50 Beautiful Succulent Garden Ideas (Succulent Varieties)

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Succulent Garden Ideas – High preservation costs and some water restriction force people to find an efficient way to maintain natural resources. Plenty of people may not have time to do gardening and maintain it. One of the effective way to preserve our precious water is by creating a low-cost garden.

Recently, there is a new trend in town by saving water by designing a succulent garden in the backyard. This type of garden is a perfect choice for anybody who wants to save time, cost and water to a minimum.

A succulent garden can be the only solution for those who need an easy to maintain the type of garden. Succulents are simple to plant that can withstand a dry environment. Most of the gardener took the benefit from succulents’ natural conditions which can keep the water.

Also, these plants are already in a remarkable form of various beautiful color and texture. Even beginner in designing a garden can customize their first succulent garden by themselves.

Here’s what you can find in this article:

  • What is Succulent Garden
  • Type of Succulent Plants
  • Succulent Varieties
  • How to Grow & Take Care of Succulents
  • Creative Ideas with Succulents Plants
  • Succulent Garden Ideas


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What is a Succulent Garden?

What is a Succulent Garden?

A succulent garden is a type of garden that grows all kinds of succulent plants that are naturally fleshy and thick. Most of the succulent varieties can retain water in dry condition and hot condition like in the desert.

This type of garden provides a lot of advantages for the gardener by its nature of drought-resistant. Moreover, it can also withstand long dry seasons and infrequent watering by the owner. Make it a better type of garden for those who begin to be a gardener or whoever just lazy enough to maintain their plants.

There are also some types of gorgeous designs of succulents’ garden that can make by one person only. A lot of succulent plants are really beautiful to pick for your gardens.

However, some of the types of succulents are already in a fixed form which is difficult to customize. Worry not, most of the succulents are easy to find in all plants store worldwide. So, anybody can easily mix and match their succulent plants with their own preference.

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Types of Succulent Plants – Succulent varieties

Types of Succulent Plants

Succulent plants are existing in various varieties which makes it more complex to maintain according to your garden design. There are so many popular types of succulent plants such as Aloe Vera, Cactus, Panda Plant, Calico Hearts, Crinkle-Leaf, etc.

These plants are available all over the world which makes it the most favorite plants in the universe. Nevertheless, if you are still wondering which succulent plants are best for your future succulent garden landscape ideas. Here are some of the best succulent varieties that you can use in your succulent garden.

1. Adromischus Cristatus “Crinkle-Leaf Plant”

succulent varieties

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This tiny succulent has triangle-shaped shrubberies enclosed in small hairs. The back of the foliage arranges a wrinkle which makes it full sun to fractional gloom.

If there is enough light, it will be really simple to cultivate indoors. Outdoor succulent plants can grow into 61cm wide and 45cm tall. Although, a crinkle-leaf could be toxic to human and pets if it ate. Undoubtedly, it can actively grow on fall and spring making it fit for any plants companion.

2. Adromischus Maculatus ‘Calico Hearts’

succulents identification and care

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The green-gray succulent plants have smooth oval verdures with cute purple dots. Calico hearts are a type of succulent that can withstand the hot climate in summer.

Certainly, it does not need much watering which makes it perfect plants for a beginner. Also, if there is enough light, it can grow indoors up to 20cm tall and 20cm wide. Same as crinkle-leaf, a calico hearts are not cold hard and actively grows in fall and spring.

3. Aeonium ‘Kiwi’

succulent landscaping

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Aeonium has pink at the ends with yellow and green rosettes. Kiwi succulent can grow inside the house. Even though this succulent can survive if there is enough full or partial light of the sun. With sufficient water, these plants can grow up to 3 feet tall and wide. Furthermore, these plants are completely safe for humans and pets. In real nature ‘Kiwi’ can withstand -1.1° C temperature making it good for cold climate too.

