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Tiny Houses plans – Hey you millennial! Being minimalist is a new modern trend of living. Settling in a tiny house with minimalist space is not just a trend but a lifestyle! You can maximize small space and also save your money. Saving money doesn’t mean a cheap styled house, there are tons of tiny houses plans in the internet with elegant and cool high-quality design that you can apply. 

In this article you can find tiny house plans with blueprint, diagrams, photos, and also directions. The designs is starting from simple sustainable container house into more complicated one. Feel free to check it out!


1.Container House Plan

Transforming shipping container into real estate becoming a current trend right now. The cheap cost and nature friendly become the reason why people transform the container into their house. Some of the result looks so convenience and sophisticated, looks so modern.

container house plans

This house made from two shipping container in the size of 20 feet each. Total size of the building is 6mx4.9m built in 416 sq feet. The estimation of making DIY of this container house is around $23.900. Check the house plans.

2. Texas Round House

tiny house plans free

Texas Round house is designed by James Bryan in the idea of having good time for weekend getaway. He designed this house as a convenient energy saving house as its located in the middle of the wood. 

The shaped of this aesthetic round house is inspired by the traditional igloo or teepee which well known as the efficient heating and cooling system inside the house. It’s also design in the manner of aerodynamic that allows high wind in Texas to flow around.  More information.

3. Tiny House Plans Free – Wheel Quartz Tiny House

tiny house plans with loft

Anna White built her own tiny wheelhouse and share her experience and plan in making it on her blog. She made the house to use while working on a remote cabin not as her primary house. She shares the plan for free that you can download it directly from her blog and you can also ask her directly regarding anything about the making of the house. Check her video and website

4. Lookout Cabin House

tiny house plans with loft

Dan O’Connell, Texas architect, created this dramatic little lookout cabin house. This house has unusual layout with the size of 460 square foot.  It is a perfect place for single person vacation to relax . It would also nice for students or apartment caretaker. The narrow and tall shape make it the perfect to fit on small area of property.  Download the plan.

5. Free 8×8 Tiny House Plan

tiny house plans on wheels

If you’re looking for free tiny house plans, you can check this one. Tinyhousedesign share the plan of making 8×8 tiny house, the blueprint of floor plan, floor framing, wall framing, Roof framing and also material list with price included. That is complete resources for you as reference in making your own tiny house. Check it out!

6. Modern Janet House Plan

modern tiny house plans

Looking for modern house? you might check this one. The house is looking so fresh and modern by its simplicity. This 2 storey house looks complete by its beautiful porch. The total estimation cost in building this modern house is around $34,800. You can build this house in 41m2 build up area with the total 9m x 4,6m building area.  More information.

tiny house plans on trailer

7. Micro Cabin Plans

tiny house plans on trailer

This micro cabin shape looks so unique because of the triangular shape of attic which used for single bedroom in the house. This building is a perfect haven for escape vacation and relax in remote place. with the build up area of 33m square, you can save the building cost while making nice looking building. Check the plan.

tiny house designs and floor plans

8. Two Container House

8x24 tiny house plans

Here is another container house design plan. If you are planning to make a one level container house, you can use this design. The design is not that complicated with small modification of the exterior, you are focusing more effort in improving the interior in this design. It’s still looks good tho, the designer tries to emphasis the unique aspect of container utilization for home which reflect the concept of sustainability.

small house plans with pictures

9. Beach House Plan

2 bedroom tiny house for sale

Looking for another way to enjoy our time in sea shore? making this beach house can be an option. You can relax and enjoy your time in your private space freely. This house has 2 bedroom in second level which allows you to relish the sea view directly from you bed. The build up area is around 41,3 M sq. 

10. Minimalist Container House

800 sq ft house plans 2 bedroom 2 bath

By using only 1 shipping container, you can make a nice looking cottage to stay. The estimation cost for making this container house is around $14,500. Inside this house you can have one bedroom, living room and also bathroom, which is enough! just like a hotel room. 

tumbleweed tiny house plans

11. Tiny Lake House Plans

10x12 tiny house plans

The total floor area for this lake house is around 37,5m2 which consist from 2 storey and beautiful porch. The estimation cost for making this is around $12,200. Inside the house you can have dining space, living room, bathroom, kitchen, and one bedroom in the loft. This house is perfect to enjoy the lakeview with your friend and family. 

12.One Bedroom Peggy House

Looking for small traditional house? This peggy house can be in your list. This house is a single-storey house with a classical family home style.The one bedroom is intended for small family or couple that love compact house design. Peggy house provides you a storage, kitchen, bathroom, living room and one bedroom. Best choice if you love wooden traditional  design house. 

13. Modern Small House 

800 sq ft house plans 2 bedroom 2 bath

This house is called Shenaa which is a simple modern elevated tiny house. It is basically a one-room timber structure that consist from bedroom, kitchen, dining space and bathroom. the full height glass door allows you to see amazing view outside while doing your daily activities. The estimation cost in making this Sheena home is around $21,300.

14. Two Story Cabin Plan

tiny house plans on trailer

This two storey house provides more space for you. It consists of 2 bedroom in the porch and other utilities room in the first floor. Built-up area for this building is around 33m2 with the estimation cost of $24,800. If you are looking for more spacious tiny house, this can be an option.

mobile tiny house plans

15. Gambrel Roof House Plans 

This gambrel roof cottage is named as Sofia because of its rustic design. The gambrel roof and wooden shingle emphasize the rustic atmosphere of the house. On the first floor, you can see a living room, dining room, kitchenette and play area.  It has 3 big windows allows light to warm the house. The loft is quite spacious as you can see 2 bedroom set aside. 

tiny house project

16. Tiny Pod House Plans

For you the creative! This house is match with your soul. Aria, the tiny pod house, is a unique arched shaped house. The one that is so unique of this house is the arched roof that also act as wall. Inside Aria, you can find mainroom that includes sitting area, kitchen and sleeping corner with bathroom. On the loft you can use it for storage area or another bed! the cost estimation for this pod construction is $19,200.

17. Victorian Small House 

This traditional victorian house is called as Diana.  The design of diana is mainly inspired of minimalist design with the efficient use of space of your property.  The unique design and spacious concept can give you enough space for family of 4. Inside this plan you can do all the DIY construction by yourself as the provide the complete how to construction in making it. It cost you around $11,500 in building the house. 

18. Flat Roof House 

Are you looking for unique small house? Take a look on Bessie! the concept of this tiny house is creating open and clear undisturbed central space by positioning kitchenette and bathroom toward outside from the walls. Other cool feature of this house is the loft level is made of net. The huge window glass allowing the light and giving cozy atmosphere inside the house. 

19. Cabin Plan with Loft

This cabin house is equipped with a loft, gable roof, two room and bathroom. The design combines the elements of traditional architecture with modern style tiny house with loft. Not only save you money in the construction process, you can save the operational cost by having water tank and sun panel on the house. The approximate cost for making this house is around $8,200. 

20. Shed Guest House Plan

This 2 storey house looks so cute with eccentric green yellow and red exterior color. traditional design with typical porch will be a nice place to enjoy moments with your family. BUild up area for this house is 19,5m2 with cost estimation around $5,300. This price is relatively cheap for king your own DIY tiny house. 

That’s all my choice of cool 20 tiny house plans for you, you can either use it as reference or make it as you dream house. Make sure you know the detail of your property so you can apply the one that is suitable with you condition. In some of the plant, they provide details on how to do it by yourself, feel free to contact them! 

Thanks for reading! I really appreciate your support by sharing this article! thank you!

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