23+ Corner Desk Ideas (Tips, Benefits & Cons of Corner Desk)

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Corner Desk Ideas – Workspace is a substantial part of your life. It boosts your energy and your mood. For some reason, no place can play the same role with it. It is the source of your creativity. It is your inspiration. There your life starts, and there your parts begin.

Every single moment is precious for the continuity of your works. The corner desk has many designs to choose. It depends on how large your house is. It also depends on the theme you want and some other reasons related to your family member.

Benefits & Cons of Corner Desk

Corner Desk Ideas

Each corner desk has a plus and minus side. Thus, not all design is suitable for your house. It does apply to the corner desk. It accommodates some benefits, but it also has some cons on it. Here is the explanation.

Benefits of Corner Desk

diy corner desk ideas

Does a corner desk suit to the right choice for designing a new model of workspace? Some factors affect this way. They are the size of the available space, the use to which to put, the personality and working style of the owner. These are some choices to decide corner desks as a perfect choice for your workspace as follows

Room Efficiency

This model is appropriate with small home office desk ideas. Being compact is this signature. From the name, it enables you to put it neatly into a corner if needed.

This design accommodates an optimum efficiency within a single room.  One thing people should remember is that compact does not mean narrow or small. It explores every inch of the room to use.

Because of its efficiency, you can wisely organize the part of each item. Therefore, the corner desk may be a specific icon of the telecommuters. While you are beginners in starting your business, trying them as a viable option is an alternative.

The plenty of room can be picked out from the floor space for some furniture. With high cabinets on every facing wall, some files are ready to get their place.


The meaning of multipurpose is that it integrates much storage over the desks. Some shelves and corner desks are ready to create a form of shelves or counters under, besides, or over between the offices. Reams of papers are well kept in this kind of storage. An in and outbox as well as ink cartridge for the printer is okay to store.

Distraction Free

If you are a multitasking person, this is the perfect option for you. It enables the owner’s back to the same room, since its location in the corner. It provides a veritable cone of privacy which some of the businesspersons think more productive.

Moreover, facing a wall or corner side allows them to come up with the comings, goings, and much other stuff inside.

Easy Access

Since it is not in a large room, it enables you to move, as you want.  It seems like the termination of your busy activities. With a semi-private concept, you can find it easy whether doing some great things or just taking some items inside to go to your school or office.

Cons of Corner Desk

built in corner desk ideas

Though a corner desk has some advantages, it has some matters too. In regards to its visibility and privacy, especially its location and angle contribute a significant impact to this signature. Here are some of the cons.

  • It limits your visibility

The first debility is its visibility, which avoids you to notice more both inside and outside the corner desk. It is because commonly, the corner desk is next to facing a wall. Therefore, it does not accommodate sightseeing towards another part of the house.

  • It restricts your privacy

Of course, due to its tight performance, it hampers your privacy. It is different from the other style as you locate it accurately in a specific room. The easy access and multipurpose functions allow everybody comes and goes smoothly without considering the activities inside the corner desk.

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Corner Desk Design Ideas

corner desk design ideas

If you have decided on a corner desk ideas as the main style of your room, let’s get started designing this iconic desk. It is not that simple actually since it needs many aspects to consider. Therefore, all you have to do is preparing and maintaining some items and their treatments.

1.  Built-In Corner Desk

home office corner desk ideas
Photo by Murdough Design.

Modern built-in corner desk ideas with medium tone wood floor matches and brown floor home office within the semi-glass wall. You might never think about this idea.

The glass wall enlarges your perspective when working inside. It makes you relax and fresh at some points. You can sit for a while and take a deep breath within doing some projects.

2.  Wood Corner Desk

corner desk images

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 To achieve a more elegant and classic style, use wood materials as the prominent ones. With the natural colors of its wood, you can add some gradation to the items.

You can split the dark and light tones for each item, for example, the desk and the cabinets, or the chairs and the walls. It creates harmony within a single theme.

Kings brand white finish wood corner desk with drawers helps you maximize your space with this white-finished corner computer desk designs. With this drawer, it will be more functional.