4. Aeonium ‘Sunburst’

diy ideas for planting succulents

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‘Sunburst’ is a multicolored diverging type of succulent plants. Otherwise, fun fact about these plants is after it blooms the main plant will die. This succulent will need enough sunlight for an indoor garden. It can grow up to 61 cm wide and 46 cm tall. In general, this succulent will bring no harm to animals and humans. It can survive cold temperature until -1.1° C which means it able to grows in winter.

5. Aeonium Arboreum ‘Zwartkop’

outdoor succulent plants

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This lofty dim green and red succulent go nearly dark when fully-fledged by the sun. Zwartkop twigs will fetch luxuriant when permitted to grow outside. On the contrary, it offers outstanding divergence to brighter colored succulent in provisions. Zwartkop plant can only grow in full sun which means outside only. Generally, this succulent can grow up to 1.2 m tall and 20 cm wide where it can endure cold temperature until -6.7° C.

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6. Aloe ‘Christmas Carol’

cool planters for succulents

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Christmas carol named by the reddish green succulent that blooms in the form of a star. Yellow collisions course athwart the leaves and limit the edges. It goes fully red when thankfully “stressed.” On the other hand, this succulent could grow with an only partial shade of sunlight.

Also, it will need enough amount of water to grows up until 6 feet tall and wide. This plants will definitely survive cold temperature until -1.1° C. Though, it might be toxic for an animal but completely safe for human.

7. Aloe ‘Crosby’s Prolific’

different ideas on how to plant succulents

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Crosby’s Prolific enfolds in luminous “teeth”. Moreover, when it hassled the color will change to pink. Same as other aloe varieties it can grow indoors with half of sunlight. Otherwise, the plants are typical water sensitive to overwatering. With proper exposure, these plants can grow in fall and spring until 6 feet tall and 24 feet wide.

8. Aloe ‘Doran Black’

ideas for succulent containers

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Doran Black has greenish-white leaves absorb from the ray of sun. It forms tufts, which can simply be propagated by offsets. More or less, aloe Doran plants are great for an indoors succulent garden.

9. Aloe Brevifolia “Short-leaved Aloe”

best planters for succulents

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Short-leaved Aloe has Greenish-white leaves that only need partial lights from the sun. It arranges tufts which able to be propagated by stem cutting simply. Its sole look enhances plenty of diversity to your succulent garden. Essentially, this aloe succulent is perfect for indoors where it can grow until 6 feet tall in the fall or the spring season.

10. Aloe Haworthioides “Haworthia-Leaved Aloe”

succulent plant identification

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This succulent plant gets its title from the mode its Aloe impersonate a Haworthia. Alternatively, unlike another type of Aloes, this succulent is predominantly rapid growing.

The dark green plants have white spots on them to receive full shade of the sun. Differ from tapper that grows fast in the winter. The leaves are 3 feet wide at the bottom and 4 feet long into a strident point at the highest.

11. Aloe Juvenna “Tiger Tooth Aloe”

types of succulent plants

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Aloe juvenna “Tiger Tooth Aloe” is a stunning succulent that will grow in the spring season. The spiked leaves stack that forms a rosette can grow up to 12 feet tall and 24 feet wide. When it grows indoor with enough shade of light the green leaves will turn reddish-brown. This aloe variety can survive in harsh cold winter until it reaches -6.7° C of temperature.

12. Aloe Nobilis “Gold-Tooth Aloe”

growing succulent plants outdoors

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The golden vertebrae on the ends of this succulent may be grown indoors with a part of sunlight. Overall, the succulent will need enough water so they can grow up to 24 feet wide and tall. “Gold-Tooth Aloe” has green color leaves that could change orange even in a minimum -6.7° C temperature. It will grow in spring and fall which allows them to attract some hummingbirds or to come.

13. Aloe Vera “Medicinal Aloe”

names of succulent plants

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Aloe is popular for its medicinal purpose. This succulent color is light green with some dots when it gets full light of the sun. Thus, Medicinal aloe has small spikes that can fully grow until 24 feet tall and wide. Generally, it is safe for human as a medical property where it can withstand the harsh cold climate in a -6.7° C temperature.

