Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas

Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas – Choosing the right and specific bedroom decor is essential for some homeowners. It allows them to focus on one style and decorate their room conscientiously. Commonly, the owners will suit it with their house design and make sure it does not appear in contrast. However, some might combine several styles into one, and it also appears in a great result.

One of the many types of bedroom decor that we can choose is the rustic decor. It appears in a unique look with a combination of natural materials, earthy colors, and the choice of furniture. Usually, those who love this style prefer a comfy and old-fashioned decor that suits their favorite look and personality. Therefore, if you decide to choose rustic as your bedroom decor, make sure to pick the suitable furniture, accessories, and find out more about this style.

What is rustic style decor?

Natural materials, elegant decoration, and tranquility represent the component of rustic home decor. Wood, stone, or textured fabrics are the natural materials that we often find in this style. Besides, the use of plastics, metals, or synthetic fabrics is rarely seen here, which means that rustic style leads to naturalness, simplicity, and solidity.

Additionally, rustic style inherited some features such as Scandinavian, Country, or Classical. It also often appears with several touches of natural colors, especially the shades of grey, brown, green, or even gold. All of those characteristics show that rustic decor provides warmth and a unique atmosphere, whether on its interior or exterior designs.

Rustic Bedroom Decor Ideas

While decorating a rustic bedroom, there are several things that we need to maximize the result. Starting from furniture, accessories, the choice of bed, shelves, until wall arts. Those things can increase the value of the room itself. Thus, these are some complete rustic decor ideas for your bedroom.

1. Rustic Bedroom Furniture

Furniture plays an essential part in decorating a bedroom. However, choosing the one that suits the room style is also crucial to avoid any unbalanced results. It also can happen in a rustic bedroom. Therefore, take a look at these two recommendations of rustic bedroom furniture.

  • Handmade Coffee Table
rustic bedroom furniture

Providing this handmade table in your bedroom is an excellent idea. It looks vintage and suitable for a coffee table or book storage. Also, its detail is appealing with reclaimed wood material and perfect to pair with a sofa.

  • Rattan Swing Chair
rustic bedroom ideas
Noha Gamal

If you feel bored using a mainstream type of chairs, this swing chair is perfect, especially for a rustic bedroom. Its round shape and rattan as the primary material allow you to relax and experience a natural atmosphere. Besides, this swing can save more space excellently.

2. Rustic Bedroom Accessories

Besides furniture, bedroom accessories are the parts of rustic room decor that we should not leave behind. It makes the room look lively and create a better scene from inside the room. Although we can find so many types of rustic accessories, here are two examples that you might be interested in having.

  • Fern Stem Pots
rustic bedroom set

Whether you have artificial or real flowers, both need a place to grow and arranged. For a bedroom, these pots look great for decoration. It made of ceramic with fern stems effect on the outside. 

  • Handcrafted Wall Clock
ideas for rustic bedroom

Wood material does not look strange in a rustic room, just like this wall clock. Its primary element is barn wood and acrylic paint for the numbers. As a result, its simple design produces a natural and artistic look.

3. Rustic Bed

A bed is the main component in a bedroom. If you decide to have a rustic bedroom, it means you also have to find a rustic bed. Additionally, we can comprehend the rustic bed details from its color, materials, and designs. Here are several bed recommendations to consider.

  • Simple White Bedding
rustic bedroom sets king
Katerina Shahmanova

White and plain bedding provides a classic and natural look into a bedroom. It looks great to pair with any room style, including rustic.

  • Comfy Bed Set
rustic modern bedroom ideas

Since the rustic bedroom is popular with its natural color, this grey bedding set is suitable for this type of room. Not only its color, but its design also looks attractive and warm.

  • Modern Leather Bed
rustic bedroom decor ideas
cesar hernandez

Besides fabric bed, leather bed frame looks unique and different. Its detail is extraordinary and luxurious for a rustic bedroom. Besides, this bed provides a modern vibe and comfortable to use.

  • Wooden Bed Frame
rustic grey bedroom set
Elena Sedova

Pairing simple bedding with a wooden frame creates an impressive bed set. It does not look too much but can fit any room styles. Usually, those who love rustic also fancy this type of bed.

  • Small Floor Bed
Arnon Rodrigues

A single bed without a frame is perfect for a small bedroom. It saves more space and easy to decorate. Moreover, its simplicity allows you to relax in your rustic room.

  • DIY Pallet Bed
rustic bedroom theme
Jose Olmedo

Although the pallet bed is a reused product, it is safe enough to use. Also, it saves more budget than buying those beds at stores. Furthermore, this pallet bed can increase the room’s aesthetic and rustic looks.  

  • Soft Color Bedding Set
rustic bedroom colors
Yuriy Bobak

Choosing soft colors for bedding is a great idea to make a rustic bedroom look lively. It is elegant and does not look in contrast with the room design.

  • Dark Tone Bed Set
Anton Yeregui

For those who love the dark rustic room, this black and white bedding set can be an excellent choice. It has a perfect color combination that can suit the place very well.  

  • Elegant Bohemian Decor
Elena Sedova

A bed with bohemian decor is lovely and eye-catching. It allows the owner to feel calm with its cozy design. Besides, its detail looks fascinating and elegant. 

  • Earth Tone Bedding
rustic bedroom lighting
Anastas Zisi

As we know, that rustic bedroom is identical with an earth tone, and this bedding design represents it well. It looks natural with a dark grey bedding set and yellowish-green bed.

  • Grey Rustic Bed Sheet 
Svetlana Belousova

Having this matching grey bed and its bedding set will not hurt our eyes. Its color is soft and can change the room atmosphere into warm.  

  • Ethnic Bed Cover
Natalia Tytarenko

Besides natural color bed cover, choosing the one with an ethnic accent is excellent too. It can decorate the room’s dull color and creates a joyful atmosphere. However, make sure it does not look too much, and its color is not too bright.

4. Rustic Wall Decor

An empty wall is not fun and monotonous, especially for a rustic room. For this reason, adding wall decor can be a marvelous solution. Nevertheless, not every wall decor is suitable for a rustic bedroom. Therefore, if you plan to get some for your room, take a look at rustic bedroom wall decor below.

  • Wooden Window Frame

Wooden window frame as a decoration item can fill the emptiness on the wall. It does not make the room looks monotonous. Although it made of dark wood, this wall art does not look old-fashioned.

  • Tiny Floating Shelves
Tiny Floating Shelves

Not only functions well as a storage space, but this floating shelf also perfect for wall decor. It can be a space to store small things, such as books or indoor plants.

  • Vintage Antler Chandelier
rustic romantic bedroom

Increase the rustic style in your bedroom by installing this antler chandelier. It offers a vintage look and a natural touch. Besides, this real antler chandelier consists of three lights to lighten your bedroom.

  • Square Wall Art

Almost similar to the window frame wall art, this one appears in geometric square shape. Its small size is suitable for narrow wall space and does not look too much, even if there is more than one. 

  • Artistic 3D Wall Decor 

Installing this 3D wall art in a rustic bedroom is a fantastic idea. Its design represents a natural atmosphere and fits the rustic room perfectly. Also, you don’t need to use an additional frame because it’s already installed in one package.

  • Adorable Lantern Sconce

If you use to find lantern sconce as traditional lighting, now we can also use it as a room decoration item. However, this one uses an LED candle as lighting, but it still shows its antique and rustic characters. 

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