40++ Amazing Kitchen Remodeling Ideas & Kitchen Interior Design

Kitchen remodeling ideas – Kitchen is the center of the universe! Where all of the energy comes from. Making it looks neat and comfy can boost up your mood and spirit to start the day for your family. Cooking takes quite effort and time, that is why making it comfy enough is necessary.

Remodeling kitchen is not an easy task to do, many things to be considered before you start. Starting from planning the design and budget. Of course it can cost thousand of dollar, so make sure you really know what you need. Whether you want to pull and replace, cosmetic makeover, or having some renovation. Here are some ideas for you before remodeling your kitchen, check it out!


What to remodel in Kitchen Design Interior?

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The idea is to be really concise of what you really need in your kitchen, so that you can wisely save your budget. Whether you need some new atmosphere or utility for your cooking time. If you want to make your space look more fresh, it means you have to make major remodel of the whole color and texture of your kitchen. If you need more utility, just simply add more appliances to your kitchen.

Here are some ideas on what element to be remodeled in your kitchen:

Change you Kitchen Splash Color or materials

kitchen remodeling ideas pictures

One of the element to brighten up the kitchen is by adding or changing the back-splash tile that covers the wall. Based on Home Advisor, the cost of applying the 20 square feet of ceramic tile us up to $592 and $ 620 for 20 feet of stone.

Besides that, you can also choose other material such as :

  • Thermoplastic Panels.  This material is made from molded plastic that comes in a wide range of pattern and colors. At first glance, this material looks like other expensive material like tin, wood, or bronze. This material is flexibly easy to customize as you can cut and double tape it on the wall, its perfect choice if you love to DIY. Besides, this panels is also stain-proof, moisture-proof, and easy to clean which is perfect to put aside to cover your wall. But you shouldn’t put it close to stove as its vulnerable to heat. You can find it here: click here
  • Beadbord. You can use this beadboard material as cheap-option for your backsplash. The material is easy to be customized and installed. Beadboard commonly made from PVC, fiberboard or plywood. The characteristic of this materials is mostly similar with the thermoplastic panels, you can find it more details in here: Beadbord Panel
  • Vinyl Wallpaper. Plastic or vinyl wallpaper is splash-resistant, easy to clean, as well as available in a variety of shades and styles. This material can even acquire the copy of looks of various other products, such as tile, beadboard, or even wood. You can apply this material by using wallpaper sticky paste to put it on the wall. You can find variety of cool looking wallpaper in amazon.
  • Paint. If you want to make custom looking or painting to your backsplash, just simply paint it! Try to apply the waterproof paint to your wall so that it can be easily clean. Find it here: backsplash paint

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Remodel or Replace the Cabinet?

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Remodeling your kitchen cabinet can cost a lot of money, based on , adding new cabinets can take as much as 40% of your total budget for remodeling whole kitchen which is around $8,600 for the average remodel. As its cost a lot of money, here are some ideas to keep the cost down:

  • Repaint or Refinish. If your old cabinet is still in good condition but looks old and awful, you can just make some retouch by repainting or refinishing that old stuff. You can save a lot of dollar and use it for another part for your kitchen. Make sure you clean up your cabinet before starting, then depend on your goal whether you want to repaint or refinish.
  • Reface the cabinet. Besides repaint or refinish, you can update your old cabinet by refacing them. replace all the doors and fronts with the new one, so you don’t need to change the whole package.
  • Replace the hardware. Changing the hardware can also be a solution to make new fresh kitchen cabinet. You can swap the old handle and drawer pulls or other mechanical element on those cabinet.
  • Use open shelving.  The open shelving is becoming more popular in modern themed kitchen. By having this open shelve, gives your kitchen more open, airy, and simple clean looks. Besides it allows you to make appliance inside those shelve become other unique decorative element. On the other side, you have to put more effort in keeping it clean from the dust.

Kitchen Island

Adding kitchen islands improve more values to your kitchen. Not only act as vocal point, it also helps to increase your kitchen functionality. It adds more work-space, create more sitting place, and more storage.

Make sure you straightforward about what is your purpose, whether you want to add more storage or just place to work. Based on that, you can make super effective kitchen island with feature that you want. Whether you want to put sink, side for cooking o prep space.

Add more Appliance

Considering whether you want to change the whole appliances or just some of them. Its because new appliances can cost up to 15% of the whole remodel budget which is around $5000.

