23+ Herb Garden Ideas (How to Grow & Easiest Herbs to Grow)

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Herb garden ideas – Herbs are usually believed of as a cookery addition to convert a tedious dish into an astounding meal. Though, plenty of herbs are simple to nurture, easy to preserve, and give numerous health assistance. 

Even if you stay in a flat or a place that does not derive a yard you could still make it indoors garden. Thus, you can cultivate your herbs on a balcony and also inside a kitchen. There is an excess of herb garden ideas you can select below that will lift your life.

The best part about this project of gardening is that it took less of an effort to design one. Some herb garden ideas could be as easy as tossing some kernels in the soil of thin pots.

Alternatively, you can set up the herbs garden on your kitchen windowsill. Not only do these little comestible gardens look attractive, but they are also beneficial. Imagine that you can pick any fresh herbs from your home sweet home.

Guide on How to Grow Herbs at Home

Guide on How to Grow Herbs at Home

Herbs are much more than a garnishment rather than the main dish on a plate. Normally, an herb can be the unrewarded ingredient in most any dish. One thing for sure is that these herbs bring benefits to our health. By growing small herb garden plans at home, a person can combine the medicinal and culinary live in a single realm.

Certainly, our homes should be the reagent of this junction. While plenty of us already have herbs plant but does not have time to nurture it. Then maybe it is the perfect time for us to grow it inside our home.

Prepare Planting Container

Most herbs will prosper in containers and could be effortlessly stirred alfresco for some straight daylight with right temperatures. Container herb gardening for beginners must have shacks or holes on the lowermost to support with drainage. Hence, try to google it about any container that appropriates with your plants.

One other stuff you can do is to grow herbs into a classic and might be recycled container. Let your thoughts run wild with things you have from one place to another that you could repurpose into elegant planters.

Thrift stores also have prodigious things that with a scarce puncture drilled in the lowest can be beautiful plant herbs.

Locate in the right position

Most important, locate your herbs in sunny shelves to make it more flawless. Most herbs require at least 3-6 hours of daylight every day.

So, windows fronting the sunset are favored rather than sunrise facing windows, which is the least favorable. However, southwest facing windows could also be better.

If you are a novice in designing a herbs garden, then you should consider building one inside your home. This way, you can easily control the herb’s needs in your spare time. Even if it winters, you can easily control your room temperature to make your herbs survive the cold weather.

Prepare the soil

There is a big variance between potting soil than what is originate in your patio. Herbs in containers require passable drainage, and backyard soil is way too solid for a container garden.

Soil is really important because it nurtures the herbs, which in turn give benefit to you. Many garden stockist shops bring pre-made potting combination but make sure to recite your tags. Last but not least, search for a soil that not preserved with insecticides or herbicides.

10 Easiest Herbs to Grow at Home

10 Easiest Herbs to Grow at Home

Still choosing the right plant for your herb garden? Here are some ideas on what people are usually planting in their herb garden.

1. Basil

Basil balcony herb garden designs & containers

Basil is one of the loosest growing herbs not only just an appetizing pizza garnish. Normally, a regular herb harvests 1 cup of leaves every two weeks.

Thus, the recurrent routine is key to the tiny basil’s subsistence. The robust seasoning is notorious for rising bursting with each cutting. All in all, it must not be so difficult to get some pesto and Caprese salads all season.

2. Thyme

starting your herb gardens

Most of the virtuous flowers earn a French dish to tie. Thyme, the main element in herbs gardening and garland modicum are a hasty growing perpetual. Usually, thyme can even survive outdoors in the cold weather.

Its capacity to resist winter makes it the seamless herb for any time with the flexibility for seasonal soups and salads.

3. Bay Leaf

herb garden ideas for beginners

Bay leaf raise as a bush and grow perfectly with plenty of fertilizer. You can enjoy your morning breakfast with a cup of coffee and this soup hors d’oeuvre.

