30+ Beautiful Reception Desk Ideas 2020 Trends!

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Pallete receiption idea

Reception desk ideas – When you come to hotel, office, or any other shop, you will firstly see the reception desk in the face of the building. By having that elements, they tried to impress the visitor the the sense of well establish and professional impression.

As the place to welcome the visitor, the reception desk has to be seen as friendly and interesting enough to make them feel happy and comfortable. Make sure this vary first element should represent the brand image of the company to strengthen your brand awareness. If you are looking for making your own reception desk, here some ideas that you can implement and apply.

  • Small Rustic Reception Ideas
  • Elegant L Shaped Reception Desk
  • Wooden L Shaped Reception Desk
  • Alturas L Shaped Reception Desk
  • Wooden Round Reception Desk
  • Small Round Reception Desks
  • Modern Reception Desk Ideas
  • White Reception Desk
  • Wood Reception Desk
  • Pallet Reception Desk Ideas
  • Creative Reception Desk Ideas
  • Reception Desk Lighting Ideas
  • Salon Reception Desk Ideas
  • Office Reception Desk Ideas
  • Unique Reception Desk Ideas
  • Spa Reception Desk

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Small Reception Desk Ideas

Small Reception Desk

Having trouble with space? Limited space should not bother you to make a good looking reception desk of your business. The more you can make use the small space, the more you can maximize the efficiency of your building. Here are some ideas and example of small reception desk that you can copy and paste!

Small Rustic Reception Desk Ideas

Small Rustic reception desk

Rustic design is associated with simple, plain and country design. This design is all about texture, you can combine not only the table or desk but also the other aspects in decoration elements. The vocal point is still on the table, the rustic looking can be match with your country or simple “like” brand image.

Elegant L Shaped Reception Desk

Elegant L shaped

The reception desk is the centerpiece of your office main hall. Because of that, its really important to find one that makes your visitors feel comfortable and welcome at first time they are coming. This can also be counted as one of the service value of the company.

Wooden L Shaped Reception Desk

L Shaped Reception Desk

If you planning to have plenty additional space for receptionist to work, the L-shaped receptionist desk can be a cool solution. Having this L-shaped desk allows you to optimized small room and give that small space as the work space. Most L-shaped desks are simple enough that they are best used by a single receptionist in one space, though they do come in a range of sizes to suit different business needs and space of your building.

Alturas L Shaped Reception Desk

L shaped desk

This Alturas L-shaped desk is design by Calibur Metal design which is made from metal. You can find metal desks in all-metal varieties, but most come with a wood or glass top like this design. Beisdes, metal is also commonly used as the metal framework for stability and industrial aesthetics. In many cases, metal desks are usually made of steel, the desk might come in either a chrome or powder coated finish or using other additional gar-nice to boost the looks of the table. .

Wooden Round Reception Desks

Round reception table

Round reception desks have a circular or curved appearance in the design. This type of reception desk is best suited for bigger waiting rooms where they can be truly become the center of attention in that large space. This wooden round desk looks amazing with its combination of wood and glass on the top-surface. The turquoise color of the glass match perfectly with the county looks of the room and the table. The wooden texture gives the old and traditional touch of the design.

Small Round Reception Desks

Small Round table

This small round round table is used as the receptionist work space in photo studio. The limited space of the building is looking good and professional with that half-rounded table. Its just match perfectly with the room decoration and other elements. The lighting on the desk gives more comfort and cozy feeling to the visitors.

Modern Reception Desk Ideas

modern Reception Ideas

Modern reception desks commonly come in simple, futuristic or minimalist designs with variety of decorative elements in one package. Create the corporate image and brand and at the same inviting space with a design that consists of lines and detailed curves that will add character of the whole company as modern and futuristic.

White Reception Desk

White Reception Ideas

This white reception desk ideas implies the modern and unique design in its line and texture elements. You can make your own reception desk looks cool and fashionable by combining the design with various color contrast, texture, and shape. This one example is one of the cool idea in incorporating those element of design.

Wood Reception Desk

MOdern wood reception ideas

This cool modern desk is a prefect example of how color, texture and line comes together. The firm line design in looks so modern and futuristic combine with the plain and rustic design. The Wood and laminated-board is combined together to form this appeal looking.

Pallet Reception Desk Ideas

Pallete receiption idea

This pallet looking reception desk is actually made from block wood arranged together as the front face of the desk. The design is so stunning and elegant by combining the country and modern design as you can see in the additional lighting beneath the wood stack. The desk is nicely supported and merged with the whole room decorative design which is so cool!

Creative Reception Desk Ideas

Creative Reception Desk Ideas

Creative often associates by the futuristic look or design as you trying to bring something that you never see before that is just in you crazy imagination. Many company tries to absorb the word “creativity” as their brand image. If you trying to do the same, start with your office decoration which is reception desk at first place!

Reception Desk Lighting Ideas

Reception Lighting Ideas

Lighting can be really useful to make clean and modern looking of your reception desk. Play out with some creativity! You can find many other reference and inspiration in Pinterest or any other search engine to find the best that suit your decoration design of your room. The light can affect the ambiance of the room, bringing comfort and coziness for people to linger around.

Salon Reception Desk Ideas

Salon Reception Desk Ideas

Looking for the best desk for your salon? these example might be your option to start with. Make sure you choose the one that suit not only with the space, but also your entire concept of decoration in your work shop. Moreover, its all about service and what people see on your workshop, so be prepared to be able to fill your customer expectation, starting from the look of your front office.

Office Reception Desk Ideas

Office Reception Desk Ideas

Designing front desk for your office? make sure you really accommodate all of the core value and company brand image, because its, what people firstly see when they come to your office! The brand color can be a good start, then combining the element of your related service and audience can be a good clue.

Find whats the most relatable element that close to your business, whether its a wood, glass or other element. Then, pick a design, look for reference in the mighty internet and try to reinterpret those information into your own style, and communicate them to the stakeholder.

Unique Reception Desk Ideas

Unique Reception Desk Ideas

Providing something extraordinary can be a good start to impress your customer while entering your office or workshop. First impression is always working, right! People will notice your company professionalism just by seeing that, they know that you paying a lot of attention in small detail which can convince them to make deal with you. Think out of the box and look for reference as much as possible! Play with line, colors, and line!

Spa Reception Desk

Spa Reception Desk

Spa is the place to relax and find peace from hecticness, make sure you can pull out this idea into real implementation in decorative elements. So that, when the first step visitor come to your place they will directly find the right place to spend their time and money. Simple, elegant and clean look can be an option for this case.

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Those are all the discussion about reception desk ideas, make sure that you can impress the visitors at first glance, make them aware with your brand image and profesionalism! Thanks for reading and share if you found this article helpful for you and your friend! Thank you so much!

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