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Herb Planter Ideas – Healthy is one of the ways of life substantial for our life. Believe it or not, it does exist during every era. Nowadays, it is not easy to live healthy as the way it is. In that, lifestyle is no back to nature anymore. Industrial sectors change the way people adopt in their behaviors. Therefore, realizing and responding to this phenomenon is necessary.

One thing that could do is designing indoor herb garden ideas. Some people can start from now and their house. Planting herbs is advantageous for you as essential and aesthetic functions in your home. It adds more beauty to your especially garden and gives you some additional ingredients for having natural medicines.


Herb Planter Ideas

With an appropriate combination of theme and medium, herb planter ideas are never dull. Adjust it with the necessity of your taste. Do not forget to be updated with some preferences below.

1.  Automatic indoor herb garden System

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Aero Garden Bounty with gourmet herb seed pod kit is an automatic bounty garden with high performance and interactive touch screen control panel. With full spectrum 45-watt LED lighting system, it supports the growth of fresh herbs. With 24-inch extendable lamp arm, it creates bigger yields & more variety and grows herbs.

2. Herb Planters Outdoor

small indoor herb gardens

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Try using worth garden self-dripping vertical garden with wall planters for nine total pockets hanging the garden planter. It also provides white three packs in one farmer for the patio as well as the wall in your home. It suits both indoor and outdoor artificial light with a three-year warranty.

3. Windowsill Herb Garden

indoor herbs low light

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Windowsill herb garden kit is ready for both beginners and masters. It includes non-GMO culinary herb seed collection and full-size seed packets of heirloom basil, rosemary, chives, parsley, cilantro, lavender, oregano, dill, sage, and thyme seeds.

Moreover, windowsill herb kit includes about ten coconut coir pots (pre-labeled), and coconut coir soil disks with pre-molded raised trays for optimal water drainage. They are ready for planters to measure 20 ½” long x 4 ½” wide x 5 ¼” height. Also, Refill Kits are available if you want to stock many.

4.  Herb Garden Box

indoor herb garden kit

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There are some benefits why you should use an herb garden box, especially veg-trug. It grows up to eight different herbs, which are might not found in the offline market. While confused on how to get an ideal height, this trug designates a perfect working height. It includes pre-formed replaceable liners. The treatment prefers for this product is safe food preservation, which guarantees its safe. It also provides storage with a lower storage shelf for tools. Therefore, they are easy to build.

5. Herb garden Kit for beginners

where to buy mint plants

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Do not worry for the beginners; Indoor herb garden starter kit provides a good quality kit for starting your herb plantation. Certified 100% USDA organic nongmo – potting soil, it serves nutrients and the best medium for your herbs. With peat pots, five herb seed basil, cilantro, parsley, sage, thyme, your garden or pots are possible to build. DIY kitchen grows kit also provides growing herb seeds for indoors.

6. Kitchen Herb Garden

indoor herb garden light

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Indoor herb garden kit by back to the roots offers organic seeds & soil for top performance. Some beneficial are winged seeds germination and growing to their fullest potential for its natural care of products. The ground and seeds are free to chemicals nor cross-contaminated during harvesting.

Therefore, it blocks any future issues of germination and plant growth. Indoor kitchen herb garden provides organic plant-based soil, organic seeds, and moisture-balancing biochar. Also, you can access a free online stem curriculum for kids and Ayesha curry recipe packet. Add water for periodically for optimum growth.

7. Growing Herbs in Mason Jars

windowsill herb garden kit

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     While using box is tedious, try to use more jars. 18-inch rustic wood flowers planter box with four clear glass mason jar offers you an epic elegant rustic style. With rustic country chic, it employs distressed wood crate with vintage-style drawer-pull handles, and authentic canning jars complement antique and shabby-chic decors. The versatile décor details show the use of box and pots. They can be used together or separately, for some functions like displaying flowers, growing herbs, or displaying accent items. It gives decorative centerpiece.

8.  Hanging Herb Garden

growing herbs in mason jars

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While having a small space for plantation, sue a hanging herb garden. The ceramic hanging basket planter helps you breathe life into your garden, yard more with a narrow space. The 3-tier hanging planter is a functional and chic planter to let your creativity go. It functions as displaying the succulent, cactus, herb, air plant, ferns, orchids and other small plants with colorful pebbles, seashell.

9. Wall Herb Garden

diy indoor herb garden with grow light

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For some reasons, using metal wall herb garden rather than wood is more acceptable. For retro or hard design, use more metals combined with other materials like plastic, wood, or rock. With Two wire racks, you can use it for holding herbs, plant, and spice jars. Therefore, the indoor wall herb garden is catchy as the way it is.

10. Indoor Vertical Garden Systems

hanging herb garden ikea

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Meiwo products are from the materials of felt cloth, 7-pocket wall hanging planter balcony garden vertical flower Vege-herbs grow bag. Some features adjust are rugged, self-absorbing, corrosion-resistant, breathable, wall-mounted, saving space for planting. It applies to some scenes like a balcony garden, home décor, supermarket wall, cafe décor, garden nursery.

