17+ Computer Desk Ideas (How to Choose)

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Computer Desk Ideas – A computer desk is not only specialized for the computer itself, but also as a working area. While working, we will spend thirty minutes to hours on the office facing a computer or do other activities. However, the desk appearance could bother us if it looks uninteresting. 

Working at home could be boring if we surrounded by uninteresting views. As a result, choosing suitable furniture in a bedroom or home office is essential, especially choosing a desk. On the other hand, if we decide not to pay attention to it, we can’t even stand for ten minutes working in the room. 

Therefore, choosing the right design for a computer desk needs a lot of inspirations from many sources. Not only based on its shape or color but also don’t forget about its functionality. Consequently, if you choose the right desk, you will have a fantastic one with excellent appearance and also very functional for work.

How to Choose the Right Computer Desk?

How to Choose the Right Computer Desk?

Nobody wants to miscast on buying or build their computer desk, mainly because it is long-lasting and we will spend hours working in front of it.

There are many aspects that we need to consider first before getting the new desk, such as the ergonomics, shape, and quality. Thus, here are some tips on how to choose the right computer desk for your home office.

1. Pay Attention to the Ergonomics

contemporary desks for small spaces

Not every desks height is suitable for everyone. That is why the first thing you need to consider while choosing a computer desk is its comfortability while working. Getting the right position or paying attention to the ergonomics is a solution to this problem.

In this case, there are a few things to consider. First, pick a chair that matches with the desk. You can sit on the chair and take a look at your perspective.

Second, don’t forget to leave enough room for your legs under the desk and make sure it fits the chair so that you will not sit awkwardly. Third, arrange your computer monitor in the right position, and it should be at least one meter away.

Usually, we spend hours in front of a computer desk, and the most common thing that happens to our body is back pain. In short, ignoring comfort and ergonomics in a working desk can create an unhealthy position. Therefore, think about this first besides its appearance.

2. Consider the Shape

contemporary desk chair

While choosing a computer desk, ones should not only focus on matching it with workstyle and space. But make sure it functions well and design in good shape.

There are many kinds of desk layouts available to choose, including an L-shaped, U-shaped, rectangular, executive, straight, corner desks, and many others. However, let us take a look at some of them below.

  • Corner Desk

A corner desk is perfect for a small space because it fits in the corner of the room. As a result, it will save more space and easy to maintain. However, if you are an easily bored type of person, you will probably miss this one because working on this desk is quite monotonous. It is because you will face a corner and wall all the time, but still there won’t be any distractions.

  • U-shaped Desk

Different than a corner desk, u-shaped desk required a lot of space. Usually, those who need an extra desk for working like architects or designers prefer to have it in their room. Since this type of desk arranges in a large area, it makes it easier to reach everything or to store a large number of stuff or documents. 

  • L-Shaped Desk

Similar to the u-shaped desk, the l-shape also provides a lot of benefits, including a lot of storage and a spacious desktop for working. Additionally, it requires less space, and the design is more open.

Another tremendous side about this desk is it suitable in many places, including in the middle of the room, corner, or alongside a wall. Unfortunately, some of them have a design that forces you to have only one placement.

  • Straight Desk

A straight desk is a simple type of desk that is easy to move from one place to another. It is excellent for any side of the room, such as in the middle or even facing the wall.

However, for those who need extra space for the surface might think twice to own this one. There is a limited surface space of this desk, which makes it hard to put more stuff or documents. 

3. Do not Ignore its Quality & Endurance

office desk ideas

Besides ergonomics and shape, one of the most important things that we should not miss while choosing a computer desk is its quality and endurance. It is essential because we will spend most of our working time in front of it. Therefore, choose the one with excellent quality and long-lasting durability. 

Additionally, some materials are known for their quality, such as wood, metal, laminate, and composite. Each of them has its unique part; for example, laminate is affordable and also durable. Then, metal or steel is stronger than other material. Lastly, wood or veneer is tremendous and look classical.

An excellent quality desk means it made of good stuff. In this case, the desk with good material is durable and easy to maintain. It also has an excellent technique in design, manufacture, and finishing. Thus, don’t ignore the desk’s quality and endurance while choosing it.

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Computer Desk Design Ideas

Computer Desk Design Ideas

A computer desk is essential to support our working activity in the room. It comes in many designs and functions. Some computer desks provide several shelves to store extra stuff that we need.

Besides functional, the addition of shelves makes it easy to reach everything in one sitting. Therefore, take a look at these various computer desk designs to inspire you.

1. Contemporary Desks for Small Spaces

contemporary desk chair

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Two open shelves and a new design completed this desk and make it looks functional and stylish. Firstly, the shelves could store some supplies or other essential stuff. Then, the look is modern and straightforward. In conclusion, this is one of many fabulous contemporary desks for small spaces.

