Romantic Bedroom Ideas for Wonderful Valentine Moments

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romantic how to bedroom

Romantic Couple Bedroom Ideas – Bedrooms are the place where you release an exhaust and stressful day of work. You would love to spend the night in a lovely bedroom and have some nice rest to close the day. For those who have already in a relationship, the function of a bedroom doubled to be an extraordinary place.

It’s a retreat place where they share their experience of the day, feel connected, understood, and loved. Let’s have in our mind some simple bedroom ideas for couples in different models.


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How to Make Your Bedroom More Romantic

romantic how to bedroom

Here are some ideas on making your bedroom more romantic for your special moments:

1. Let’s Start With Your Bed

ideas for romantic bedroom

You will need fluffing up pillows as the match to your well-made bed; the nicest bedding will be useless if everything is a mess. Put your pillows on the bed as inviting as possible. You can order custom pillows or with the written letters of your initial names on the surface. Plenty plumped up pillows and soft, freshly laundered sheets all beautifully made up, are the point to make your bed look appealing.

2. Add A Little Mood Lighting

romantic bedroom decor

An overhead light is excellent as the main lighting to your bedroom; you can have one nice overhead for several activities. Nevertheless, for a couple bedroom, try to have bedside lamps or occasionally candles for another option. To have a romantic feeling, switch off your overhead light –it can be too much as well as just too bright.

Choose either soft glow bedside lamps or tea lights in pretty safe holders to create the mood. It’s much better to get the lightly one, which is white. White creates a more romantic atmosphere than red does, which has been shown to cause stress rather than desire.

3. Think Sheer

romantic canopy

If you decorate your bedroom by using little details to make your bedroom look and feel romantic. Consider making a canopy over your bed. You can attach sheer fabric that surrounded the bed to a hook on the wall above your headboard. Choose the sheer curtains in gauzy fabrics like linen or silk over the windows. Then, add rose petals and a love note in the middle of the bed for a special occasion as a compliment for your lover. A lovely simple gift you can make for your loved one.

4. Cover The Windows

window curtain romantic

A bedroom that showered with natural bright light is the best you can gen, but there is a condition you will need soft light. Apply the romantic muse by installing a good looking window treatment with rope detail cording on top of valence and bullion fringe on the bottom. Install inter-lined, plush side panels and light, embroidered, sheer under the curtain to present natural ambiance light.

5. Personalize Your Space

romantic bedroom colors

Memory plays the most crucial part of human life. Bring back any good memories that you share with your couple by adding pictures, memorabilia, sentimental gifts, or anything that reminds you of the love you and your spouse share. It will fire your love life every night,

6. Add More Pillows

romantic bedroom ideas for him

Make time for pillow talk every night with your loving one. Have a sweet talk as the topic; the kind of conversation you have with your spouse, no need intimacy attached. Chatter about the kids, share the activity of the day, compliments towards each other, or maybe about the vacation pamphlets that you found this morning. Ask about having a beautiful destination for your future vacation.

Don’t forget to have accent pillows to complete your sweet talk time. Not only as of the bedding part, but the pillow can also be great for sending a message and offering the bedroom the type of décor you desire. Try to design a romantic picture for your blanket. Sweet pillow talk and poetic pillow will help you to be close to each other and remind you both how much you love each other.

7. Use Sources Of Good Scents

romantic scent bedroom

Certain smells can evoke emotional responses included your romantic experiences. Make your room smell fantastic by placing scented candles, scentsy warmers, or fragrance plug-ins. The scent will be as a fusion of comfort, memories, and romance that come into our smell sense. Lavender, jasmine, sandalwood, and cedarwood can be used as aphrodisiacs. You can use an oil diffuser to get those scents in the air. Another way, scented candles can also be used as aromatherapy to relax inhibitions or stimulate passions.

8. Put Some Color In Your Life

Grey Bedroom Pink

Specific colors can be used to invoke the feelings of relaxation and balance in your bedroom. Paint your walls lavender, sage green, or light to cornflower blue to clear intention. For a sexy or romantic bedroom, you can color your space to a darker color like dark brown, olive, deep violet, navy, or charcoal.

9. Use candles

Romantic bedroom classy

10. Use Music

Richard Bubnowski Design LLC

Don’t you know the music can set the scene better for you and your spouse? You may not think that playing music is important for this situation, but there should be a special song or two that you share or music that carries happy memories for you both. Play it fairly softly and enjoy your quality time. A subtle music player on the table or tracks from your android that play the right music can do wonders for setting the mood.

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Couple Bedroom Design Ideas

Couple Bedroom Design For Small Room

romantic bedroom lighting

Looking for inspiration on how to decorate a small bedroom for you and your spouse? Consider these ideas to your mind.

  1. Light colors create an illusion of bigger space, while darker shades tend to close in. You can have only some furniture in a dark color and lighten up your walls and the rest furnishings.
  2. The king-size bed may look good in space for your sleeping time but dominate the room. Choose a smaller size of the bed and use space-saving furniture. 
  3. Consider having under-bed storage containers in its ability to free up a lot of space.
  4. Visually expand the room by placing mirrors.

Cute Couple Bedroom Ideas

romantic bedroom lighting pink

Mauve is one of a beautiful shade of pink. It brings feminine, warm, and elegant fuse to the room. The combination of this shade of pink and white are a right combination plus a hint of blue shade can be preferred as the third party giving it an elegant touch. Smart use of this color combination can be used to make the best of negative space.

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Young Couple Bedroom Ideas

romantic bedroom ideas for couples

We all agree that relationships are about compromise. But, how do you compromise to your couple when it comes to decorating your bedroom? You may a newlywed couple, not think far on how to combine the styles for both of you. You can compromise the right amount of each style and incorporating elements you both love.

