20 Cute Baby Boy Room Ideas & Tips to Design

Baby Boy Room Ideas – preparing the baby room is one of the fun way of welcoming the new baby born. It sounds fun as you looking for cute and fun decoration stuff to live your baby room. Making comfortable and happy environment for your baby is very important for their growing as they will spend most of their early time of living in that room. Its the place for laugh, tears and countless beautiful memories, that is why it matters!

In starting of decoration, you can ask some question to start, like the theme? what is your hope or expectation for your kids to be? what color that match with him/her? and so on. Mainly, the decoration consists of color choice, furniture, wall decoration, and also toys. In this article, I will give you some inspiration in decoration your baby boy room, check it out!


How to Design Baby Boy Room

1. Provide Crib

2. Changing Table

3. Storage Basket

4. Clothes Hamper

5. Baby Monitor

6. Dresser

7. Bedding

Baby Boy Room Design Ideas

Grey Baby Boy Room

Baby Boy Room Ideas

This grey baby room looks very clean and elegant by its color combination, grey, chocolate, white yellow. The color harmony works very well. Yellow colored accent on the rug giving freshness and contrast on the room which makes this room color is so vibrant and happy. The mountainous illustrator on the wall brings the lit on your baby room.

Dual Tone Baby Room for a Boy

Baby Room Ideas for a Boy

These kind of grey-black color pallet is identical for boy’s room. The monochrome color of grey also can be so beautiful to be applied in baby room. The wallpaper and decoration adds more beauty on the room. The grey color add up the feeling of relaxing and shooting environment which might be affect your baby emotion to not to really loud and peacefully behave.

Baby Boy Room Theme Ideas

Baby Boy Room Theme Ideas

Make sure your baby boy room is safe enough if you want to make this kind of room with free bed. The use of crib for keeping your baby to walk around and keep their safety sometime is a good choice for you if you got a lot of things to do. But if you want to keep your baby walk more free, you have to make sure that the room is safe from harmful stuff.

Cute Baby Boy Nursery Room

Baby Boy Nursery Room Ideas

This cute room is suitable for your toddler which has spacious and high bed. The black and white color decoration is match up in the variety of decorative element, pillow, bed, wallpaper, toys, and rugs. The light intensity for the room is also important for kids room to make sure they always be cheerful and energetic to wake up in the morning!

Baby Boy Room Color Ideas

Baby Boy Room Color Ideas

This one is cool decorative play space for your baby room. The Blue monochromatic tone, is well mixed into the wall, couch, toys and other decorative elements, brings the sense of peace and calmly in your baby room. Your baby will be nicely behave when you put them in this room.

Baby Boy Room Wall Decorations

Baby Boy Room Wall Decorations

The blue and woody color element bring the nature feeling to the room. This kind of room can be applied for small space room or in your limited-space apartment. The crib can be also putted in the same main bedroom as you only decorate on one side of the room with the wall decoration and rugs.

Baby Boy Room Moon Themes

Baby Boy Room Themes

This picture can also be applied in small space apartment. The main work to do is just decorate the wall with any attractive picture then put the crib around, and wallaaa! it already looks good!

Unique Baby Room Ideas

Unique Baby Room Ideas

The printed name decoration on the wallpaper can also be a good choice for your baby room as you can see from the picture. The blue tone color on the wallpaper and curtain lights up the room atmosphere to be more calm and joyful.

Baby Room Stencil Ideas

Baby Room Stencil Ideas

The turquoise colored is always be so beautiful to be implemented for room decoration. It can light up and energize your room that make you want to spend a lot of your time there, more over you have cute baby on the crib. Its really important as you will spend most of your happy time to see them growing in this room.

Baby Room Layout

Baby Room Layout

Cute animal theme wall decor can be a good choice for your baby room. There are a lot of animal theme wallpaper that you can choose out there! All you can do just looking for the nice color combination with other decorative elements, like rugs and cribs.

Animal Themes for Nursery

Baby Themes for Nursery

The animal and jungle theme always be good for your baby boy. Its always be appropriate theme for kids on that age as they want to know more about the world outside. The nature element like trees and stars are perfect elements to make your baby room more alive!

Lively Baby Boy Room Decor

Baby Boy Room Decor

Orange tone color is also good tone to make your room more cheerful and happy. Chocolate and orange color in wallpaper mixed very well with the decorative elements. Lively and energetic feeling will be sprout out throughout the room when you spend time together with your cute baby.

Adventure Design Idea

Baby Room Design Ideas

Rustic color tone can also be applied in your baby room. The dim tone color from the rustic map wallpaper looks very cool combined with the crib colors. The map wallpaper tells your baby since early time to be an independent explorer of outside world, its good idea to represent your hope to them.

World Map Room Decoration

Baby Room Decorating Ideas

The same thing, room for little explorer! The crib is actually set aside in the main bedroom as you can see the main bed close to that. It is also good idea to keep your eyes always on your baby all the time. Besides, this kind of arrangement can be a solution for small space baby room.

Ocean Baby Room Themes

Baby Room Themes

The dark and grey color is always be a good combination. Playing with pattern is also an option for the wallpaper or other decorative elements. Just make sure you choose the right colors and purpose for that.

Rustic Ideas for Baby’s Room

Ideas for Baby's Room

The rustic and vintage theme is never been disappointing, even for baby room. The vintage accent works really well in the decorative elements like crib, toys and wallpaper. Unique decorative element is hanging on the wall, just make sure that is safe enough to not to fall down. The rustic give the sense of dusty and old, just make sure you always clean this room XD !

Baby Shower for Boys Themes

Baby Shower for Boys Themes

The nature or outdoor theme is one of the trending baby room that commonly people use for their beloved baby. There are many ways to deliver our hope our baby, all you can do just find the right theme and interest for them.

Little Baby Boy Bedroom Ideas

Little Baby Boy Bedroom Ideas

Dark color is identically used for boy as you can see in many baby room example. This baby room looks elegantly made and design, derived from the matching wallpaper, curtain, rug another decorative elements around the crib. The contrast color makes your room more clean and elegant.

Unique Baby Room Themes

Unique Baby Room Themes

Decorate is the art of putting the stuff all together in one harmony. Sticking to one or certain theme is the harmony itself, so before you deciding to make over the room, make sure that you have right blueprint of the theme. Its well combined in this baby room, as you can see the farm theme is well packaged in this room.

Baby Boys Bedrooms

Baby Boys Bedrooms

This toddler room is for your adventurer boy! the camping theme is well presented in this room. The dull color doesn’t seem bored as there are many cool decorative element like flying plane, sting and petromax light. Your toddler will love to spend most of their time in this room.

That’s all the latest trend of baby and toddler room, hopefully its useful for your inspiration in making space for your beloved baby. Thank you! and don’t forget to share if its useful for you!

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