2. Creative Computer Desk Ideas

creative computer desk ideas

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Save more space in the room with this creative computer desk ideas. Besides built with creativity, this desk is unique with additional shelves to store some books, photo frames, and other tiny accessories. Moreover, the desktop is spacious and suitable for laptop space or study supplies.

3. Small Computer Desk for Home Office

computer desk designs

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Although the desk surface is a bit small, there are plenty of storages to store some study supplies like books or even CPU. Additionally, there is a drawer, open cabinets, and a pull-out keyboard tray. The design makes it easy to reach everything in one place. 

4. L Shaped Computer Desk

small computer desk ideas

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An L-shaped computer desk ideas is perfect for working with dual monitors. It is very functional and efficient for the home or office. There are three desks combined into one which forms an L shape, and they fit the room amazingly without taking a lot of space. 

5. Foldable Kitchen Computer Desk

cheap computer desk ideas

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A foldable desk is a unique type of furniture that can save more space and better organize your stuff in the room. It has an elegant design and modern look. Also, it is very functional and different than others. Once you want to use the desk, all you need to do is draw it open. And when you want to close it, you only need to fold it.

6. Floating Computer Desk Ideas

kitchen computer desk ideas

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A desk that screwed onto the wall always makes it looks like it is floating. It made of wood material and designed in a straightforward model. Besides, this desk has many functions, including a bench, shelves, or even a TV stand.

7. Gaming Desk 

built in office cabinets with desk

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Gamers need a spacious desk to store their gaming equipment. For this reason, this desk specially built for gaming activity with a large pad and full space to support dual monitors.

There is also complete cable management like an electric socket box. After all, the desk designed with steel leg and hexagonal shape, which makes it stable and durable.

8. Modern Office Desk

floating computer desk

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Modern office desks are often multi-functional. It provides maximum workspace and other additional racks to store books and other important stuff. This one is not only suitable for working, but also perfect for a gaming desk.

9. Large Elegant Computer Desk 

desk decorating ideas

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A large-sized computer desk is perfect for those who need a spacious area for working, especially this one. It consists of nine open shelves to store supplies and a computer desk. Besides, it made of durable wood and strong steel frames, which make it sturdy and looks elegant.

10. Glass L-Shaped Corner Computer Desk

diy computer desk

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It is another L-shaped desk example, but this one made of glass material. It designed to fit in the corner and save more space in the room. There is a glass desktop to put some tools and accessories. Along with its elegant look, the desk also has a modern and sturdy design. This will also suitable for receptionist desk.

11. X-Frame Corner Workstation 

desk ideas for small spaces

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A very functional desk is all we need to support our working activity, just like this desk design. It has three shelves and some space to keep the keyboard and CPU stand.

In addition to material, it made of tempered glass to hold a computer monitor and has a sturdy x frame. Also, its contemporary design makes the owner works comfortably, and it is perfect for a small office or limited room in a house.

12. Home Office Desk with Bookshelf

[amazon box=”B07HG33SR3″]

A bookshelf with tree design below the desk has a unique shape and modern look. It is perfect for saving books and displaying them. Similarly to the desktop, it also has a great appearance and durable material. There is more space to store computer and working so that it will be comfortable and free to use.

13. Industrial Rustic Pipe Wall Mounted Table Desk

modern office desks

[amazon box=”B07KMJL9Z1″]

Similar to a floating computer desk, this one applied with an industrial style. It made of solid wood and hanged with pipes. Moreover, this design is perfect for those who love to use a rustic model and a warm atmosphere inside their room.

14. Contemporary Table 

contemporary italian furniture
Photo by The Home Index Interior Design.

A combination of desk and multiple shelves creates a contemporary design on this table. It made of raw wood material and designed in a large size. In the middle of bookshelves, there is a computer desk for working. This type of table is suitable for a home office or library room.

15. Standing Desk Converter

contemporary desks glass

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This standing desk includes large rooms, which is perfect for computer monitors, a laptop, and a keyboard. It has a removable space for a keyboard tray, and it is convertible. Moreover, its features make the owner feels comfortable while matching his position. Lastly, this modern desk is perfect for working or even gaming.

16. Adjustable Height Standing Desk

small furniture for small rooms

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Besides a convertible desk, there is also an adjustable height standing desk. Whether you want to sit or stand, you can arrange the height based on what you like.

One of its advantages is to create a healthier position. Also, it has a large surface which makes it able to fit two monitors and other accessories. Most importantly, the desk made of durable material with a wood desktop and steel frame, which is long-lasting.

In conclusion, choosing a computer desk for our office or home should never be done randomly. It is essential to pay attention to some crucial aspects, such as its size, shape, and quality. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that we have to ignore its appearance. Make sure that it fits your needs, style, and most importantly, you will feel comfortable working on it. 

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