DIY Patio Tomato Cage Planter Plan


Patio Tomato Cage – (Solanum lycopersicum) or tomato are an easy plant to grow in your backyard garden during the lovely spring and summer growing season. In planting tomato, you can use cage planter to help the tomato to spread upward and help you to harvest the fruit. Tomato cage is also add up some aesthetic beauty manner in your backyard.

In this article, I am going to share to you the DIY patio tomato cage plan you can make by yourself. I am providing the plan and also assembly suggestion. Here it is, feel free to share!

DIY Patio Tomato Cage Planter Plan

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Not only help you in the planting process, this plan will also make your garden looks beautiful. Don’t forget to pin or bookmark this article! Thanks!

  1. Material Preparation

    Here is the lists of material you need in order to build potato cage. You can use any wood plank you have, just make sure its strong enough to endure the weather.

  2. Tomato Cage Exploaded View

    After preparing the material, here is the quick preview of the cage plan. You will have clear picture on how is the assembly process.

  3. Top and Side View of Tomato Cage

    This elevation view helps you figure out the height of the cage so that you can measure whether its suit with your garden or not.

  4. Assembly Details

    Pre-drill for 50mm exterior wood screws and fasten the planter box fronts, backs and sides to the corner posts. Add waterproof wood glue or construction adhesive for the added strength to all joints.
    Pre-drill for 50mm exterior wood screws and fasten the platform frame front, back and sides.
    Install planter box bottom platform boards using 50mm exterior wood screws.
    Pre-drill for 50mm exterior wood screws and fasten all top lattice parts.

  5. Tomato Cage Final Product

    Here is the final look of our tomato cage. For finishing, sand, stain, and finish with plant friendly exterior finishing product. In addition, add hole in the bottom platform for drainage.

Not only helping you in planting and harvesting process, this tomato cage will also make your garden look beautiful! Thank you for reading and I really appreciate your support by sharing this article. Thank you so much!

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