DIY 8×12 Deer Proof Garden Plan


Deer Proof Garden – Deer is actually lovely animals, beautiful creature that signs our nature is still preserve. Gardening in deer territory is real challenging, the work that you did for moths can be destroyed by single night. That is why serious action should be done as prevention to keep you garden away from them .

One of the way to prevent the deer from jumping and eating your vegetables is by surrounding the crops with tall fence. Deer is able to jump really high around 8 feet high, so make sure you anticipate that. In addition, make sure the material is strong enough to hold the struck.

In this article, we are going to share how to make deer proof garden by yourself complete with guide plan.

8×12 Deer Proof Garden Plan

deerproof garden diy

Many ways to prevent deer to get close to your garden, starting from using anti-deer sprays, noise maker, and motion senor light. But I think the best practice is making a cage around your crops, by having it you have basic security and protection to keep them away. Here is the the complete plan for DIY deer proof garden

  • Deer Proof Garden Materials

    You can use several material to protect your garden, in this plan we use strong wood as the frame for more permanent structure that last for longer time. Inside the frame you can use mesh or metal wire to fill the gap. GARDEN DEER PROOF

  • Project Preview

    Here is the preview of the fence materials.

  • Side and Top View

    When deer cannot see the other side of the wall, they would likely to jump though that wall. So the min 8 feet see-through fence is the best option for your deer proof garden . Here is the top and side view of the cage plan.

  • Assembly Process

    Here the door view of the cage. On the level pad, start with fastening the outer raised bed sides and top and mid rails to the fence posts and door stop post by using 50mm exterior wood screws.
    Using 50mm exterior wood screws or brad nail pins install the outer post trim boards.
    Assemble door and hinges, door latch, and handle hardware of choice to the install door.
    Add raised bed cross supports to secure sides usinf 70mm-80mm exterior wood screws.
    DIY deerproof garden

  • Final Product

    For finishing, you can add exterior finish and also mesh to cover the space. In addition, add stakes into ground by inner raised bed posts to secure the ground using 70-80mm exterior wood screws. Then fasten through stakes into the inner raised bed posts.

Deer-proof garden fence is affordable, easy and effective solution to keep you garden away from the neighborhood deer. This deer proof garden plan is applicable for you small garden in your backyard. Not only super effective, this cage is also look beautiful in your backyard.

Thank you for reading! I hope you find it useful to protect your beautiful garden for lovely deer. I really appreciate your support by sharing this article! See you!

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