14. Anacampseros Rufescens

types of succulents

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This sluggish succulent blowouts in clattering rugs indoors with sufficient light from the sun. The tops dim green leaves can be grown up to 24 feet wide and height. While the temperature under -6.7° C it will turn to deep purple color. The green gives way to red which is toxicity for animals and humans.

15. Anacampseros Telephiastrum Variegata ‘Sunrise’

succulent plant identification guide

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The Anacampseros has green and pink color depending on how much the light from the sun. Sometimes when the rosettes grow indoors, they could creep outside as a rug in succulent gardens. All in all, Sunrise succulent of can grows up to 6 feet of it trails over the edge. Hence, the stem must be cutter as the propagation process making it great “spiller or filler.”

16. Cephalocereus senilis “Old Man Cactus”

succulent varieties photos

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A famous conserved succulent plant called “Old Man Cactus” grows up to 50 feet tall and 18 feet wide cylindrical. On the whole, the plants exposed from the light of the full sun in altered vertebrae that look like hair. These long vertebrae need sufficient water to fully grows like an old man shaggy hair. Under cold weather in the wild “Old Man Cactus” can survive until about two century.

17. Ceropegia Woodii Variegata “String of Hearts”

succulent garden ideas

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“String of Hearts” is a straggling succulent with a mixed light pinky-green string of heart leaves. As a rule, a succulent that receive enough light will create a violet shade in a branch. Small roots shaped on the edge of the leaves grow up to 36 feet long. So to speak, a string of heart that also called “Rosary Vine” can grow in fall and spring seasons.

18. Cotyledon Tomentosa “Bear’s Paw”

cacti and succulents identification

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Simply to say that this shrubby succulent plant called Bear’s Paw. The bear paw is dense with vague leaves about 12 feet tall and 24 feet wide that have 2 to 9 “teeth”. More or less partial light from the sun exposes all paws off the leaves. Cautions that when it grows indoors, it could become noxious your beloved pets.

19. Crassula ‘Springtime’

types of succulent plants pictures

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This deliberate Crassula can grow up to 8 feet tall on stems. To some extent, this 6 feet wide succulent grows under adequate filter light of its enough watering system. By and large, crassula can create great propagation by offsets your succulent plants that grow in spring and fall. ‘Springtime’ has attractive red and pink blossoms from the shade of sun in the Spring which appeal butterflies and fireflies.

20. Crassula (Tom Thumb)

types of succulents with photos

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A small succulent crassula complements admirable, not cold hardy plant in the succulent garden. Essentially, Tom Thumb could also grow up to 6 feet tall. This crassula grows rapidly in the fall and spring seasons. Almost, most of the sunlight shade the green triangle leave that piling up. Up to a point, when it is happily stressed it could show red leave color that brings no harm to humans.

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21. Crassula Arborescens Undulatifolia (Ripple Jade)

succulents identification and care pictures

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This crassula plant is a discrepancy of an old-style Jade plant. Certainly, Ripple Jade forms a reedy curvy leaf that grows up to 4 feet tall and wide. Most of the time Jade plant can grow inside a space with such exposure from the sun. Though, Ripple Jade can be toxic it completely safe in a minimum -6.7° C temperature.

22. Crassula Capitella (Campfire Crassula)

flowering succulent plant identification

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Capitella campfire succulent plant is not suitable to grow inside the greenhouse. Generally speaking, it has the capability in speed grows that can turn lively red in partial shade or full light of the sun. Its flowers can survive a cold climate where it fascinates fireflies and bees.

23. Crassula Falcata (Propeller Plant)

care of succulent plants indoors

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With proper sun exposure, this succulent has left a similar form with a propeller. In a way, the propeller plant always offers a nice balance when combined with other succulents. It can straightforwardly propagate by cutting leaves when the temperature on a lowest as -6.7 ° C. Thus, this type of succulent generally grows to 12 feet tall and wide even if it grows indoor.

24. Crassula Marginalize Rubra Variegata (Calico Kitten)

how do you take care of succulents

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The pinky heart shape of this Crassula can grow up to 3 feet tall and 12 feet long from full sun exposure. Naturally, a calico kitten often uses as wedding bouquets with appropriate water needs. Nowadays, gardener tends to choose calico kitten as compliment plant for their succulent garden. Overall, this succulent’s plant is robust where it can survive the coldest temperature in the winter season.