Keep bay leaf outside to protect your front entrance or ensuing to your chaise longue for a natural oxygen freshener. Up to a point, devastating some bay leaves to releases a relaxed saccharine scent that can discharge your stress.

4. Lemongrass

container gardening

This herb is an essential accompaniment in Indian and Pattaya food. You can use this as a rice seasoning, curry base, and also herbal bubble drink.

Lemongrass identified for waging our digestion. Hence, it can be a vital oil that normally used as a cure for stress. Its large amounts of citronella also benefit as an active skincare component and natural tick vile.

5. Oregano

herb garden ideas for beginners

There is one great cause Oregano is so prevalent in Greek and Italian values. It grows perfectly in warm and drought weather. Initially, Oregano requires less water than other herbs. Also, it can grow quickly when clipped, like basil.

Regularly, oregano is a universal cohort herb which aids cultivate other plants it nurtures. Split and surmount by placing indoor pots for rapid selection and outdoor trunks to increase firmer resilient varietals.

6. Mint

diy herb garden ideas

Mint broadly measured as the categorical simplest herb to grow. It grows really easy that even a beginner could pot it disjointedly so that it does not swarm other plants.

A mint seed container offers five diverse categories of mint as well as French peppermint for essential oils. This herb could also add as chocolate mint for sweltering.

7. Sage

herb garden layout

Sage recognized for being a scarcity and lenient ice herb with a taste profile that stood still no matter how large it is. The vague leaves prevent vermin and promulgate instantly. You will be able to give your favorite sage with your families.

Once selected, sage can be castoff to zest pasta, cocktails, and greasy meat plates. The desiccated sage is also habitually scorned and hustled in spiritual performs to purify the air.

8. Rosemary

herb gardening for beginners

Rosemary is another climber herb, though it blooms in slighter pots as a shelf principal. Make sure to cut the leaves regularly as sunlight can make the stalks to grow up to 3 ft in height. Rosemary is a great fence herb for the outdoors.

Rosemary is a fragrant herb which can be used as a natural air purifier to give you boost your memory. This 4-pack of mini vegetations has adequate for the windowsill. Place this herb in the office when you need a new idea.

9. Chives

growing herbs in containers

This plant is the best companion to leeks, scallions, and garlic that can be recognized by a delightful pink pom-poms over each resonating stalk. It’s flowers grip tons of spores that are well-known for captivating atop gardens.

Up to a point, retain this herb potted and isolated from other plants if you have small leniency for its garlic essence. The stalks can reap around four times a year, and even the shrubs themselves are edible. Some nations place chives close to the front entrance to constituency off malevolent.

10. Cilantro

herb garden design ideas

Best recognized as parsley or Mexican coriander does not need plenty of water once grown. This tasty herb can also deliver tasty excitement year-round. Keeping cilantro indoors lets you change it to a beauty section of the space during summer.

A perfect location can prevent the heat from transforming the leaves unpleasantly. Since the herb does not recollect its savor when dehydrated and drops rapidly when stem.

Retain manifold pots on hand for household salad, seasoned oils, and lint up seafood. This pack of natural cilantro seeds will guarantee you have sufficient for every weekend.

Herb Garden Design Ideas

Looking for the right garden design for your own? we got you covered, here are some ideas that you can implement.

1. Small Herb Garden Plan

small deck garden ideas
Photo by Bright Green.

This herb living wall is specialized to build in a contemporary kitchen. The herb mounted to the Bright Green Grover Frame made of brown timber. You can find any herbs that you can mount into your kitchen wall.

2. Raised Bed Herb Garden

deck gardening for beginners
Photo by Aloe Designs.

The gardener specifically builds a raised bed to grow many types of herbs. This herb garden design is custom made using various cedar raised herb beds. It is recommended for a new gardener to create a basic first for the durability of the timber.

3. Patio Herb Garden Ideas

patio vegetable garden ideas
Photo by Plan-it Earth Design.

A patio herb garden consents for more plants than a traditional mark. Fit for human consumption greens organized in shapes. A nourishment forest in the patio features Chilean spring green,  some berries, and inherent vegetations.

