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Bedroom Decor Ideas – Having comfy bedroom is super essential inside your home. It is the place to set loose all of the hectic and recovery. Comfy bedroom is the basic thing you need to consider before thinking about it’s looks. It does affect your performance at work and daily life if you have good quality of sleep in your bedroom. Consider having clean room, comfy bed and good quality air for good sleeping quality.

After having those basic elements, then you can start to think about your bedroom decoration. whether you want your room looks like in the beach, beach style cottage, or like a queen and king bed. There are tons of style of room decoration you can apply on you room. In this article we are going to compile all of them for your inspiration.

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1. Steampunk Bedroom Decoration

bedroom decor ideas

Have you ever heard about steampunk before?

Its a term that commonly used to describe unique design that relates to them who loves oldies-vintage-rusty style.

Steampunk is closely related to Victorian era with all of the great inventions during that period of time. The steampunk style is famously known from cosplay art, when attractive female wearing a leather crinoline with the additions of a pilot goggles and barrel gun as their accessories.

In term of decoration style, steampunk is about the combination of machinery and elegance. The steampunk style commonly found in Gothic-Victorian fashion and decorations. In conclusion, you can say steampunk is the industrial revolution and Gothic fashion wrapped up into one new style. For more specific article about this, you can go to steampunk bedroom ideas.

2. Romantic Bedroom

Bedroom Decor Ideas simple

Planning to make up your room for your first date?

Yap that is another factor you should think of, not only your looks. Calm romantic atmosphere you prepare inside your room can another supporting factor for unforgettable moments. Consider the accessories, lighting, scent, music and also room color. Here are the compilation of romantic room decoration you can use as reference.

3. Baby Girl Room Decor

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Welcoming your lovely baby girl?

Decoration her room can be a way to celebrate her birth. On the first place, parent should make sure their baby comfortable enough in her room. Then, lets talk about the theme, color choice and decoration elements in this baby girl room article.

3. Baby Boy Room Decor

bedroom decor ideas for baby

What about baby boy room decoration?

Don’t worry, We got you covered! we also compile baby boy room decoration ideas for you! Check the link article for more ideas.

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