25. Crassula Muscosa (Watch Chain)

identification cactus plants by picture

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This succulent plant called watch chain due to its looks. Crassula muscosa can grow inside the house because of its trodden firmly leaves cover the branch. The branches of the “Watch Chain” plant grow into 12 feet tall. Thus, this spring season plant could be lethal for pets but safe for humans.

26. Crassula ovata (Gollum)

pictures of flowering cactus plants

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This splendid Gollum succulent has green tubed leaves that can grow inside the glass house. Basically, Gollum can grow up to 3 feet tall if it well plants in ampules. Proper sun exposure and a tiny amount of water will be enough for Gollum to bloom during fall and spring season. In some circumstances, the Gollum plant can last in cold weather succulent garden.

27. Crassula Perforata (String of Buttons)

pictures of cactus house plants

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This shrub Crassula plant can easily grow indoors with an adequate light from the sun.  To some extent, all of the triangle shrubberies grow up 18 feet tall contradictory from each other.  This succulent garden is perfect for those who live in cold weather where there is limited water supply. The propagations of String of Buttons are by stem cutting in which can withstand the minimum -6.7° C temperature.

28. Disocactus Flagelliformis (Rat-Tail Cactus)

succulent names and pictures

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This 36ft high sprawling succulent plant is one of the most broadly refined cactus of its kind. Its dense branches cultivate lofty before the weightiness of the branches causes it to twist.

Moreover, a stem is dangle out of its pot or trace along the ground to get more water access. It naturally harvests reddish-violet flower if it grows indoors. Although if there are enough light gardeners can also see orange flower color too.

29. Echeveria (Lola)

pictures of indoor cactus plants

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‘Lola’ is a beloved cactus type for plenty of growers. She can only grow outside with a very attractive light violet color. Also, have 6ft rosette leaves flawlessly.  With a full shade of sunlight, it can bloom into a lovely yellow color. Hence, during the summer it will form bell-shaped plants.

30. Echeveria (Perle von Nurnberg)

show pictures of cactus plants

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Perle von Nurnberg is one and only exquisite simply to get succulents plant. He has a 5ft tall pleasant violet color lengthwise the ends. Thus, it produces well outside during summer season in ampule succulents with a full shade of light.

31. Echeveria (Black Prince)

how to take care of succulents

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This insignia of this so-called “Black Prince” has a dark green to black color. This plant is non-toxic makes it perfect to be grown indoors. Although, it might miss its color if it failed to receive sufficient sunlight. Generally, growing succulent plants outdoors as a maroon flower is perfect in early Winter.

32. Echeveria (Doris Taylor)

indoor succulent care

[amazon box=”B08GJG7BKG”]

These crocheted succulents are an adored Echeveria fusion of plenty succulent planters. Naturally, Doris Taylor olive leaves are shielded in well bleached “curls” that follows. It makes a fuzzy look while grows up until 5ft tall. Though, the edges of the greeneries change a dark maroon when seriously hassled. Other than that, she can survive cold temperature which is great to grow indoors.

33. Echeveria Agavoides (Lipstick Echeveria)

how to care for succulent

[amazon box=”B07P86FR25″]

This elegant Echeveria shows off when it is gotten painfully strained. At the same time, some olive-green leaves can turn to inflamed red. That is why most of the growers gave her epithet “Lipstick.” Otherwise, Lipstick Echeveria gains its height until 24 feet tall. It also actively grow in fall into a thick form of triangle-shaped plants.

34. Echeveria Elegans “Mexican Snowball”

caring for succulents indoors

[amazon box=”B07M886R3B”]

Mexican snowball echeveria is one of the most simple to identifiable among the entire succulents’ types. In common, a light-jade rosette can perfectly grow into 12 feet wide indoors if it receives adequate light from the sun. It repeatedly denotes to as “chicks snowball” where it blooms on the fall and spring seasons.

