DIY Planter Bench Plan & Tutorial


DIY Garden Bench Plan – Garden is a place to escape from the daily hectic, a perfect place to relax and contemplate with nature. Looking at greenery, flowers, flying bees and butterfly can charge up your energy and positivism. Having nice looking beautiful garden should be in your checklist. Starting from having right plan and element to decor your garden .

Planter bench can be a unique decorative element in your garden. Not only having nice place to sit and enjoy the ambiance, you can also enjoy the fresh air from the plant beside you. In this article, We are going to share how to make! this unique DIY planter bench plan, check that out !

How to Make Planter Bench

How to Make Planter Bench

A bench is essential for your garden, and It should be durable and comfy as its located outdoor. A planter bench can be a solution to spruce up space by combining planter and place to relax. Here is the plan you can apply for your garden:

  1. Garden Planter Bench Materials

    Cedar is an excellent material for making outdoor planter because it’s quite sturdy and able to endure from rooting in such a long time. Here are elements you need to prepare for building the bench planter:bench planter plan

  2. Bench Planter Project Preview

    After gathering the elements, here is the quick look of the product. You can see how the assembly process is. You can make it as a guide to make garden bench

  3. Top and Side Preview

    Here another side look of the plans for better looks of the details.

  4. Assembly Process

    Assemble first row using 50mm brad nails to create box.
    Install 4 corner posts by pre-drilling and counter striking fronts, back, and sides for 40-50mm screws. Plug holes with wooden plug.
    Continue installing each row of planter boxes using same method as the bottom row.
    Finish inside of bench boards and top frame piece before assembly. Pre-drill and assemble top bench frame using 3″ wood screws.
    Attach top frame to planter boxes using 60-70mm screws through the corner posts into the frame.
    Install bottom support pieces and planter bottom shelf piece by pre-drilling and using 50mm screws.
    Plug all exposed screw holes with wooden plugs.

  5. Finish Product

    For finishing touch, you can sand, stand or paint the bench. Add flowering plant to make it more colorful.

Spending spring and summer time outside will be more fun if you have nice looking garden. Nice place to relax with your family and play with your kids. This planter bench is another fun place to sit alone and enjoy the crisp spring air.

Can’t wait to see you make your own project. Thanks for reading this DIY Planter bench project, Hope its useful for you!

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