39 Fun Things to do in Winter Inside and Outside Your Home!

Things to do in Winter – Winter makes people feels so lazy and un-energetic, the cold temperature holds our usual activities. Looking for fun things to do in the winter can be a thing. The winter season can be long, dark, and also boring. The cold weather and also brief days can result in undesirable behaviors, like overindulging, spending excessive time on the web, or sleeping way too much.

In order to keep your children and family active in the winter, making a list thing to do in the winter can be a solution to get them away from gadget. These activities will also really useful to bring and bond the family together and of course bring positive energy in winter time! So, Here is the list things to do in the winter:

Fun Winter Activities You Can Do Outside

things to do in winter

Outside activities are really important for your kid’s physical and mental. Fresh air, sunlight and social friends will be really beneficial for your child’s growth, so encourage them to get moving and play outside is really important. 

Before letting your kids playing outside in the winter, make sure you give them proper dresses for the weather. Be aware with frostbite and hypothermia which can be a serious risk for your kid in the cold temperature.  Here are the list of fun winter activities outside: 

Doing Sports

There are many sports activities that you can do outside in the winter time. It varies from the fun into more serious and extreme stuff. Some of those activities are :
– Ice Skating
– Sledding in the park
– Go downhill cross-country skiing
– Catch come fish in the ice
– Play Hockey
– Go hike in the parksport in winter

Playing with the Snow

Looking for more fun activities without serious skills? Just play with the snow! Playing with the snow can so much fun that you can forget the cold that surrounds you. You can make some sweat and having fun at the same time, here are some activities that you can do: 
– Make a snowman
– Build a Snowfort
– Throwing snow ball fight
– Shoveling the snow
– Make snow sculpture
– Play hide and seek
playing with snow


Enjoying the beauty of the white snow in the winter can be a great experience. Make sure you have proper equipment to stay in low temperature, tent, heater, sleeping bag, and other stuff that can keep you warm. While camping, many other activities that you can do, such as: 
– Making bonfire
– Make some hot meal and barbecue 
–  Learn survival skills
– Telling stories!camping winter

Taking Picture

Don’t forget to snap a picture! The beauty of winter can be really a good background for your picture. The peace and clean looking of wonderland can be a great theme for our picture. photo winter

Activities You Can Do Inside on The Winter

When the temperature doesn’t allow you to get outside, you’d better not to go. Consider other indoor activities that can still make your kid’s stay active like going to gym or sport center. Or you can also do some activities inside your home that make your kids stay active. Its okay to watch or playing with gadget, just make sure you limits the time so that they are not remain passive.

You can also use winter moths to encourage your kid to learn new skills and interest. Just make sure that they are not passively doing stuff but still having those creative set of mind. Here are some activities that you can do indoor:

Learn New Skills

Learn new things can be done in those such a plenty time in winter months. That is more than enough to achieve new skills, if its done consistently. Here are some ideas of things that you and your family can learn during the cold winter time:
– Learn how to make cool handcraft 
– Encourage them to read one book each week.
– Join a book club.
– Learn magic tricks to impress friends!
– Take an art class according to their interest
– Learn how to cook new menu for family. 


You can still be active inside, do some exercise inside your home or gym can be a great things to do to keep your mind and physical healthy.  : 
– Go swim to an indoor water park.
– Join yoga classes or just do it in your home.
– Do some exercise in a gym.
– Watch some home easy workout videos and do it!

Things to Do When You’re Bored in the Winter

Winter can be so bored as you and your kids cannot interact with their friends. For them who loves to get social, that is gonna be so much trouble. In the other hand, if your kids don’t like to be social, you should encourage them to be socialized with people, because that is really necessary for their future. 

Here are some ideas that you can do when you’re bored in the winter time: 

  • Hold game tournament, can be a board game or video game.
  • Hold a potluck party with friends. 
  • Host movie marathon with friends or other far family members.
  • Hold a slumber party with friends. 
  • Making a small project with friends (video project, fundraising, etc)


Cold blazing temperature in winter shouldn’t stop you and your family to keep active and energetic. There are lot of activities that you can do with your family whether inside or outside your home. You can varied your activities each week to make it more interesting. That’s all about the things to do in winter. Keep active!  


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