DIY 4 Tier Plant Stand Plan Tutorial


Plant Stand Plan – Having plant inside you home is another way to light up the atmosphere. Not only beautify your home, it is also good for air circulation. The use of plant stand is essential for indoor planting. There are tons of DIY and inspiration ideas you can find in the internet to enhance your indoor planting looks. People are now focusing more on aesthetics than its basic functionality which make plant stand into unique decorative elements.

In this article, we are going to share 4 tier plant stand plan that you can make on your own. Hopefully, it is able to inspire you to enhance your indoor garden looks, check it out!

4 Tier Plant Stand Plan

ladder plant stand plans

Multi level plant stand can be a solution if you have more plant inside your home. It can spruce up your garden look and add more vibrant as all the flowering plant colors combined together. Yap, it takes more effort than making the one tier, but I am sure it will worth more in the end.

  1. Plant Stand Material

    In choosing materials, you can utilize old recycle wood or using the new one. The old wood can emphasize the unique rustic accent for your decoration element. It is all up to you what kind of woof you gonna pick as the basic materials. Here is the metric of our plant stand plan.

  2. Planter Project Preview

    A multi-tier stand is good to showcase your lovely plants and flowers and also make sure that each gets all the attention and care it deserves. Here is the looks of the plan stand we are going to make:
    plant stand plan

  3. Side and Top View of the Project

    While finishing build your own DIY plant stand can be an easy way to get a sense of achievement, even though it takes hours to build it. Moreover, the end result will be so satisfying. Here is the looks of our project from different kind of view.
    diy plant stand plans

  4. Assembly Details

    Pre drill for 40mm – 50mm wood screws to assemble the bin parts together.
    Plug screw with wooden plug of filler to hide screws if desired
    Pre-drill 40-50mm wood screws and fasten bins to the legs at desired height.
    Screw from inside the bin into the leg for the best result. Min 4 screws per side of box screws per leg. wood plant stand plans

  5. Final Product

    For finishing, you can add holes in bottom for drainage. My recommendation, Cedar is the recommended wood for planter box, because of the qualities which is natural insect resistant and doesn’t rot as quickly as most other woods. plant stand woodwrking plan

Plant have relaxing effect to our mind and using them for decoration is a best practice to make us feel relaxed and attached to nature after staying inside the room for such a long time. Using plant stand is really helpful not only to enhance your decorative element but also to take care of your plants.

Hopefully you find this article useful for you and thanks for reading this DIY wooden plant stan plan tutorial ! I really apreciate you support by sharing or pinning this article, Thank you so much!

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