17+ Computer Desk Ideas (How to Choose)

Computer Desk Ideas – A computer desk is not only specialized for the computer itself, but also as a working area. While working, we will spend thirty minutes to hours on the office facing a computer or do other activities. However, the desk appearance could bother us if it looks uninteresting.  Working at home could … Read more

Bedroom Shelf ideas

Bedroom Shelf ideas – Shelf is not just storage. It decorates your living space, too. Therefore, you might need to consider how the best display of your shelf should look.It provides spaces for storing our goods so that the room is far from messy. Decor elements should be able to represent the whole idea of … Read more

Pallet Bedroom Ideas

Pallet Bedroom – Essentially, wooden pallets are strong and fairly durable as a material to build a DIY furniture. Using wooden pallets for bedroom is a practicable approach to get an unusual distinctive look. Overall, there are many brilliant ways you can pull off with wooden pallets to decorate your personal space. Find the pallet … Read more

Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas

Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas – Choosing the right and specific bedroom decor is essential for some homeowners. It allows them to focus on one style and decorate their room conscientiously. Commonly, the owners will suit it with their house design and make sure it does not appear in contrast. However, some might combine several styles … Read more

20 Tiny House Plans – Unique House Design

Tiny Houses plans – Hey you millennial! Being minimalist is a new modern trend of living. Settling in a tiny house with minimalist space is not just a trend but a lifestyle! You can maximize small space and also save your money. Saving money doesn’t mean a cheap styled house, there are tons of tiny … Read more

Tiny Bathroom Remodel Before and After

Tiny Bathroom Remodel – Designing a tiny home might need an extra careful effort. Small mistakes can make the home either uncomfortable or not very good-looking. The same thing goes with a tiny bathroom, which requires unique treatments to turn it into a relaxing space. Remodeling the bathroom can do a lot more than just … Read more

30+ Beautiful Reception Desk Ideas 2020 Trends!

Pallete receiption idea

Reception desk ideas – When you come to hotel, office, or any other shop, you will firstly see the reception desk in the face of the building. By having that elements, they tried to impress the visitor the the sense of well establish and professional impression. As the place to welcome the visitor, the reception … Read more