Pallet Bedroom Ideas

Marci Swank

Pallet Bedroom – Essentially, wooden pallets are strong and fairly durable as a material to build a DIY furniture. Using wooden pallets for bedroom is a practicable approach to get an unusual distinctive look. Overall, there are many brilliant ways you can pull off with wooden pallets to decorate your personal space. Find the pallet bedroom feature that fits best to your personal preference here in this article.

Pallet Bed

Pallet Bedroom Ideas

Instead of a regular spring-box, pallet bed is simply a genius way to acquire a rustic feel. Without a specific woodworking skill, you can easily assemble wooden pallets to get a long-lasting stylish bed. The laid-back nature of pallet bed makes it simply fits in most bedroom styles. In that case, impressive pallet ideas below give you some inspirations to adopt pallet bed to your room.

  1. Radiant White Bedroom
PAllet bedroom
Design Fixation

Undeniably, you can pair up a pallet bed to a bedroom with a wood floor anytime. Medium tone wood in this bedroom is creating a radiant vibe with white walls. Spacious and bright, this chic bedroom fuses all neutral tone elements to achieve a relaxing mood.

  1. Flimsy and Bare Bedroom
pallet as bed frame
Laura Dante Photography

The raw feels of distressed brick wall and reclaimed wood beam ceiling have been the prominent feature in this bedroom. Amidst those strong properties, the low pallet bed appears as a modest element that is truly cozy. A sheer curtain hanging over the bed and by the window adds a delicate touch to balance what feels raw.

  1. High Stacking Pallet Bed
pallet bed frame diy
Joel Contreras

Double stacked pallet makes the space look distinct with a profound rustic charm. It brings to light the mattress with its grey sheet, apart from the reclaimed wood floor panels. Angled ceiling as well as the wood beams uniquely define the room well. All in all, every detail is simple yet contributes a deep character for this personal space.

  1. Pallet Bunk Bed

This idea make use of pallets for kids’ modern bunk bed in a Scandinavian setting. The prominently white walls and neutral tone furnitures highlight the light wood pallets pretty well. Furthermore, the floor mat adds a warm accent to the bedroom.

  1. Pinned Pallet Headboard
pallet bed platform
Chelsea Kloss Interiors

Not only as the spring box, you can pin the pallets on the wall for your headboard. The wood tone of the pallet accentuate the room among the soft, pale grayish shades and the bold blue tone. A natural sense which this pallet headboard brings is earthy. Consequently, the room got its homely atmosphere.

  1. Desert Bedroom
how to make pallet bed

Distressed wood pallet underneath the mattress stands out as the charm of something old over the modern decor. With the small succulents, wood panels, and white wall, the simplicity of the nature is within every element. This bedroom mostly adopts the feature of a desert scene: it is warm, crisp and airy. 

  1. Coastal Pallet Bed
pallet bed queen size

If you feel like a beach is your home, maybe this personal isle idea is best for your bedroom. Wood pallets act as a raft beneath your sleeping bed. In detail to coastal bedroom, hang or lay out pelagian decorations alongside with tropical furnishings. 

  1. Pallet Bedroom Loft
pallet bed lights
Regine Villedieu Immobilier

You may want to clear up the space in your loft because it would be a perfect multifunctional room. You can do your hobbies, such as reading books peacefully, stargazing through a telescope at night, or play. To put it in another way, your loft can also come up as an additional room when you have guests sleeping over. Stack up the pallets and lay out a mattress on it. You can even get a bedroom bench using extra pallets and make it comfortable with seating mats. This idea is indeed practical and fascinating! 

  1. Transitional Bedroom
pallet bed swing
Mikkel Wennesland Architecture (Oslo, Norway)

This transitional bedroom combines traditional look to the contemporary. The room itself is a visually-pleasing art from the start, so it has very few ornamental elements. The room contains the owner’s essentials, clothing rack and shelf, so it’s pretty much everything. However, they keep it neat with the layouting, and making pallet bed a centerpiece. Not only to lift the bed, the pallets also accentuate the transitional look for a more comprehensive, appealing view.

