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DIY Garden Ideas with Free Plan


DIY Garden Project Plan – Gardening is fun activity for your family, there are tons of DIY project you can do. Not only having good family quality time, it also improve the connection to nature. In addition, making your home greener and more beautiful.

In this article we are going to share tons of DIY garden project with complete guide and plans, check these table of content, Lets go!

1.Classic Garden Arbor

garden arbor ideas

Garden arbor is a vertical structure in a garden that provides shelter, shade and privacy. It can also be used to add more classic accent and of course beautify your garden. Normally, people are using arbor to separate different garden areas and also direct pedestrian traffic.

Basically, An arbor has a trellis as part of its structure, and also latticework on the sides and spindles on the top. Gardener commonly use wood or iron to build this construction. Check out this complete DIY garden arbor guide plan to start your own DIY project, cheers!

2. Tomato Cage Planter Plan

Gardener use tomato cage to ease them in harvesting and planting process. While its time to harvest, all of the fruit will be hang beautifully in the cage and be clean as its not touching the ground. Check this complete guide to make your own tomato cage planter to start your DIY garden project.

3. Tomato Trellis Plan

tomato garden diy

Trellis can be another option to help you planting tomato. Its simpler compare to making the tomato cage. It allows the plant to climb upward and keep the plant more healthy as more intense air circulation moving. Check this complete plan of DIY tomato trellis plan.

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