The combination of the feminine purple and the simple gray blends well between to gender. They are neutral colors you can agree on and calm brown as the finishing. Use feminine patterns on the sheet, blanket pattern or window treatments, and add menswear accents through furnishings, so both of you are happy.

Simple Couple Bedroom Ideas

romantic master bedroom ideas
Photo by Planning Pretty

White is simple yet refreshing. If you’re looking to create a sanctuary place to release your hectic day, you can’t go wrong with fresh white. White bedrooms look eternally fresh, clean, and crisp. White is perfect for hot climate countries, and they can be warmed up with cozy textures for cold climate countries. 

Dominate your bedroom in white with a little floral hint for pillows, or you can go ahead with another exciting pattern.

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Apartment Couple Bedroom Ideas

romantic bedroom sets
Photo by Sarah Seung-McFarland

This bedroom comes with a generous atmosphere of nature and a large space allocated for personal things and furniture. This bedroom owns a simple, functional, and beautiful interior design. The feeling of nature can uplift your mood and have a pleasant atmosphere to spend with your spouse.

Diy Couple Bedroom Ideas

DIY Love Letter Bedroom Decor

romantic bedroom wall decor

Find interesting love quotes from your novel? Transfer them from a favorite love letter onto a simple canvas for bedroom decor. It adds a romantic and personal touch to your couple bedroom.

DIY Flower Wall Headboard

Want to save more for your expense but getting attracted to a beautiful decoration in the near furniture store? Creating your artificial ceiling to floor flower curtain. Put that on the wall, or even on the head of your bedding. It does double duty as a headboard.

Wood Headboard

Don’t let your old fence board becoming a waste. Create your statement headboards by using these recycled fence boards to show your love! Consider delivering a note of appreciation to your spouse on it.

Initials in Wood

Being creative with nature around you. You can find out that the logs in front of your house can be this aesthetic. Bringing the outside things inside always adds to your home’s romantic muse. Craft your name and your spouse on the surface for a unique nature vibe.

Driftwood Heart Wreath

Get this rustic driftwood piece for your wall art. It sure looks lovely in your bedroom year-round.

Bedroom Ideas For Older Couples

Bedroom Ideas For Couples With Baby

Bedroom Ideas For Couples With Baby

Once you are pregnant, you should be ready to redecorate your bedroom because babies come with a lot of crap. It is necessary to make space if we are going to make a living with a baby in a one-bedroom work. The first thing you can do is reorganizing your stuff. Be sure which space you think you might need more space and work on decluttering and finding a better way. Provide room to place the mini crib for your baby; before the baby moves to the bed. Be ready with storage space.  You need to keep clutter things tidy.

Newly Married Couple Bedroom Ideas

Ship Lap Walled Couple Bedroom

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas
Photo by Rethink Design Studio

It’s common among couples to have white painted walls paint for their bedroom’s wall. This room is one of example of the best white bedroom designs for couples you can get. So give some texture, lackluster walls, and go for this look. This couple bedroom designs also provides a contemporary feel to the whole room, with the help of white, making it look more spacious.

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Red Glam Couple Bedroom

Red Romantic room

Photo by Urbanspace Interiors

Red always be couple favorite, for it is surely  one of the most romantic color for couple bedroom design. Let’s make red the key of design here. With a little shade of red, the king sized bed is lovely. Go for other red colored hints in rugs and furnitures for a romantic ambience in the room.

Symmetrical Couple Bedroom

Romantic elegant
Photo by Robeson Design

Go for this simple yet chic couple bedroom where symmetry is the key. This idea is an ideal choice for your small bedroom. Place the bed as the primary attention in the exact center of the room and gives enough space for other things. Keep the bedroom staying well-ventilated.

Venetian Inspired Couple Bedroom

Rustic BEdroom
Photo by Dream Home Design USA

The combination of classy, stylish, and aesthetic blends well in this bedroom designs for a couple that shows luxury life. The match of furniture, exclusive firework, and curtains exhibit a luxurious feel. This design shows exclusiveness, yet surely romantic choice for couples.

Woodsy Themed Couple Bedroom

romantic bedroom candles
Photo by Metre Squared Architecture

Woodsy Themed Couple Bedroom
Metre Squared Architecture

Brown is one of the key elements. Having brown in the wooden detail will bring fun and experimental design for this beautiful bedroom for couples. Even a simple wood headboard will lift the atmosphere; it looks radiates richness and is unique. Have a more comfortable wooden for other furniture; you will get your bedroom cozier.

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Floral Printed Couple Bedroom Design

romantic bedroom paint colors
Photo by Viscusi Elson Interior Design – Gina Viscusi Elson

Floral will bring the summer breeze to your small bedroom. This bedroom is designed for couples who are looking for summer and romantic in one. You can have the sheets and the pillow in a floral pattern, so be the curtains if you want a more harmonious sense. The cushions can be of lighter or darker solid color. This bedroom scheme can be relaxing and mood uplifting.

Paint Ideas For Couples Bedroom

romantic modern bedroom
Photo by CM Natural Designs

Whether you paint the bedroom with dark, soft pastels or neutral colors, the secret of a romantic bedroom is a harmonious color palette. As long as you compromise with your spouse on the color, it may not be soft and sweet. There are so many color shades, from jewel tones like burgundy and purple to dramatic colors like charcoal gray and dark brown. If you agree to get dark paint color for your walls, adding an accent wall rather than painting the entire room in one dark color. If you are into pastel shades, try to match them to neutral paint colors. This combination is perfect for decorating in a rustic and romantic style.

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These smart designs are not only for your aesthetic but also for your comfort. Ensure both yourself and your spouse enjoy the space and have pleasure time together.

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