Tomato Trellis Plan (Free Downloadable)


Tomato Trellis Plan – Trellis for tomato planting can significantly useful for your garden productivity. Some of the benefits of having trellis are:

  • You can grow more tomato in less or limited space.
  • Less effort in picking the fruit as its already well arranged in the fence.
  • Less disease because of the good air circulation.
  • Cleaner fruit as its located far above the ground surface.

If you looking for how to make your own DIY Tomato trellis, you are in the right place. Here we are going to provide you a DIY project of tomato trellis plan you can do in you garden. Just save the image or you can download it! feel free to share it to your fellow gardener friends!

DIY Tomato Trellis Plan

Plan is designed by Makersmob

In this DIY tomato trellis plan, we are going to provide you the whole design, details of the property, materials, and also assembly suggestion to help you putting it all together.

  1. Preparation

    Before you start, here is the detail of material you need. We also provide the quantity and also length details as the guidance. You can adjust depends on your need.

  2. Exploaded View

    Here is the details of every materials you need before you start the assembling process. You can see how it will be grouped together in form of final product.

  3. Side and Top View

    Here is another details of the trellis elevation of tomato ladder. This can help you see how is the length of the project when its already finished.

  4. Assembly Details

    Pre-drill and use 32mm exterior wood screws to fasten the ladder braces to the ladder sides creating two A frames. Don’t forget to add waterproof wood glue or construction adhesive for the added strength to all joints. Clean up residue to avoid unwanted stains.

    To fasten the ladder lattice rugs, pre-drill and use 50mm wood screw.

  5. Final Product

    Here is the look of the final product. In the end, you can sand, stain and finish with plant safe exterior product.
    Don’t forget to hammer stakes into ground at each leg and fasten legs to prevent ladder from tipping over.

Doing DIY project can be somehow fun things to do at home, especially when you do it with your kids or family member. This can also become a good activity to increase the bond not only with your family, but also nature. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy this DIY tomato trellis project! I really appreciate your support by sharing this article!

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