Pallet Decor

Decorating a room with enticing pallet ideas is something you can rely on. There are many ways you can make out of pallets. Here are several ideas you can adorn your living space using this material in a flawless style.

  1. Pallet Bedpost 
pallet queen bed frame
Sidney Cardel’s

Embellish your pallet bed with a bedpost and hang a beautiful white drape. The light wood tone of the pallet has the perfect warmth for this nautical bedroom. It complements the nautical blue of the pillow and bench. Consequently, the room has a breezy coastal atmosphere in it.

  1. Pallet TV Rack
how to build pallet bed
Judith Balis Interiors

Pile up the pallets to get a captivating rustic cabinet for the living room. This industrial interior looks more welcoming and fresh with a heartfelt organic furniture such as this pallet cabinet. Moreover, the gap of the pallet is useful for holding drink bottles for any leisure time in this favorite spot.

  1. Pallet Photo Frames
pallet bed frame instructions
Julie Ranee Photography

Photo frames are the common choice for embellishing interior wall. This customized photo frame is a DIY project you can build from wood pallet. The appearance of the pallet frames gives texture to the wall surface. Consequently, it enriches the character of your wall.

  1. Pallet Entertainment Decor
Lindye Galloway Interiors

These 2-piece wall accents from wood pallets draw more attention to your living room’s focal point. The light wood tone of the pallets is contrast to the aged brick wall. In result, the decor improve the overall refreshing look of the living room.

  1. Pallet Wall Accent
Hilary Walker
Fort Worth, Texas, United States

Multi-colored distressed wood pallets would be perfect to give textures over plain smooth room. It works as the spring box for the bed and an amazing headboard. Alongside with the greige wall and medium tone wood panel on the floor, it creates a whole eclectic look. 

  1. Statement Wall Pallet
pallet bed hanging
Ashley Meissner
Douglasville, Georgia, United States

Try this brilliant idea utilizing wood pallet for wall decor that is also simple and affordable. You can customize the pallet into something that perfectly describe your space and character. Additionally, you can pair it up with a rustic lumber decorative table. In consequence, you got a unique traditional look to refine your dull space.

  1. Pallet of Memorable Moment
Sarah Greenman

This pallet may help you retrace your significant moment in a special way. It holds everything in place with intention to cheer you up when you see it. You can hang it on the wall so you can look at it anytime.

Pallet Furniture

Simple pallet furniture is not only affordable, it is also enchanting. Pallets by themselves have different characteristic, from the the ones looking fresh to another that looks vintage. People take advantage of this characteristic to enrich their decor and irradiate certain mood to it. 

  1. Pallet Coffee Table
WERK | Building Modern

Alongside with the retro style couch, this pallet coffee table enthralls you with its down-to-earth charm. To create a captivating look in your room, remember not to let vibrant colors overpower the view. Let the room breathes and point out other details in your room with natural tone and texture. In this case, natural element such as wooden pallet is perfect to play the role.

  1. Pallet Single Seat 
My Pallet Usa
Miami, Florida, United States

You can also use spare wood pallets to build seat for your workshop or studio. For one thing, you can build your seat on coasters and make it more comfortable with seating pad. It becomes exciting with small cushions to complete the seat.

  1. Pallet Shoe Rack
Kaia Calhoun
Janesville, Wisconsin, United States

Another genius idea using pallet is to store your shoes. The gap between the pallet fits fairly for you to keep your footwears safely. Decorate your rustic shoe rack with LED lights and mirror to get you ready for going out.

  1. Pallet Decorative Cabinet
Ashley Meissner
Douglasville, Georgia, United States

Considering where to display your decorative collections? Try this pallet cabinet idea to furnish the semi-public area. You can build this traditional-style cabinet using some old wood pallets to delivers a long-established look. The worn-out appeal of this cabinet sticks out from the surrounding. In result, it draws replete attention towards your collection.

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