30+ Fresh Study Room Design Ideas (Guide & Tips for Decor)

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Study room design ideas  – Personal cave where you can become effective and productive is necessary to support your career or study. Though its enough by having table and chair, why not adding some other decorative elements so that you can have cozy place to use your maximum thinking power.

Designing study room can be really fun but also tricky. Make sure you understand the basic and essentials before starting to buy stuff for your study room. Consider your style, need, and nature, sum them up into the magic formula and ~Walaaa~ you make your nice study room. Here are some essential and design ideas of study room that you can use as reference.


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Tips to Design a Study Room or Work Corner

Guide for decorating a study Room

Designing room should be perfectly planned, here are some essentials of designing nice and cozy study room or work corner in your house:

  • Choose the right Space – First thing before making your study room, make sure you choose the right room for your space. Consider the dimension and wide of that particular area before you convert it. You need spacious and comfortable place to sit around and move freely while working. Think whether you need to add excessive amount of furniture or you need spacious room to breathe and think.
  • Desk & Comfy seating – Look for different kind of option before deciding to buy one. You should see your room space and design, whether you need spacious room or more productivity around. Seating is also important to support your work as you will be there for most of the time, it should be comfortable and adjustable with your body.
  • Provide Shelves -Storage is also essential inside your study room, as you will store all the knowledge and tools you need to work. You can choose several option of storage to sort your belonging which one you need to access the most or just occasionally. Cabinet can be an option to store more important stuff and to keep it from the dust, and of course organize it!
  • Meeting or Discussion Space – Discussion or meeting can be so important is solving your task, having that space inside your study room can help you to be more productive. You can provide small desk, some chairs and chalkboard where you can discuss the topics.
  • Light Sources – Light plays essential role in making your room more lively and vibrant. Light also brings joyfulness and spirit to finish your work! You can make use the natural light to flow inside the space by having windows and some mirror to brighten up the space.
  • Adjusting the Temperature – Too hot or cold can be a quite distraction to work. Make sure you have comfortable temperature inside the room without having influenced by outside weather.
  • Decorative Elements – Put stuff that you like the most! you can put some succulent plants or indoor plant to make your room more peaceful or you can put some sticker or wallpaper of your favorite heroes, its all up to you! look for something that can keep motive you to consistently enjoy working in that area.
  • Cleanliness! – Dirty place makes people uncomfortable to stay. Make sure you have nice and conducive place to eat all of that knowledge inside you brain. Keep it tidy and put back stuff after you use it can be really helpful to make you room always clean.
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Study Room Design Ideas

Study Room Design Tips

Need more inspiration ? here are some study room design ideas that you can use for example or reference to make your own! The pictures can help you see what actually it looks like in the real space. Check it out!

1.  Modern Study Room

Modern Study Room Ideas

Convert a little room to a polished attractive as well as practical office. This room has white repainted maple timber veneers and solid timber painted doors, moldings and also trims to offer the room an official style.

This office flaunts under closet LED lighting, top cupboards surrounded by twist around shelving for books as well as accent pieces and sturdy maple wood drawers for keeping workplace supplies or filing essential files. Moon exploration chart is taped on background that add up the beauty of this room.

2. Peaceful Study Room Design

Peaceful Study Room Design

This room flaunts a classy leather sofa with royal fancy look and wall full of shelves for placing your favorite books. The room offers peaceful and classy learning situation with direct light coming from the window. to place your collection of books is the most relaxing decoration idea among Peaceful Study Room Decorating Ideas.

3. Office Study Room Ideas

Office Study Room Ideas

This room design in a light atmosphere, modern Scandinavian aesthetic for a retired pair that separate their time between Toronto as well as the British Columbia Interior. The suite design was reconfigured to provide an extra open strategy without giving up areas for privacy. Every opportunity was required to take full advantage of storage space into customized developed cabinetry for a bought and clean space.

4. Nice Ideas for a Corner Study Room

Nice Ideas for a Study Room

Personalized residence designed with inspiration from the proprietor living in New Orleans. Study was design to be masculine with white repainted constructed in corner of the room. Custom constructed desk and shelves with wood veneer are match perfectly with whole decorative element. 

5. Classic Office Study Room

Classic Office Study Room Ideas

This Study room design ideas demonstrates how elegance can be mixed with functional and give a magnificent result. The timber color pattern throughout the house is brought right into the room by a blue chair. The customized polished painted shaker style cabinets behind the modern-day, rustic workdesk flaunt a lot of the home owners mementos and treasures. The personal double level library adds up the classy looks. 

6. Compact Library & Study Room

Study Room Furniture Ideas

This compact study room can also be used as your living room with  the personal library in the wall. The sofa and modern glass table can be used as meeting space or welcoming your guest. Too tired to sit on the chair? you can just move and laying down on the sofa to recharge you concentration. 

7. Simple Kids Study Area

Kids Study Room Ideas

Study room is really important space for your kids, especially to work on their homework or just study. Preparing the suitable and nice place for them to learn is a must thing to do. You don’t need to provide special room to learn, make use the spare space in your kid’s bedroom. Put simple desk with comfortable chair and lighting to provide nice atmosphere for completing the works!

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8. Small-Spaced Study Room

Study Desk for Teenagers

Maximize small space on your room as place to be alone and productive. This room just requires small space around the corner to put your desk and office chair. The cabinet is align with the wall where you put and organize all of your belonging around your work. Make sure you have nice lighting and temperature to support your leaning situation.

9. Home Office Ideas

Home Office Ideas

This Study room design  in the Berkeley hills is broadened and entirely renovated for 2 art historians. All of the new job perfectly integrates with the original character of your house to maximize views, all-natural light, as well as… book storage space.

New home windows, lighting, as well as casework change a dark storage room into a comfortable normally lit office for art background research.

More Pictures of a Study Room

fun kids room designs

kids room design bedroom

home study room ideas

interior design ideas for small house

decorating small home ideas
decorating small home ideas

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Conclusion in Making your Own Study Room

Study room or working room is significant for some people to be relax and effective while thinking about their task or just eating the knowledge. That reasons are strong enough to make you think it as investment for your own productivity. By making it nice, supportive and comfortable, you can enjoy your long-hour fighting with your work. That’s all the study room design ideas, Now its your turn to pimp your room!

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