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Shipping Container Houses Ideas – you must be familiar with new trend of the use of shipping container for real-estate function. This trend is taken place by factors, using container for living function has been rocketed due to the low-price and the sustainability concerns. Besides, this shipping container product is also solid as well as fine-material for house or various other building usage.

In this post, I am going to discuss about a number of things, such as the advantage in the usage of shipping container, how to transform shipping container on your own, as well as additionally different kinds of delivery container conversion strategies and also ideas.

As it’s brand-new growing trend, don’t get as well rush! All you require to do is looking for appropriate information and also sources so that you can decide your best selections! I am going to provide you some assumed so you can make much better consideration, lets go!


Why building the Container House?

Container House

There are a number of reasons people use and transform shipping container as their main product for their residential or commercial property. Naturally, there are numerous of benefits compared to other traditional materials like timber, cement or blocks. We can see that from different point of views that are costs, sustainability, as well as additionally simplicity.

– Low Cost

Low Cost

Among one of the most attractive advantages of the container house is its’ lower price. As we know that today the rate of usual residential property is relatively-high because of the numerous kind of products and also functions which influences the labor prize.

Yet when you look deeper to the shipping container, you will certainly see a lot differences. By only purchasing the delivery container, you can state that your building is already 20% of the whole-process as well as you are already able to stay there if you desire. The effectiveness of work will also affect the reward that you gonna spend. You do not need to make roof covering or base floor any longer, its currently there!

– Shipping Container Dimensions

Commonly, you can discover two kind of standard size of shipping container, the 20x8x8 feet which covers 160 square feet and likewise the 40x8x8 that covers 320 square feet. The made use of 20 feet sets you back about $1,500 until $ 2,800.

It depends on its problem and vendors, as well as the 2nd 40 feet cost around $3,500-$4,500. Besides the product, you need to consider regarding the labor force, the estimation goes to the very least $15,000 which around $50-$160 per hrs.

– Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly

Sustainability is a significant problem that’s going on now. The majority of individuals are now realized regarding what they have done to the environment. As a matter of fact, this sustainability and also global warming problem actually influence exactly how individuals are currently assuming and also doing things, starting from conserving energy, recycling, and also more-friendly to the environment.

This has become fad and lifestyle for the majority of individuals in the globe, even more especially just how they recycle the previously owned materials.

As we know, the most well-known advantage of making use of the shipping container as your house is the ecological friendly usage. FYI, there are more quantity of extra shipping container than the working now. Approximated there are around 17 million shipping, and only 6 countless them is being utilized. So, can you imagine how many deserted steel products outside there?

– Easy to be Customized

Easy to be Customized

When we speaking about simplicity, there are 2 things that I am going to spotlight, the off-site working and also the small-amount of working time. The off-site working is of the wonderful benefit of delivery container residence that you can construct the home off site and supply it to your land after that ready to go up.

Besides, the shipping container residences can be built really quickly compared with the common home. Generally, all you need to do is simply to customize your shipping container into your concept, you don’t need to construct wall!

Shipping Container House on Amazon

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Shipping Container House Ideas 

Time to get inspired! Check out an learn from their story in making their own container house! 


Morgsandlogan from Canada shares their story in making their own tiny house. They started from living in a sprinter van and now they are moving to a beautiful shipping container house.

Their shipping container house looks super compact and efficient. Optimizing small spaces into super efficient usage. Not only that, they also touch up their space into a cozy space with beautiful ornament.

In their Tiktok videos, you can watch how they are living, technology that they use inside their house, some room tours and what you can do inside that.

Tiny CargoHome by Kenneth

This container house is located in Waco, Texas, United States, made by Kenneth, executive manager for a group of craft businesses at Homestead Craft Village just outside of Waco.

At first, he and his teenage son as a school project to teach them how to make a home on small scale. Starting from that, now they are renting those tiny house for guest in Waco and also sell them all around the country.

You can try to stay in this house by going to Airbnb with affordable price. Having the great experience sleeping like a dream in a custom bed with a Needle mattress & super-comfy Tuft. You will loved the private rooftop and the interior decor. Every inch of space was used and in a functional way. 

Courtney Latter

Courtney shares her story in making shipping container house in her backyard. The container house was built in 2 months with the size of 300 square feet.

This house is equipped with living room, spacious kitchen, bathroom and also bedroom with king bed! She said this house can be moved any time. The total cost of the construction is around $25.000 in 2 months.

Social Isolation by Ryann

Leaving your home is another way for mental health recovery! Doing social isolation can be the finest option. This tiny house is located inside the woods & hills along the Tuscarawas Rive in Dover, Ohio, United States.

This unique oasis is completed with mini kitchen, bat, livingroom, and also bedroom. For outdoor activities, you can enjoy your time by sitting on the patio or hot tub outside. The place is peace and quiet, perfect for your mental health recovery!

Tiny House With Industrial Modern Flare

This container house is presented by Lonestar Stay located in Keller, Texas, United States. This brand new tiny container home boasts of comfort and style with an industrial modern theme. If you want to experience country-side quite and peace this is the right place.