35. Echeveria Harmsii “Plush Plant”

list of succulents with photos

[amazon box=”B087MD425K”]

Plush plant echeveria has olive shrubberies with rosy edges. Overall, all the 12 feet tall and wide verdures are enclosing in silvery velvet. It can survive cold temperature with propagation by seeds making it a special succulent among gardeners. No doubt, it will bloom with full of sunlight in glowing orange vegetation in the fall.

36. Echeveria Imbricata “Blue Rose”

identification cactus plants by picture

[amazon box=”B08LL2KFZ8″]

Blue rose echeveria is one of the favorable communal succulents in the earth. This beautiful rose has 6 feet wide and 8 feet tall leaves. Essentially, with a sufficient shade of light, it will bloom as a blue flower indoors. Though sometimes it shows rosy color around the tips. As blue echeveria turns adult, in summer, it will bloom bunches of rosettes.

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How to Grow &  Take Care of Succulents

How to Grow &  Take Care of Succulents

Prepare the soil & Container

Succulents will get healthier with well-draining soil.  All you need to do is to purchase a Cactus and Palm mix from Lowes for some time now, and it has been great.  In the dryer summer seasons, you might find that your soil dry’s a little too sudden. If you feel some of your soil is just not retaining water long enough replace the soil potting. To make it more efficient try mix your cactus soil with a bit of regular container soil. It will give the advantage to increase the water retention to your liking. Sometimes, you have to keep your plants in containers without drainage holes. For the examples, some teacups, mason jars, and baby food jars.  In this case, you will either layer the bottom of the container with pebbles or add sand to the soil to help with drainage issues.

Water Succulent Plants

There is a communal delusion that succulents do not require a lot of water. While it is accurate that they can survive in an extend phases of time without any water at all. Normally, they will never “flourish” in a drought-day condition.  Hence, you will understand this whole situation in a difficult way when you are first designing your succulent garden. Most of the times beginner growers can abandon their plants without watering their beloved succulents. No doubt, those plants will never be able to bloom as it supposed to be. Luckily for you, they will never die either. All the professional gardeners, on the other hand, would water their plants frequently. They will treat their succulents until it is flourishing. From now on try to act like a pro in the gardening especially try to start watering your plants more often. Now, your universal instruction of gardening is active water when the soil is dry.  For most of the plant, that is around twice a week during the fierier month. But do it only once a month in the winter and fall season.  To water a succulents’ plant, please make sure to water the soil not the plant. It is good not to allow water to relax on the leaves for it can cause putrefaction. Also, to parting unattractive patterns take a decent steep so that the water flows into the lowermost of the pot. Thus, it is not necessary to steep it for succulents without drainage hovels in the container. Beforehand, you might have to give extra of a “touch.” Well, there are a lot of people killing their succulents by overwatering. You can avoid this by checking the soil is completely dehydrated among the watering process.

Sunlight for succulent

In general, types of succulents do finest in bright but incidental sunlight. Also, you can initiate that dissimilar succulent types can stand various amounts of light. Though, most of the succulent plants tend to happily stress in the long stage of the direct light of the sun. To evade sweltering and burning your succulents, retain them in an area where they get a lot of shadows but still obtain tolerable light. The healthiest succulent plants are the one that grows outside on window ridges. Where they are dwindling from straight sunlight by tiny over drapes. Otherwise, some of the succulents can endure unswerving sunlight better than some types. You have to test some favorable succulent plant to realize what works best in your environment.  If your succulent did not get enough light, it will turn to stretch near the light. If your succulents are stretching out or twisting near the light. You can deliberately move them to a sprightlier plug or replace the pot from one place to another to make them grow normal.

Creative Ideas with Succulents Plants

1. Outdoor Cactus Succulent Garden Ideas

succulents identification and care
Photo by Urban Landscape.

This living walls by Urban Landscape are inspiring from the wall from the Game of Thrones series. They covered the whole wall with succulent plants which is a really stunning sight for everyone. This aesthetic piece of arts does not need a lot of water to grow it. Though it may need a full shade of sunlight to grow as it plans to be.

