30+ Decorative Bay Window Ideas for your Bedroom, Kitchen & Living Room!

Bay Window Ideas – A bay window is really useful to add extra light yo your home and also making your room architectural look more interesting. Though some people think the window bay as old-traditional and outdated style, but still there are lot of benefits that is worth to be considered.

Some of the benefits of having this space are :

  • Adding more space and value to your house.
  • Allow more light to enter the room by those panoramic glasses that allow the light to come from different direction.
  • It can be open and close, allow more fresh air coming to the room.
  • The space can be used for many purposes, you can add up some chair, daybed, storage, shelves, or other useful stuff. Or you just want to enjoy the outside view while sitting inside your room.
  • Sure, there are some drawbacks to having bay windows; these include the expense and difficulty of finding good window treatments for them. Also, the space can be awkward, interfering with outdoor areas or leaving little useful room inside the window for little else than potted plants.

You can use this space for different kind of activites, and purposes. Here are some ideas on how to utilize and decorate you window bay spot. Check it out!


Bay Window Ideas Bedroom

bedroom bay window ideas

Adding bay window to your bedroom can be really light up your room, as its allow more light to come, it also add more cozy feeling that allow you to see surroundings or garden around your house. But before you choose to make your own, consider how its looks by having previous design. Here are some ideas that you can use as the reference:

Modern Bay Window Bedroom

modern bedroom bay

The oldish impression of window bay can be presented in more fresh and modern looks. The wide glasses with more simple trim make it looks more elegant and modern. consider in using straightforward design with clean line and angle to emphasize the simplicity of the modern design. 

Bay Window Bedroom

This window bay will make you really enjoy staying in your bedroom. You can see the wide picture of outside greenery, what a beautiful life! The wide window with clean design allows you to see the scenery with maximum view, it also allows light to come and make your room more lively. In the bay space, you can put simple chair and table to sit and enjoy your reading. 

Bay Window Bedroom

This circular window bay space is so perfect to be combined with the royal looking design. Its really perfect place to refresh your mind after waking up from the bed and filling up your energy before starting the day!

Traditional Bay Window Bedroom

Traditional Bay Window Bedroom

By having the window bay, you can add up more space and also use it for different kind of purposes. You can maximizing the space to put shelves on the side of the bay and storage. The storage can also be use as place to sit and enjoy the scenery, with pillow to make it more cozy and enjoyable.  

Traditional Bay Window Bedroom

Considering the type of the window, whether it can be open or not. Choose the open-able window if you think you need those fresh air flow away in you room. This can be a good option if you want to save the use of air conditioner, it is so useful in the hot summer to get more air flowing inside.  

Traditional Bay Window Bedroom

This traditional window bay idea still looks appealing by its unique design. the circular space extension match really well with the round table. Besides, the decorative curtain in the window and chair strengthen the old-fashioned style design. If you think your area is not really privacy-friendly, the use of curtain can solve this issue.

Floor to Ceiling Bay Window Bedroom

Traditional Bay Window Bedroom

Floor to ceiling window is perfect if you looking for more modern and luxury design. The wide-bay window in this bedroom enhance the looks of this house and also invite the positive energy. The traditional trim or paned window add the unique traditional style to the room. Its perfect combination of contemporary with the traditional design. 

Floor to Ceiling Bay Window Bedroom

Having really limited space on your bedroom? adding the window bay can really change the situation. More space in the bay area can be utilize as the small living room space in your bedroom. The sofa in this bedroom suits perfectly with the space. 

Floor to Ceiling Bay Window Bedroom

Whats more delightful when you woken up by the morning sunshine? The morning sunshine can be really important for some people to wake up their mood and spirit for the day. This bedroom is cool example on how you can use the window bay in your bedroom. The light that come thru the room is magically enhance the beauty of this room.

Kitchen Bay Window Ideas

Kitchen bay window ideas

Thinking for other room to use the window bay, adding it into your kitchen can be a thing. As you spend more time there to cook and enjoy it with the whole family, the idea to decorate and add more value on it is really worth it. Check how people come up with the cool-looking window bay kitchen:

Contemporary Window Bay Kitchen

Modern dark Kitchen bay window ideas

 This modern looking kitchen must be the most favorite place in your home. Where you can really enjoy the meal with the cozy place surrounded by nature. The window bay in this kitchen is used as the additional space for the dinning table. This is what people call as “eating with view”.

Kitchen bay window ideas

This modern looking kitchen uses the window bay as the source of outside light and air.  The elegant design of the kitchen match perfectly with the window and its trim. A trio of windows installed in the bay allow the sunlight to lighten the sink area. 

White clean Kitchen bay window

This sunny dinning area on the bay, takes advantage of the green home’s backyard views. The shelves is also use as the sofa that come together with the dinning table. The popped up window is allow you to have meal with those fresh air outside that can be really make you meal more enjoyable.  

Traditional Window Bay Kitchen Ideas

Nothing far better than eating with view! this kitchen looks so stunning by its rustic style with wood color scheme. Not just excite by it special decorative layout, you can also delight in the outdoors view when eating in the bay. A table connected inside the bay area that enables you to eat while seeing the surroundings.

Large home windows in this dining room peer out onto a designed backyard, developing a wide-open and inviting feeling. Transoms near the ceiling resemble the appearance of the paned home windows near the floorboards, which makes the area look balanced as well as in proportion.

Floor to Ceiling Kitchen Window

A spot including a lovely sight is the best candidate for a bay window. They open up the room in all directions, thanks to the stretch of glass. A strategically positioned bay window can frame your view like a beautiful framework enhances a work of art as well as the reward of having a comfortable area from which to appreciate the landscape outside.

Bay window ideas living room

Living room is where the whole family gather together and spend fun time. It mostly also use as the room to welcome the guest, so make up your living room into the most cozy place in your house is must-do task. Here are some Ideas on how people decorate their living room with window bay:

Modern Window Bay Ideas in Living Room

The wide window brings the clean and elegant looks for this living room. Huge mattress equipped down side of the bay make it really fun place for kid to play and spend their times. Small flippable window allow the summer air to come inside which amplified the vibes and the energy. Tho the wooden pattern mostly associated with rustic and old-school style, it doesn’t really work there. This room is look so clean and modern. 

This unique bay is perfect place to take nap. The small mattress with the window view is great combination just to relax and take a break from the hectic. The design is so unique that use the wooden pattern and color pallet in the design, look as modern sustainable home. 

Window bay can also be used to showcase you decorative element. Colorful pillow and curtain can add more warm feeling of the room. Living room is more than just relaxing and comfy space, it also the space to represent the whole concept of your decoration concept in your house. Make sure you choose the right sofa, rug, lighting and other unique element to light up this room. 

Traditional Living Room Style

 The old style can also be interesting as other modern style. Its all depend do how your whole decorative concept is. The classical looks brings up cheerful memories, of how you grown up, sometime it just relaxing to see how the past flashing in front of our eyes while seeing this kind of traditional decorative design. 

This simple and straightforward design of window bay looks so peacefully attractive. Sitting and enjoying the weather with a cup of tea can be so delightful. The window allow light to brighten up the entire room.

Rustic Style Living Room

This rustic style living room is located in really good spot. Make sure you put the bay in the best spot to see the best view. Your family and guest will be so happy to spend their time in this amazing place.  

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Window bay is multipurpose space in your house, you can use it as the center point of your decoration, hidden storage, enlight your room and of course place to enjoy the weather. Make sure you position the bay on the best place to get the best view around, can be your back yard or other cool scenery around your house. Hopefully this window bay ideas is useful for you, please share if you find it useful and keep to support me ! Thanks so much!

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