The black finish with brushed nickel knobs brings out a stylish addition to any space with the dimensions of 28″x 28″ x 30″H, added by an inner side of the drawer with the dimensions of 14.5″W x 11.5″ D x 1.75″H. 

3. Floating Corner Desk

homemade corner desk ideas
Photo by Pause Designs

With a middle island in the corner desk, this floating design is never out of date. Use some pallets to get perspective that is more dynamic on your carpets. Design reversed L-shelves to get a slim impression. Position your work area facing the white wall within the window behind. It avoids you to be stuck in a single crowded are.

4. Small Corner Desk

pinterest corner desk

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Small corner desk fits a medium house. A larger home does not mean having a large workspace. It depends on what your first room to be. While having a separate room name your bedroom, then having a small corner desk is not wrong. With the small office, all you have to do is maintaining the storage and its position as well as the composition.

The beautiful laminated walnut wood grain particle board adds arc effortlessly with your room’s décor with the dimensions of 60.125″h x 47.4375″w x 49.125″d. Within two adults, it is recommended for proper assembly, which is suitable for approximately 97 lbs shipping weight. It will be a shining room to sit.

5. Corner Desk With File Cabinets

make a office desk

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If you are workaholics, try to manage your files using corner desk with file cabinets. It is more efficient than storing them in shelves or private exclusive folder or briefcase. You can pick them up quickly and find some more attractive ornaments on the cabinets. Color it with your favorite colors. This is also perfect as receptionist table in front office.

While you want to have some warm, simple, elegant design, apply some fresh and soft colors as the dominant ones. Use Homcom rotating home office corner desk and storage shelf combo – black to get more durable MDF and PVC, which is compact with the counter to get enough sturdy to hold computers, books, movies, or trinkets.

6. Angled Corner Desk

built in corner desk plans

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L-shaped computer desk, little tree rotating corner desk & modern office study workstation, for home office or living room (black) offers you a warm atmosphere inside an angled corner desk. With High-quality artificial boards, it gives sturdy steel legs constitution for a more practical workstation.

This valuable revolution enables the screen to achieve a higher board to put the computer display screen. Moreover, it saves the cervical spine at work with its flexible desk design within the 180 ° rotating function of the side table.

7. Adjustable Modern Corner Desk

built in corner desk designs

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Pick one of Tangkula L Shaped Desk Corner desk, Home Office Wood Computer Workstation, Space Saving Computer Desk with Spacious Wooden Surface, Storage Shelves to achieve uncompromised adjustable modern corner design. With its Durable and Large Weight Capacity, it creates a contemporary style writing table within the thick wood frame; Spacious MDF board table is fruitful to maintain item to 110 lbs along with your daily needs.

8. White Corner Desk

kids built in desk

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White is exclusive. Therefore, decorating a white corner desk makes your room luxurious and seems more significant. It looks like yours, and there your activities start. It induces more spirits and good vibes, which is good for your health. You can apply some white color on your wall, chair, and desk.

Also, add a light color for some small items like your vase or flower instead to make it more dynamic. Using the dimensions of 51″ W x 20″ D x 29″ H (overall depth: 51″) and weight: 57 lbs, Ryan Rove Madison 3-piece corner L-shaped computer desk in white helps you designing it correctly.

9. Corner Desk With Storage

homeschool desk ideas ikea

 Some corner desks do not have any storage to avoid the impression of a small place. However, with the right position, this can be adopted towards beginners. Specify the size of each room so that you can manage it well. For example, locate a single light item on top of the storage so that the more massive details can be stored safely in the bottom part.

Hicy L-shaped desk with cabinet storage, office writing desk with a bookcase, computer table (natural) offers you an l-shaped corner design with 47″ (long side) * 47″ (short side) *18″ w. It saves room space ideal fits for corner line, perfect for storage and stuff organization.

10. Corner Desk With Hutch

corner work desk top ideas

While using an exclusive cabinet is not possible, you can use hutch as an alternative. This hutch does not play a role as the ornaments, but also you can store such a simple thing like a pen into it. You can both buy in the adjacent markets or make it yourself if you are capable of doing that. Mainstay corner computer desk with hutch gives you a perfect choice with its corner computer workstation which is ample open storage with the dimension of  59.50″L x 29.56″W x 49.69″H.