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2. Cool Planters for Succulents

diy ideas for planting succulents
Photo by Promised Path Landscaping Inc.

Mangers wooden deck with Concrete finish with Top cast light etch. Water feature surrounded by succulents and low voltage lights. It seems that the concrete fire pit creates a vertical succulents wall. More or less it is one of the best contemporary succulents landscape ever created.

3.  Fountain Succulent Garden Ideas

succulent garden landscape ideas
Photo by LA Dwelling.

You do not have to add drainage but because the plants are succulents they only need light watering. Just as the other succulent garden it will need sufficient shade from the sun. You can mix some other succulent varieties in this stunning fountain succulent garden.

4.  Indoor Succulent Garden Ideas

creative ideas with succulents plants
Photo by Bestique.

This indoor industrial succulent is locating in Furniture Fair in Paris. The gardeners then planted them up, so they are unique. Nevertheless, the garden is amazing with an adequate light from the Oxfordshire sun.

5. Succulent Garden Ideas Landscaping

container succulent garden ideas
Photo by debora carl landscape design.

Section of succulent garden crest contemporary living wall. Besides, you will need to plant them in the tray and let their roots get established while laying horizontal for about a month. Then you can hang the planter. Still, not all systems will require this.

6. Unique Container Succulent Garden Ideas


This unique contemporary Staircase succulents garden is now locating in New York. Those succulent are prepared to grow in a low temperature indoors room. Surprisingly, it is a lethal type of succulent plant for an animal but not for human.

7.  Xeriscape Succulent Garden Ideas

planting succulents in containers
Photo by Kaiser Gardens.

This succulent is a DIY idea for planting succulents of California xeriscape. Succulents identification and care bring quality with dry seasons resistant succulent leaves. Some of the growers love to design a sculpture. So, it is best to include a Roman smashed imbedded with succulents. The earlier proprietors of the stuff forget to bring few classic San Francisco cobblestones. Which is now combined into a new garden using them as succulent ladders. In general, it is nice to design low raised beds out of stone. Some of the succulent plants are already present in the original space. That is why it is perfect to used containers along with ladders and in contradiction of current concrete walls to grow the succulent plants indoors.

8. Shoes Container

different ideas on how to plant succulents
Photo by Faller Landscape & Nursery.

Shoes Succulent Gardens and Succulent Provisions by Faller Landscape & Nursery. This type of garden is rather interesting for it is cheap. Basically, you only need a pair of old shoes to make this kind of garden.

9. Bird Nest Container

ideas for succulent containers
Photo by Faller Landscape & Nursery.

This kind of container succulent garden ideas is available in a Lowe store. This bird nest Gardens and Succulent Measures created by Faller Landscape & Nursery. It might need a little effort to create this kind of gardens. Though it is really beautiful for every succulent gardener in the world.

10. Succulent Garden Ideas View

best planters for succulents

This tuxedo terrace contemporary succulent view is designed and built by Xanadu Group. The rug came from a store called stark carpets here in Los Angeles. Though, this kind of succulent garden ideas will need a sufficient water system inside it. It was a sublime type of succulent garden view with little modern art designs.

11. Vertical Succulent Garden Ideas

succulent plants name and picture
Photo by Table2Garden.

A prodigious garden commences with incredible concept. Garden designer focusses in famine astounding designs manipulating chosen flowers and admissible materials. The gardeners pride themselves on discovering unique creative ideas with succulents’ plants that reflect their client’s style.

There are a lot of imaginative uses of outdoor gardens. It is better to encourage yourself to collaborate with a professional in a succulent garden designer. Whether you want to be scheming a new garden that can grow outside of your new house or plan a succulent garden that echoes your existence.

There are a lot of varieties of cool planters for succulents that can fit your desirably succulent garden. One of the best benefits from the succulent varieties is the ability to withstand harsh environment such as cold weather in the winter also the hot climate in the summer. Therefore, this makes the succulent plants perfect for anybody who decides to begin their journey in maintaining a fabulous succulent garden ideas.

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