11.  Hydroponic System Growing Kit

wall herb garden ikea

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This kit includes airstone, Rockwool, powerful air pump and medium-sized dwc bucket, water indicator, assemble instructions, tube & clay pebble.  It takes times faster than soil, which creates big plants, fast; their roots get full nourishment without searching the land for it. It is the right alternative for beginners and those starting as indoor vegetable growers, or for children and teachers doing projects in a class by using the e-book provided here.

12. Indoor Herb Garden

herb garden layout ideas

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Home Oniship Art Deco provides you with 3- 4.5-inch diameter galvanized steel pots per 24Lx6Wx1D panel. It employs the included BPA free plastic liners to retain moisture between watering and prevent leaks. Also, you can modify the way to put the kit with a hanging position like a picture frame. It is suitable for growing wood grain horizontal mount.

13. Hanging Pots

diy indoor herb garden

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Riogoo hanging pots gives pop design for herb growth. We do not know when or if this item will be back in stock. It sets eight different colors of flower pots from durable iron and ideal for the creative gardener. It adds style and color to your garden with tasty herbs. Dried flowers, silk flowers, potted plants, and small matching decorative pots outside are compatible with this. It is also a color easy-to-open packaging.

14. Rustic Wood Planter

diy kitchen herb garden

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My gift designates a rustic calm design, which is adorable for your whole theme. It offers hanging plant rack including three wooden planter boxes with burnt wood finish and black metal hanging iron chains. Instead of a full rustic mode, it performs modern farmhouse style with burnt wood adds vintage charm, while crisp rectangular lines complement contemporary decors.

While living in a mountainous space, choose versatile mounting options with black chain, or individually from keyhole brackets on the back of each planter. For indoor decoration, it is perfect for growing wildflowers, succulent plants, or fresh herbs in the home. This has specs with large – 5.5 h × 15 w × 6 l; medium – 5 h × 12 w × 5.5 l; small – 4.5 h × 9 w × 5 l; iron chains (each) – 15.8 h (in inches).

How to Choose the Right Pot for Your Herbs

How to Choose the Right Pot for Your Herbs

Some items are necessary to start herb plantation. They are the medium, pot or container, and the kind of herbs. The right medium supports growth. The perfect container herb garden ideas keep it grows faster and healthier. Therefore, pay attention to some details below.

1.  Choosing Pot Materials

Choosing Herb Pot Materials

There are some pot materials used in plantation. They are plastic, terracotta, and ceramic pot and planter bags. They can be new or recycle. While having enough money buying the new one is okay. However, when having a limited budget, using a recycle one does not matter.

  • Plastic
indoor wall herb garden

Plastic is practical and straightforward since its flexibility. It is light and easy to form. Some herbs suit this material. They are usually small and short. It is because they do not have a large and robust medium to sustain the roots and stems.

Plastic is ready in the adjacent markets. You had better provide some stocks to anticipate the plastic broken. Choose some plastics with high quality so that it is adaptive for sunlight, temperature, cold, and other affecting elements in the plantation.

  • Terracotta
herb planter box home depot

While designing for long and prosperous herbs use terracotta. It fits a small space. If you have a small house, this is the perfect option for you. It shows functions that are more aesthetic more than its primary purpose. However, the right herbs flourish with this style.

  It is available both offline and online. Nowadays, it is easy for people to buy any while sitting in the room. Online shops offer more various shape and prices usually. However, the actual size and color might be ready in the offline one. Be careful and smart while choosing the right terracotta.

  • Ceramic Pots
container herb garden ideas

Ceramic pots fit a large house. Some people designate a large house to emphasize its luxury. Therefore, ceramics are iconic items there. Choose herbs, which need more moisture, since ceramics control the humidity inside.

Ceramics pot is compatible with putting in the near of the window or next to the wall. With the same tone colors, it arcs picturesque view inside the house. However, pay attention to its treatment. Give some distance so that it keeps save from one another. Consider your children not to reach this kind of material.

  • Planter Bags
small herb garden design ideas

While stuck in a busy time, why not choosing the planter bags? It is practical and useful. All you have to do is selecting the quality and numbers of them. The more herbs you plant, the more planter bags you need.

It is better not to apply planter bags to the herbs. It is dull and messy. Just use some for herbs which have fewer leaves and which have no long roots. Painting is okay to apply in your outer planter bags.

2.  Choosing Pot Size and Shape

indoor herb garden ideas

Pot size holds a vital role in the plantation. The wrong pot impedes plant growth. Meanwhile, the shape performs additional functions for your ranch. The perfect way shed-lights the ideal look.

  • Single

Use a small, simple herb to plant in a unique pot. It can be ginger, turmeric, or saffron. They have short and solid roots so that it will not be messy while putting it in the single pot. It absorbs more water and keeps the moist inside.