This newly renovated 350 sq ft shipping container is surrounded by a small urban farm. A quit oasis in the midst of the suburbs. You have to enjoy stay outside and breathing fresh air in the deck. Complete with adequate facility like kitchen, shower, Livingroom, and queen size bed inside the property.

Mik Zazon

This girl making videos of a beautiful 2 levels shipping container house. The container house looks like a normal house with a walking path, patio and also deck in outside of the house.

On the 1st level, there is a well designed spacious kitchen, living room, and also bathroom. Obviously, you can invite your friend to have party and event in this kind of space. On the 2nd floor, you can find cozy bedroom with patio outside.

Life UnContained

This property is owned by Cyndee, a mother of four boys and a grandmother. Its located on Viroqua, Wisconsin, United States.

It is a perfect spot to stay while exploring the Viroqua area. The property was extremely clean and full of artsy touches like maps, games, and coffee. It was easy to relax in such a well decorated, cozy, and creative space.

Inside this beautiful converted shipping container includes heat and air conditioner. The building area is on 640 square ft land. It includes private bathroom, kitchen, pulls out sofa and also queen size bedroom. About the entertainment? You can do it inside or outside the room, TV, WIFI, DVD player and chimenea in patio.

Brian Hawkins

This father of 4 made his own huge container house that consist from 6 of 40ft container. It is located in Glendale, Utah. Brian Hawkins also explained about the permits, he said,” You just had to speak with the planning and zoning commission and pull normal residence permits”.

The house functions like an normal house as you wont recall if it is actually made by stacking insulated shipping container. He divided 3 container for each level.

He said the cost of each container is around 3k, and total cost of construction is around 100k. In the retail prize it would be way higher around 200k.


Jon shared how his struggle in making his own container house. On the first order, he got a wrecked container that out of his expectation. Then he send it back and get the new one with the better condition. He bought the container for $3.400 (Canadian) tax & delivery included.

In the video Jon share the making process, starting from putting the insulation and sleeper, subflooring, making window, framing the walls. You can watch the development on his tiktok videos.

Preston Danna

Preston Danna transform 40ft container in to super spacious house in Central Texas. The container is divided into 3 parts, bedroom, bathroom, and Livingroom with kitchen. He framed out the container and closed with cell insulation. He sold the house for right around 50k with the appliances.

David Martin

David martin shared his story in making container house before having land. He build the house on the trailer before moving to permanent place. He bought the used 20′ x 8′ trailer for $3500 and the brand new 20ft container for $4000.

In his account, you can get some tipis on how to choose right shipping container, don’t forget to follow him!


Alexandria and her family build their container house from 6 fourty feet container and 3 twenty feet container. The house is still on the construction process. From that we can see its going to be a huge and super serious house. Follow the progress on her tiktok account!


Dell2real make a video on tiny shipping container house. The house is super neat and compact with beautiful decorative ornaments. I think it is some kind of Air BnB place you can stay. In the 2nd floor, you can relax and enjoy the view from some kind of balcony above.

Nata Natekin

In her Tiktok account, she shared complete story of transforming shipping container into a neat house. You can watch the 7 part of the videos on her account. It is quite interesting to see complete story on the construction process.

Ethan Abitz

Ethan Abitz went to Riverside Hideout in Dover Ohio. He shared his amazing experience in staying at this tiny house hideout.

The house is made by a family of craftsmen and entrepreneurs and craftsmen. Its designed with salvaged, found and collected materials. Lots of natural light and space in this 300 square foot nest. This is nice place to take a break from the hectic.

Alan | Dream Big Live Tiny

This is 320-sqft shipping container house Airbnb rental outside of Dallas. It is designed with a classic Chevy truck theme, feature an old Conoco gas station sign. It has a full size kitchen, living room and king bed. You can also find 320-sqft rooftop deck to enjoy the outside view.

Bailey Vitello

Bailey Vitello shared her progress in making the shipping container house with her family. Checkout the video!


Kati went for Anniversary weekend getaway by renting a small house on Airbnb in Asheville, NC. She’s quite happy with the tiny house because it so unique and cozy for enjoying their moments. It is already completed with all of the utilities that they need.


Sams is planng to make a container house, check out his story !

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Shipping Container Shop Ideas

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Shipping Container Pool Ideas

Shipping Container Pool Ideas

It’s summertime! The right time to enjoy the weather after breezing cold of winter season. One of the most effective tasks to do in summer is swimming on your backyard. Not just delighting in the great air of warm day, but likewise the warmth sensation of household togetherness.

Having pool on your backyard is things that you can do easily as its available in different sort of types, whether it’t momentary, semi-permanent, or permanent. It’s all adjustable rely on your space as well as use. In this short article I am mosting likely to discuss regarding semi-permanent as well as also irreversible type of swimming pool which is made from shipping container.

Container Garage Ideas

shipping container house

More Shipping Container House Ideas

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