DIY Garden Arbor Gate Ideas


Garden Arbor Gate Ideas – Boost you garden style with this classic garden arbor DIY project! This beautiful arbor can be standing alone or covered with flower or climbing plants. Arbor is perfect to add drama and improve the charisma ambiance for your garden party.

In this article, we provide complete guide and plan in making your own arbor gate. Feel free to pin or share this article!

DIY Garden Arbor Gate Ideas

garden arbor ideas
Image by MakersMob

You can use this garden arbor to attract your garden and divide your garden to emphasize certain spot. In this plan, you can see the materials needed and detailed plans. Let’s go!

  1. Materials

    Hera are materials build your own classic garden arbors. The dimension listed are finished dimension.

  2. Garden Arbor Preview

    When you choose materials, look at your garden or home for inspiration. The textures and color of your roof or exterior trim can give some inspirations. Here is the looks of the material you prepared in the assembly process.

  3. Arbor Side and Top View

    In this preview, you will see the height dimension of the arbor so that you can predict and adjust with your own needs. You can also put this arbor as an addition of your existing patio to make more stylish pathway leading.

  4. Assembly Details

    You can use 70mm-80mm exterior wood screws fasten the arbor headers to the arbor posts. Install arched braces at the bottom using 12mm dowels as well as a 70mm-80mm exterior screw. Use a 70-80mm exterior screw to fasten at the top trough the arbor header.

    Use 12 mm dowels and 90mm exterior wood screws fasten the guard rails to the arbor posts and the top center beam to the arbor headers.

  5. Finish Product

    For finishing touch, you can add mesh over for plants to grow over the arbor. In addition, to secure to ground fasten to fence or planter boxes at base to secure. Sand and paint to furnish or protect the wood.

Classic garden arbor is able to deliver a sense of surprise to your yard. You can incorporate an arbor into a hedge, or using a mix of materials. Climbing plant or flower can be a great combination for you arbor, consider the color combination and texture.

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