While they grow bigger, transfer them into the bigger pot. It eases the treatment during plantation. While it is difficult to open the plastic bag, cut it with scissors, or you can put the plant with the old plastic bag into the new one without taking down the old one.

  • Larger Pots

Larger pot sustains herbs with more leaves. Basils are appropriate with it. With the larger size, it keeps the distance of leaves, which avoid them to be rotten. Prepare for a bit of loose soil in it. More solid ground hampers the air blowing in. Basils need more atmospheric humidity.

Borage, caper, and bay leaf are beneficial to combine. These different but typical herbs create a whole diversity inside the garden. Do not position these herbs in the direct sunlight. They will be rotten soon. Put it under a big tree instead.

  • Pot Shape

Pot shape is not a crucial thing compared to other elements, for the beginners. It can be round, rectangle, triangle, or different ways. Many online preferences serve many options. If you have your design, try to apply that.

One thing to consider while selecting the pot shape is the theme and the angle of your herb positions. While designing a soft palette theme, you had better choose the simple, elegant form. While creating an energetic or contrasting idea, apply various shapes is appropriate. The simple style is matching to put almost in any angle. However, the complex one fits different perspective depends on which one should be emphasized.

Things to Consider on How to Grow Herb in Pots

windowsill herb garden

There are many ways to grow herbs. They can be in productive land directly or in the medium. Plantation in the area is quite accessible since it does not depend on the size or the material. However, using a medium like pots is not as easy as productive land. Therefore, here are some designs for growing herbs in pots might be your preferences.

1.  Potting Mix

While having a single dominant herb, use more potting mixes by its shape or size. Combining the form creates a dynamic view. Playing the size builds more dimensions perceived. It depends on what you want to show more. If you have a high sense of this kind of artistic works, this will indeed be wonderful.

2.  Position

Consider the size and type of herbs so that it eases you to position them. The small size is matching in front of the others bigger.  However, some might be suitable to put next to the taller or bigger one since it does not need more heat from the sun.

While planting odorous herbs, separate them to each other so that the scent is not in the same central point. The combination of different scents might produce a stale smell. Some smells used for aromatherapy, for example, should be located in a remarkable space.

3. Water

There are no strict rules for water. However, it is related to other elements in herb treatments. They are the temperature, the heat, the humidity, and the air. Just make sure, give herbs with more water, so that they keep growing as the way it is. Make sure that the herbs with less water are not given more water either the high humidity or cold air. Those other elements play significant roles in the control of the water.

4. Fertilizer

Fertilizer can be chemical or organic. While having a natural, it is better to use that. Organic fertilizer is safe for most plants, including herbs. Even though its effects are not instantly appearing. It takes about two to three months.

The chemical one can be an additional fertilizer instead. However, it depends on your necessity. With the same label, it is okay to apply it. Moreover, it is more practical, but a little bit costs more money.

5. Plants suitable plants

As explained above, planting the right plants is the key to growing herbs. Things to consider are whether you need an aesthetic or essential function for your house. You can designate both instead, but one of them must have been the prominent one. Be ready for its preparation, plantation, and treatment as well as your budget.

Growing Herbs Indoors with Artificial Light

diy herb garden box

There are two ways of growing herbs. They are indoors and outdoors. Each of them has its benefits. While you do not have enough garden or productive lands, instead of herb planters outdoor, planting herbs indoors is the alternative. In doing so, some items and treatments are needed; one of them is artificial light since they do not get direct light from the sun. Here is the explanation below.

1.  Cheap option

herb planter box plans

         One of the artificial lights is Bulb rite. With the medium screw for about 60 watts, it adds optimized shine for the herbs. Blue Bulb rite is the most popular since it needs120 volt to produce incandescent light with the 1500 average hours. This color absorbs energy from the power supply faster but releases it to the herbs slowly. Therefore, the heat is distributed optimally to the herbs. https://amzn.to/2ygA0Ic

2.  Better Option

indoor herb planter

To get more light, use T5 grow light (4ft 4lamps) DL844s Ho Fluorescent Hydroponic Fixture Bloom Veg Daisy Chain with Bulbs. With hanging hooks, all you have to do is waiting for a long shining bulb with high tone reflector. It adds a robust and romantic sense to your indoors. It powers up to five fixtures off one wall outlet so that the less clutter creates a warm with a five-year warranty.

3. Best

kitchen herb garden kit

For the best option, use GTMAR 1000W LED Grow Light. With double switch full spectrum LED grow light, it fits for indoor plants veg and flower. This luxurious design dominates blue, white, and red colors. You can choose the mixed design both for seeding and vegetative, including flowering or blooming. Veg has blue and white LEDs for seeding and vegetative. Bloom has red and white led for thriving. Hydroponic and plants are soil is compatible with this item.

More Herb Planter Ideas & Pictures


To conclude, starting planting herbs is always awful. You can begin by considering some aspects such as the kind of herbs, its treatment, medium, and functions. It accommodates your interest and hobby. Besides, it might give you more benefits psychologically and economically. It is the way of life, not just an activity.

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