11.  L-Shaped Desk Corner with Storage Shelves

corner office desk ideas

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A corner desk does not have to be a round shape. You can model an L-shaped instead. This L-shaped enables you to manage two different parts of your office. For example, the first part is for working, and the second one is for storage.

It helps you to maintain it well and make it neat quickly. O&K Furniture L-Shaped Desk Corner Computer Desk with storage shelves for the home office, oak makes you ready for setting a convenient assemble with the dimension of (W x D x H): 63″x 63″ x 29.7″.

12.  Contemporary L- Shaped Desk

desk ideas for girls

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This L shaped Corner Desk Ideas is ready for assembling necessary hardware and tools.  With 6 mm thick, the glass is suitable to put inside. Each section supports 100 lbs supported by the dimensions of 51″ W x 20″ D x 29″ H (overall depth: 51″) and Weight: 66 lbs.

It creates a simple universal, autonomous CPU stand within unique X-frame combined with flat metal tubing. All you can get from Ryan Rove Stillman 3-Piece Corner L-Shaped Computer Desk in Silver.

13. Cute Corner Desk

built in corner desk designs
Photo by Elena e Francesco Colorni Architetti.

 Within the magenta palette, you can start modeling this lovely desk. With natural stripes motive, you can use some wood materials for your items.

Make it with some metro nuance so that it is not too dull. Adding some figures or a vase inside makes it unbeaten. You can also put a mini shelve on top of the desk conjoined with the facing wall.

14. Modern Home Office

built in office designs
Photo by Cosmorelax

Instead of applying a white palette, try to use a beige floor. It guarantees you for an everlasting design. With the angular positions, you can arrange some items to the wall like some lamps or other aesthetic ornaments. Allocate some cabinets to make it keep clean and neat after working here and there.

15.  Floating Farmhouse Desk

kids built in desk
Photo by McKenzie Construction + Craft.

Nowadays, a minimalist lifestyle is becoming a trend. Why do not applying a mid-sized minimalist linoleum floor and gray floor bedroom design for the better model?

You don’t need to add some palette on your carpets as it gives its pattern itself. This DIY floating corner desk makes you pay attention to other accessories. With two different glass walls, you can earn more light inside and looking at the outside view in the morning.

16.  Home Office

ikea corner computer desk
Photo by Pottery Barn.

  While you do not like to work outside and prefer to work inside the house, try to make an office desk concept. Nowadays, sitting inside the house does not mean unemployed. You can design mid-sized traditional freestanding desk medium with tone wood floor. Choose the best chair for your best activities. It enables you to move flexibly and don’t get disturbed with other items.

17.  Contemporary Home Office

ikea kids desk ideas
Photo by Romilly Turner Interior Design.

 Instead of using an island with many cabinets, why do not try a landing nook design?

You can arrange your stuff from the bottom to the upper part of the wall as shelves. It is suitable for you living in an apartment or starting building your new house. Add some fresh small plants or succulents to give more additional fresh air and aesthetical ornaments.

18. Contemporary Home Office

ikea corner desk with hutch
Photo by K&W Audio.

This contemporary Corner Desk Ideas is right for you who like gaming or doing any works with computers. With the dark wood floor, it reduces more light inside appearing from the monitors. You can access movies, Internet and TV on the corner mounted TV there. Add some paintings inside to balance the dynamic views.

19. Tiny House Living Space

corner work desk top ideas
Photo by The Tiny Project.

Instead, using a freestanding desk, why not using a sofa? You can keep the wood chair inside, but adding a sofa makes you relax after doing some works there. The wood materials ease you to maintain and treat them. Iron or metal is a little bit difficult to move. You can out your desk in the corner and still enjoying the view outside.


To sum up, corner desk ideas are the adjustable design for any size of the house. Adding some items is a fun thing to do. You can make it semi or full workspace. Moreover, you can still interact with the activities and view outside. So, let’s get started. Feel free to share this Corner Desk Ideas!

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