  • Don’t replace all of them. Before you start to replace the old appliances, consider to check your old stuff whether they’re still in good shape or not. That of course can save a lot of money. You can also refinish and repaint that!
  • Buy Kitchen Set. If you consider to renew all of your appliances, buying it as a set can save some money. Kitchen appliances set allows you to choose the best range of the quality based on their listing and expert recommendation.
  • Pay for quality not style. Put the quality in first place! Its necessary because you don’t want to spend money for single fragile equipment. It such a waste to spend money to fix or replace the broken one. The quality sometimes indicates its lifetime of usage.

Chilling in Dining Space

Adding small dining space inside your kitchen can brighten up the room. You can still communicate and interact with your family while cooking and of course enjoying the food. Make sure you have enough space to put the whole part of the table and chair, chose the right furniture depend on the remain space.

Kitchen Flooring

Look downside, is your floor still muddy and old after you swab or bleach it? maybe its time to make some changes. You can choose some other material that depends on your budget, like sheet vinyl, hardwood or ceramic. If your plan is to save money, the vinyl is your best option as it can cost as little as &1000 while hardwood can up to $4000.

  • Peel and Stick Tile Applying this type of tile is easy for DIY work. When applying this tile, you can directly put this sticky tile over the old one. The prize for this tile is pretty cheap compare to other materials.
  • Ceramic Tile. Ceramic tile is perfect for luxury looking decorative theme. Ceramic tiles is made from thin layer of clay or other inorganic materials then solidified by oven shooting and generally covered with some sort of glaze. Ceramic is best understood for its durability.
  • Paint your Floor.  It sounds odd, but believe me it is possible for you to paint your old vinyl flooring. This can be another way to remake your flooring, not only to save budget but also effortless compare to install the new one. Firstly, make sure you clean the floor. After that roll on a layer of primer and paint it with tough “porch and floor” layer paint. Additionally, you can coat water based
    polyurethane to layer the paint.

Kitchen Remodeling Design Ideas for Small Space

vintage kitchen remodel

One of the most important thing before starting to remodel is looking for reference and example. By having that, you have some picture and ideas on how your kitchen is going to be. Here are some ideas on how people remodel their kitchen, hopefully it can help you to make your dreamed kitchen!

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas with Islands

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Kitchen island is ideal addition to improve your kitchen functionality. Depends on your need, you can customize the part of your kitchen island whether its going to be a additional drawer, shelves, or appliances. This kitchen looks so functional by its kitchen island in the middle of the room. The island is equipped with oven, cabinet and also electric plugs that allows you to charge your phone or watch the online streaming recipe. 

This kitchen island is the huge storage space in the middle of your kitchen. If you have wide open space in your kitchen, maximizing that space for storage and main hub makes your room become more lively and efficient. You can use it as super wide work space and also place to enjoy your meal. Besides, if you need some help, people can work together on that wide workspace. 

Need some resources for you meal today? you can grab that easily under your island table. This island has faucet integrated on the top of it that allows you to do a lot stuff. 

Country Kitchen Remodeling ideas

Do you love traditional accent for your kitchen? This kitchen remodel represents the old rustic touch by its wooden color touch in its island, chair and also tile floor. Besides, the old-fashioned looking in the cabinet trim is really emphasizing the old-rustic traditional house. The marble island counter top is perfectly match with the old wooden rustic color. 

 This kitchen looks super amazing by its nice color combination and also style. The copper color on the oven and appliances combined with the dull blue of the wall creates the warm feeling of traditional kitchen design. The wood moveable island is standing uniquely in the middle of the space creates the strong appeal besides the uniqe color combination. 

The center of attraction of this large kitchen is the turquoise wood kitchen island. It is equipped with faucet, cabinet, shelves and laminated countertop. The other unique rustic touch is the wall cabinet with soft cream color which is inline with the turquoise island in the middle. 

Galley Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

White Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Minimalist Modern Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Kitchen

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas Pictures

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More Kitchen Remodel Ideas


Before remodeling your kitchen, examine the current condition of your kitchen whether you want to partially chance it or having massive remodel. Make sure you really define what you need the most so you can precisely determine your dreamed kitchen. Hopefully this article about kitchen remodel ideas is helpful for you folks! leave a comment and don’t forget to share! thanks!

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