4. Vertical Herb Garden

deck vegetable garden design
Photo by Portico Design Group.

These are vertical herb garden mounted in a wooden frame. These jars feature tiny magnetized herbs to hang on magnetic frame. You can purchase it in amazon including the old-style sized spice jars with small water to retain some sprays of herbs at a time.

5. Outdoor Herb Garden

apartment deck garden
Photo by Carolina Katz + Paula Nuñez.

This outdoor herb garden design using a basket as their container. These baskets attained from some recycled old CD cases. The gardener hung the pot using a regular square screw.

6. Herb Garden Indoor

hanging herb garden
Photo by Jean-François Bellemère – Edition Compagnie.

 A professional herb garden designer named Jean-François Bellemare build this contemporary indoor garden. Nowadays, this type of hanging indoor-outdoor herb garden is famous in Paris. You can replicate this herb garden indoors simply by using double bird hanger with vase.  

7. Apartment Herb Garden

container gardening
Photo by S2 design.

One of unique apartment herb garden ideas is to build it beside your bathroom. S2 garden designer built this sophisticated industrial herb garden style in Melbourne. In general, the gardener only needs a hanging container that you can purchase on IKEA.

8. Outstanding Herb Garden Container

herb garden ideas for beginners
Photo by Pennsylvania Landscape & Nursery Association.

This garden is a pleasurable garden containing cookery & healing herbs. Many maintainable projects can see during the process, such as a freshwater garnering system. A Potager is a French term for an outstanding herbs garden container.

9. Balcony Herb Garden

herb garden design ideas
Photo by Kate Hansen Photography.

This herb garden is using a custom-made plant stand placed in a balcony. The gardener can put medium size of the pot to plant any herbs. This garden specially designed for anybody who lives in an industrial style of apartment.

10. Kitchen Herb garden

herb garden kits
Photo by Chris Snook. See more farmhouse laundry room designs

Those herbs placed in the white pots’ hanger made from silver.  You could easily purchase some of these pots in IKEA. Also, you can choose various kinds of the color theme of pots for your kitchen herb garden.

11. Industrial Chic

balcony herb planter
Photo by Blakes London.

This one cute herb garden located in the middle of the kitchen island. Blakes London as the kitchen designer responsible for putting some of these herbs. They create an industrial chic transitional kitchen where the owner could grow any herbs.

12. Urban Cultivator Design Gallery

apartment herb garden kit
Photo by Aitoro Appliance.

Ever thought to plant some herbs inside an oven? Well, at least this is the idea of the urban cultivator herb garden. The kitchen architect tries to make an herb garden design gallery to benefit the cookery. All in all, to create one of this cultivator gallery, a gardener needs to mount lighting on the countertop.

13. Contemporary Dining Room


This modern dining room took a benefit from the hanging herb garden as their ornament. There are a lot of options in creating this contemporary herbs garden. One of the easiest ways is to put fast-growing herbs inside the medium size of the pot.

14. Farmhouse Landscape

patio herb garden planters
Photo by Riedel Precision Landscaping, Inc..

This farmhouse herb landscape using the wooden raised bed as their soil container. One of the benefits of using wooden beds is making plants drought resistant. Therefore, this landscape can grow all kind of herbs for medication.

15. Pocket wall

indoor herb garden

The green pocket wall planters are one of the extravagant ideas for herbs garden. Anybody who loves cooking and gardening would instantly love to design this type of garden. The best part of it is you can grow any herbs literally inside your kitchen. You might find it here: Herb Pocket Wall


Based on the ideas above, some herbs can easily grow indoors with lesser water consumptions. Although, to make a DIY herb garden one should put extra effort by continue to observe their plants every day. Thus, you should pay attention more in location if you are a beginner in herbs gardening.

After you found the perfect spot for your future herbs garden now, you can begin to plant any herbs based on your desire. One last thing you have to remember is by carefully pick the herbs that are suitable for your herbs garden design. 

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