-It Constructions engraves the premium quality modified rocks existing everywhere. Choose the most good-looking natural river rocks you can buy. Then ask an expert to engrave your message, with or without added illustrations, acutely into the rock as close to excellence. The outcome is an engraved rock memento that is truthfully worth holding onto incessantly.

11. Memorial Garden Stakes

memorial garden ideas for mom
Photo by Boodle Concepts.

Alfresco memorial garden feature perception manufactured & designed by Boodle Concepts for Rosebud RSL. Moreover, a 6mm copious laser bowdlerized to strengthen garden canopies. At last, ornamental themes and collectibles with a modern rotation to recreate old-style RSL insignia.

12. Memory Tree Ideas

memorial garden ideas for pets
photo by

Plants and trees are a beautiful way to reminiscence a loved one or smear a peaceful event such as a wedding day. Furthermore, they are growing higher, further, faster as an unremarkable recap. Also, contemplate the location where these memorable trees will be planted.

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13. Sympathy Plant Ideas

memorial garden plants memorial plants for pets

Engraved and Inscribed Countryside Planter Box with three hydrangea flower. This gift will surely touch the hearts of those grief-stricken over the pain of a long-gone lover. Nonetheless, this sympathy plant ideas are gorgeous and will be very eloquent for anybody who accepts it.

14. Memorial Piece Ideas

memorial garden plants
Photo by Nicholas Bray Landscapes.

Memorial Garden Amphitheatre is a transitional piece idea made in Sydney, Australia. Oftenly, people design such a garden to memorize a huge event. Such as an independent day speech from a President.

15. Memorial Bird Bath

If you are searching for an accurately exclusive way to honor a beloved one and still looking for it. A memorial birdbath should be the best thing for you. Up to a point, a bird bath oeuvre is workwise coated onto a frivolous PVC extreme for fade-durability and long-term resilience. In general, it is really simple to install this bird bath in your special memorial space.


The memorial garden is the most fruitful method to remind you of an everlasting memory. There are numerous methods that you can choose to design this type of garden. You can also, modify the design of your beloved person by choosing flowers or engraved stone and box material. However, it is suggested that the gardener determine the size and layout first before you design the memorial garden. Definitely, the memorial garden is a simple way to show how deep is your feeling towards the love of your life.

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